Important Update: Catholic Vote

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Dear Jerald,

So… is it over?

Is Biden inevitable?

Short answer: no. But we’ve got to be ready for anything.

The electoral college has voted. And so — on paper — Joe Biden is now “president-elect.” But that means nothing until the votes cast by the electoral college are opened by a joint session of Congress on January 6 in a constitutional process overseen by the Vice President.

Tens of millions of Americans continue to have serious questions about the legitimacy of the November elections. Which is why the Trump legal team continues to pursue every legal remedy available. Without confidence in our electoral process, the stability of our country is at risk.

CV is 100% supportive of the ongoing effort to uncover any fraud, verify that ballots were properly counted, and investigate credible claims of irregularities testified to by hundreds of legally-sworn affidavits.

These efforts MUST NOT STOP.

THINK ABOUT IT: The answer to these questions is bigger than Donald Trump. Win or lose, we deserve answers. After all, Nancy Pelosi has called Justice Barrett “illegitimate.” Joe Biden has a cloud ten times as dark hanging over his head.

Meanwhile, we’ve been busy…

    • This Saturday we will lead a large pro-life rally outside Planned Parenthood in Marietta, GA. We’re expecting a big crowd to sing Christmas carols and to rally their fellow citizens with calls and texts to insure every Georgia voter knows what is at stake. We’re proud to announce that pro-life leaders Abby Johnson and Alveda King will join us to rally the vote!
  • Our dedicated field teams that you supported in FL, MI and PA are now making calls to Catholics in Georgia. Nearly 300 volunteers in these swing states are channeling their frustrations over the November election, and are extra motivated to turn out the Catholic vote in GA. We expect to make nearly 100k personal phone calls and send 300k text messages in the next three weeks!

  • We’ve filmed 3 explosive new ads for Catholic voters. The ads will target smartphones across Georgia up through Jan 5. CV Champions get the first sneak peek!

  • CV Legal is stepping on the gas with our pro-life litigation program. Remember, we didn’t work this hard to confirm Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Barrett for nothing. We have a clear pro-life majority on the Court — and we are helping support one of the biggest challenges to Roe v. Wade in the country.

  • Lastly, despite the difficulties surrounding the presidential election, there are many good things to celebrate. Our research arm is now working on a new study with Hispanic voters to better understand what motivated them to swing in huge numbers for Trump. We are also doing a deep dive on what happened with the Catholic vote. And we’ll share it all with you soon.
Our urgent priorities: 1) Get to the bottom of what happened in November, 2) win both Georgia Senate seats and, whatever the presidential result, ensure we have a firm firewall against any reckless new schemes like packing the Court, 3) most important of all: remain faithful Catholics, forging ahead with our important work in the face of any outcome.

And this is just the start.

We’re also working on one of the most exciting projects in CV history — set to launch early next year!

We can’t thank you enough.

Keep on praying and fighting.


AFAIN: Church Turns Into Strip Club, Covid & Medi

Pastor Turns His Church into a Strip Club

There is a story out of California of a pastor turning his church into a strip club following a court ruling in San Diego preventing the closure of strip clubs during the Covid crisis.  However, churches in the area remain closed in a time when people are struggling in so many ways.

The pastor has announced that he will remove his tie when he opens his building and preaches at his family friendly strip club, formerly known as GodSpeak Calvary Chapel.

I take my hat off, no pun intended, to this bold pastor living under tyranny in that left-wing state.   I could say a lot about the politics of California not being limited to that state, especially with an ultra-liberal Vice President elect and HHS secretary from the Golden State in a potential new Biden Administration.  However, there is some good news to come of this absurdity.  An Indiana state legislator is looking into legislation in January that would classify churches as essential businesses in such emergencies.

In times of national crisis, shuttering spiritual help to those who want it is a very bad idea.  It is something our nation has never done until now.

I will have more details on this as the Indiana General Assembly begins on January 4th.

Covid Used as a Political Weapon

If you have felt as though the Covid-19 virus was used as a weapon against President Trump, or an instrument of fear, by the media, you now have some research to back your observation.

A paper published last week by the National Bureau of Economic Research and written by three scholars from Dartmouth College and Brown University analyzed over 20,000 news reports from the 15 top U.S. media outlets and 39 international sources. Overall, they conclude that “U.S. major media outlets are much more negative” when publishing similar Covid stories compared to “non-U.S. sources.”

The researchers found that 91% percent of Covid stories from U.S. media outlets were negative in tone versus only 54% for non-U.S. news sources and 65% among actual scientific journals.

The researchers found that the US media turned even good news into negative stories.  “The negativity of the U.S. major media is notable even in areas with positive scientific developments including school re-openings and vaccine trials. Media negativity is unresponsive to changing trends in new COVID-19 cases or the political leanings of the audience.”

“There is a similar disconnect between U.S. major media reporting on school re-openings and scientific findings on the same topic; the reporting is overwhelmingly negative, while the scientific literature tells a more optimistic story,” the researchers noted.

The paper notes studies on school re-openings and COVID-19 infections that found “infection rates among students remain low” and that “schools have not become the super-spreaders many feared.”  Nevertheless 90% of school reopening articles from U.S. media are negative versus only 56 percent of foreign media coverage.

Widespread public fear of a virus which has a very high survival rate surely had an impact upon the re-election chances of President Trump.  His administration’s efforts and accomplishments with ventilator production, unprecedented vaccine development, and research funding were almost never covered in any positive way by the US media.  Joe Biden’s basement campaign, (such as it was) with event numbers that could barely fill a school bus, played well into the media’s fearful narrative, their criticism of Trump events as reckless, and a push to vote by mail rather than in person.

You’re A Racist – End of Discussion

Imagine if you were a somewhat wealthy citizen living and working as a college teacher in a slave state in the 1850’s and a slave came to you begging you to buy them as a kitchen servant to avoid their mistreatment on a plantation? What would you do, knowing you could do nothing to end slavery as an individual?  What if an older slave was up for sale bound for a bad life, when you could legally buy them, and bring them into your home, and pay them to live out the remainder of their life?   What if buying a 4-year-old black orphan would keep them alive or off a plantation?  What if, 50 years after your death, they as free men still told newspapers that they were proud to be your slave?

I abhor slavery, past and present.  It is wicked. I know my writing this will get me called a racist.  I am NOT justifying slavery or it’s evils by any means.  Yet, by the same token I am interested in learning from history, rather than simply burning it down.

When I heard this week that the Virginia Military Institute was removing a statue of VMI Professor and General Stonewall Jackson, I understood that a statue of any confederate is probably doomed in our politically correct age. . . and perhaps that is OK.   I am not a defender of Jackson or his position in the civil war.  Yet, when I heard of this, I knew nothing of Jackson’s ownership of slaves.  I knew only of his Christian faith and his bizarre death in the war.

I read a fascinating paper on this that raised the above questions, because that seems to be the conundrums Jackson was faced with in owning a few slaves.  I do not agree with what Jackson believed or did in some cases, but it’s an interesting study of the few slaves that Jackson owned or inherited.  It is also interesting that Jackson was legally charged with violating laws about educating slaves when he set up a school where he taught over 100 blacks in his confederate state.

I have heard, though I don’t know if it is true, that generations of Germans and Japanese born after WW2 know very little about the war and their nation’s role in it because of the embarrassment of their nation’s sins.  Erasing history may not be the best way to overcome national wrongs.  Before a statue is thrown on the ash heap, is there something to be learned (both good and bad) about Stonewall Jackson?  Maybe.  After all, the saying is that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

A century from now when historians or students look at the Iraq War, 9/11, the election of Donald Trump, or the Covid shutdown, without context of the contrasting views of our times, they will only have limited answers.  The same is true when we look back.

You can be the judge by reading this paper:

In their Own Words:

“Domestic slavery is repugnant to the principles of Christianity. It prostrates every benevolent and just principle of action in the human heart. It is rebellion against the authority of a common Father. It is a practical denial of the extent and efficacy of the death of a common Savior.”  – Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence


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AFA-IN: Churches in Danger, IN Leader Takes a Stand

A Pro-Family Loss?

Last week, State Representative Christy Stutzman announced that she would be resigning from the legislature on December 14th.  This move was shocking.   Rep. Stutzman rose quickly in her first term as a bold pro-life and pro-family leader.  She was a rising star in the House. I enjoyed working with her on several issues.  She will be greatly missed.

A vacancy for an elected legislator is filled by a caucus of precinct committeemen for the legislator’s party.  Her vacancy will be filled soon.  I have heard a few names, one is a former legislator who is also a conservative, but I don’t know if any of those names are official candidates.

Rep. Stutzman blamed Governor Eric Holcomb’s executive orders on Covid for her resignation.  Christy and her husband, Marlin, a former Congressman and state legislator, own a large business that is a restaurant and event venue, two of the hardest hit entities in this pandemic.

Here is part of her statement:

“Now, with the recent round of new mandatory Covid-related restrictions issued by the Governor, with no input or approval from the members of the General Assembly, our businesses and family have been set back further and I will be required to devote even more attention to helping our business survive into next year. Due to the instability and difficult circumstances that the Governor’s ongoing, unilateral decisions have created for our business and family throughout this year, the way those restrictions and decisions have affected our business as we enter 2021 and the time commitment that serving in the legislature requires, I have been forced to make an extremely difficult decision. 

It is with a heavy heart that I will be tendering my resignation from my position as State Representative in order to focus on our family and salvage our business and the jobs of those we employ. I know that I am not alone in my deep distress at being forced to make such a decision and I am thankful for the prayers of many friends as I have struggled with this decision.” 

A Unique Leader is Still Standing

I want to applaud Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill again.  It is unfortunate that the allegations against him will be what many remember about him, and the first thing some will bring up against him.   The irony of this is that there are many in the political establishment that actually do behave as Hill was accused of behaving. Some of them were among his critics.  (In my 30 years working at the statehouse I have heard dozens of things that would shock you. Politics reflects culture, and our culture is vile.)

Yet, one has to admire political courage, because it is a rare commodity.  Fighting a good fight when no one expects you to, for no personal gain, is an admirable quality in politics.  Hill has taken stands that no other Indiana AG would.

The Indiana Attorney General has but a few weeks left in his term. He could easily spend the month of December quietly packing up his office. Instead, Hill has filed an appeal to the US Supreme Court asking it to review a ruling by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.   The case involves a ruling allowing a lesbian couple to list both individuals on a child’s birth certificate, even though birth requires a male and a female biological parent.

In his petition to the court, Hill argues that upholding that decision would violate common sense and undermine parental rights based on biology. He writes in his brief: “A birth mother’s wife will never be the biological father of the child, meaning that, whenever a birth-mother’s wife gains presumptive ‘parentage’ status, a biological father’s rights and obligations to the child have necessarily been undermined without proper adjudication.”

         “The husband of a birth mother is usually the biological father, but the wife of a birth mother is never the biological father. . . And neither the Constitution nor this Court’s holdings command States to act contrary to biological facts,” Hill wrote.

Indiana law does not permit a birth mother to list her husband as the father on a birth certificate, if she knows someone else is the father.  That law still stands.

Most appeals to the Supreme Court are not taken up by the court, but this would be an interesting ruling if the court did look into the questions and conflicts raised by the lower court’s decision.

Will Christians Pay Dearly Under President Biden?

In my role at AFA of Indiana my primary focus is on family policy research and Indiana issues.  By days end, I don’t pay much attention to other political matters.  When it comes to foreign policy, for example, I may not know much more than the average American.

That doesn’t mean that other political matters outside my focus are not important.  Case in point, the following paragraph in an article I read yesterday stopped me in my tracks!   A foreign policy issue I do care greatly about is the persecuted Church.  Worldwide Christian and religious persecution is something we should all keep in our prayers, and if possible, express to our member of Congress.  It is something that the Trump Administration made a high priority in addressing.  The article “Why We Refuse to Fight” had the following startling item:

For instance, the fight over whether Joe Biden will take the White House will have big implications for Christians here at home. But it’s life or death for Christians over in Syria. The Biden team has clearly signaled that it intends to help al Qaeda jihadis (the so-called “moderate rebels” John McCain vouched for) take power in Damascus.

I remember al Qaeda for bombing my hometown, New York City. More recently, these “Syrian rebels” marched off to kill Christians in Armenia. And now they hope to ethnically cleanse a million Syrian Christians, countless Alawites, Yazidi, and other religious minorities from Syria. Biden wants to help them, for reasons unclear to me. If we let him take office fraudulently, hundreds of churches will burn.

But thousands of Servile Christians cheeks will flush with a quiet, “humble” pride, as they congratulate themselves on “taking the high road,” and “putting country over party,” and even “not embarrassing themselves” by getting “down in the mud” with Trump and his backers.”

In Their Own Words:

“The Bible is worth all other books which have ever been printed.” – Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775


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AFA-IN: Free Speech Win, Church Ladies? IN Road Rpt

High Level Court Affirms Critical Freedom of Speech Case

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals struck down two county laws in Florida last week that could have ramifications across the nation, even reaching the Indiana legislature.

The court struck down what many states, including Indiana, have considered or seen filed or passed at local or state levels.  The ruling looked at a law that claims to ban the misnamed “conversion therapy” involving counseling clients seeking to overcome same-sex attraction.  Over a dozen states have enacted these kinds of bans at some level.

The Liberty Counsel, representing two licensed therapists, challenged the constitutionality of laws that ban counselors from saying certain things in sessions about homosexuality or gender confusion.  The court noted, “What the governments call a ‘medical procedure’ consists entirely of words.”

The court also stated: “We hold that the challenged ordinances violate the First Amendment because they are content-based regulations of speech that cannot survive strict scrutiny.”

Under these laws, counselors could encourage a person with same-sex attraction or gender confusion to take dangerous hormones, or to receive surgical mutilation of their genitalia, but they could not speak freely to their clients, who voluntarily sought help, of how to overcome their behavior, confusion, or attractions.

Several states including Indiana, have seen these bans filed at the behest of homosexual activists seeking to censor speech that could discourage people from embracing the homosexual or transgender lifestyle.  It is possible that conflicting rulings could send this issue to the Supreme Court.   Hopefully, this new ruling will cause legislators to steer clear of these restrictions in avoidance of a costly court challenge.

Americans Want a Firewall Against Liberalism

Although it may seem to run contrary to the election of Joe Biden as President, a new national poll finds that 56% of Americans want the two Senate seats in Georgia to be won by the Republicans.   The poll is from Harvard CAPS-Harris.

A Dynamic Candidate like JFK

A few weeks ago, I wrote of some of the oddities of a Joe Biden win after the most lackluster “basement” campaign anyone can remember that defied all sorts of previous trends or bellwethers.   Here is another.   The last time a Democrat won the presidency while his party saw double-digit losses in the US House was 1960.   Many people still believe that race came down to fraud involving about 10,000 votes in Cook County Illinois.

You Won’t See this in the Movies or on the Sitcoms

Yet another study has found something that runs totally counter the messages that our culture sends about human sexuality.

Unless you have been living under a rock the last 10 years, you have probably noticed that American culture is becoming more hostile to religion, particularly Christianity, which incidentally, is now the most persecuted faith  worldwide.  (Even the far-left liberal Huffington Post, admitted this some time ago.)

Christians are one of the only groups in our nation that can be mocked without any cultural condemnation.  Our values and beliefs are regularly attacked in almost every portion of our society.

Maybe it’s not surprising that our culture would avoid something about the intersection of our national religion, which is sex, and the formerly dominant religion of Christianity.   It doesn’t fit the public narrative or the culture’s secular agenda.  (Do you ever see a sitcom or a movie anymore where characters go to church like 30% of Americans do weekly?)

Rather than swingers in bars, it is those who regularly go to church and are the most religiously devout who are the most sexually satisfied people in America.

A recent study from the Wheatley Institution found that moderately religious women were 50% more likely to report being sexually satisfied in their relationship than women with no religious practice.  However, women in highly religious relationships were twice as likely as their secular peers to say they were satisfied with their sexual relationship. And the men in these couples were fully four times as likely to report being sexually satisfied as men in relationships with no religious activity.

Are Hoosiers Getting Their Money’s Worth?

A report from the Reason Foundation released last week ranks Indiana’s state-managed roads as 32nd worst in the nation.  The 25th Annual Highway Report ranks the condition and cost-effectiveness of state highways in 13 categories.

“In safety and performance categories, Indiana ranks 19th overall in fatality rate, 21st in structurally deficient bridges, 32nd in traffic congestion, 43rd in urban interstate pavement condition and 45th in rural interstate pavement condition,” according to the report.

AFA of Indiana Is Thankful for You this Holiday!

I want to thank you for reading these weekly emails and for your prayers and financial support of AFA of Indiana.   I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow.  We have much to be thankful for as Hoosiers and Americans.


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AFA-IN: Election Oddities, Dating Apps & Gun Control

Legislators Return to Your Statehouse

The 2020 Indiana General Assembly ended just before the Coronavirus problem significantly impacted our state and nation.   Yesterday, they met for Organization Day.  While this is largely a ceremonial and procedural day seating new legislators and used to set up the session in January, legislative leaders did note that they expect to fast-track passage of a Covid liability bill.   The legislation, which seems to have bi-partisan support, would prevent lawsuits against Indiana businesses, nonprofits, and schools from people who claim that they caught Covid there.

The 2021 session is a “long” session involving the passage of a two-year budget and the redrawing of House, Senate and Congressional lines.

A Changing Dating Scene in Modern America

There is an interesting study on dating habits of Americans that may surprise those who dated the “old fashioned” way.

According to Pew Research, a significant number of single Americans (30%) have reported using an online web site or dating app.   The study of 1,310 young Americans from the Institute for Family Studies looked at differences between those who use dating apps and those who do not.

A good title for the study might simply be “User Beware.”  IFS found that dating app users were more likely to score lower on self-control issues.   For example, nearly half (46%) of dating app users reported ever using illegal drugs, compared with just 28% of non-users. Furthermore, 37% of those who use dating apps reported that they had recently used drugs, compared with 20% who do not use apps.

While many users, more than half, reported that dating with an app or web site system is as successful as dating relationships without an app, there were some notable negatives found.  They were divided based upon the user’s education level as follows:

  • 61% of those with high school or less education said it was common to receive sexually explicit messages they didn’t ask for vs. 37% of college graduates;
  • 36% of the high school or less educated said being bulled or harassed on dating apps is common vs. 15% of college graduates;
  • 57% of those with high school or less education said dating apps are not a safe way to meet people vs. 34% of college graduates.

Abortion and Racism

There is a disturbing story out of China concerning how their Communist Party is using abortion for racial eugenics as a part of their latest five-year plan.  (Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger would be so proud.)

China has long been criticized for their policy on sex-selection abortions which disproportionately terminates unborn baby girls. The latest move by the Communist Party’s population plan is to reduce certain races of Chinese in favor of others through the use of abortion.  The plan involves forced abortions, sterilizations, and implantations of IUDs on Uyghurs and other minorities in Xinjiang to reduce their numbers. At the same time, they seek to the increase in numbers of the Han Chinese, the dominant ethnic group in China.

It Won’t Matter to Kamala

A Gallup Poll released on Monday finds that American’s support for stricter gun control laws has fallen to its lowest point in several years.  Americans overall support for more gun control is at 57% according to Gallup, down 10 points since 2018 and down 21 points since 1990.

Seventy-two percent of non-gun owners support more gun control compared to just 26% of gun owners.  There is a large political divide on this issue with 85% of Democrats supporting stricter gun laws compared to only 22% of Republicans.

The Biden team, particularly Kamala Harris, is supportive of stricter gun laws, bans, firearms owner registration and taxes on gun owners.

Things that Make You Wonder about Trump’s “loss”

Few media outlets are significantly reporting the President’s legal arguments or questions surrounding the stalled counts in several swing states that moved from Trump to Biden in the wee hours of the morning after Election Day.   Most of the media could not care less about election fraud and want the President to concede right now, even though they had no such calls during Al Gore’s 37-day court fight after the 2000 election.

Voting machine oddities are not the only things that may make you wonder.  Here are a few more:

•  President Trump’s approval rating has risen 3 points since Election Day to 52%.  Interestingly, on Election Day Donald Trump had an approval rating similar to Barack Obama (50%) when Obama easily won re-election in 2012.

•  There are 19 “bellwether” counties in America that have reliably mirrored the presidential election outcome for the past 40 years.  This year, President Trump won 18 of those counties.

•  When pollsters asked Americans if they were better off today than they were four years ago 56% said yes just before Election Day.  This is a record high number besting even Ronald Reagan in 1984.  Only 32% said they were worse off in mid-October.    If Donald Trump is not reelected, he will be the first President to have this high of a rating and still lose.

•  Although exit polling is not always the most accurate, you have probably heard that the number one issue of concern to voters was the economy.  This was an issue in which President Trump easily beat Joe Biden in polling and was considered Trump’s strongest election issue.

•  Republicans defied all predictions and rather than losing seats, they gained at least a dozen House seats and flipped two state legislatures from Democrat to Republican Control.  Not a single incumbent Republican member of the US House lost their election.  It seems strange that the down ballot races would favor Republicans, but the Republican President would lose.

•  At least one pollster, Richard Baris of Big Data Polling, and the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel have noted another anomaly. “Trump won the largest non-white vote share for a Republican presidential candidate in 60 years. Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country, save for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia,” Barris said.  (How convenient.)

In Their Own Words:

“We don’t let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?” – Joseph Stalin


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This is key: Catholic Vote

email logo
Dear Jerald,

I want you to know we are still fighting.

Because win or lose, when you stand up for what you believe in, you win something even more important than an election.

And the truth about the 2020 election must be told.

We remain hard at work, helping uncover more instances of fraud, violations of law, and manipulation of our elections process. The accusations flying around are broad, and sometimes confusing. They range from dead people voting, to excluding poll watchers, to questions about the security of voting machines themselves.

The Trump legal team is pursuing every lead — and their public statements suggest they may have some explosive evidence…

In the last week CV staff participated in observing the certification process in MI, and our data team provided the basis for a new lawsuit filed in Wisconsin. Members of our field team have also signed affidavits for lawsuits based on evidence they personally witnessed.

KEY: In our opinion, the biggest threat to the integrity of the recent election involves the failure to properly validate every mail-in ballot. Local election officials in every contested state have now admitted they did not follow their laws in verifying proper postmarks, signature-matching, custody of the ballots, and in some states, voter ID-checks.

Remember that 2020 was a historic election in that more than half of all votes cast were submitted by mail. Of course COVID was blamed, but the unprecedented number of vote-by-mail ballots was ripe for fraud. And, no surprise, many states that didn’t start counting until Election Day were overwhelmed.

President Trump warned us. Even the NY Times and the Washington Post admitted vote-by-mail was risky … until Trump was on the ballot. In 2005, a bipartisan commission co-chaired by former President Carter confirmed that vote-by-mail “remain[s] the largest source of potential voter fraud.

So what can be done now?

Contested states must audit all absentee ballots. Period. If they didn’t follow their laws the first time, they must re-examine all ballots submitted by mail, and ensure that they were postmarked properly, that signatures match, and that the voter is real, registered, and legal.

These laws were put in place to protect your vote!

If states refuse to do so, it is likely that hundreds of thousands of invalid ballots, and even fraudulent ballots, will be counted as legal. And voters will have no confidence that this election was legitimate.

Keep in mind…

This process will happen eventually. States are required by federal law to retain all ballot materials, including ballots, ballot envelopes, and absentee mail envelopes, for 22 months. We will learn the truth in the end.

Imagine what will happen if we later learn that Joe Biden actually lost several states!

The 2020 election is historic and unprecedented.

An extra week to properly validate and count all mailed ballots should be welcomed by all.

Every American deserves to know the truth about this election.

Let’s get it right.


P.S. As reported last week, we are doing double duty. Over 250 of our field volunteers have already agreed to stay on and help in our campaign in Georgia. And our digital and video teams are already prepping new ads to make sure Catholics in Georgia understand what’s at stake. I’ll have more to share soon!

AFA-IN on Govt Watch List? Election Perspectives

What’s Wrong with America?
         I know that you may be stressed from this election, it’s outcome, or the contesting of an outcome.  If not, you likely have Covid fatigue, economic stress or a general frustration with 2020. 
         I thought I’d start off with something humorous.  I’ve finally found out what’s wrong with America.  
         A new poll of 3,500 young Americans aged 11 to 24 has a startling result that says a lot about America today.  One-in-three (33%) young people told pollsters that they have never seen a real live cow in person. 
         I guess I should have known this some time ago when my friend, State Senator Jim Tomes, during a debate over same-sex marriage, got several blank stares in a statehouse room when he famously said, “It’s a mighty poor rancher who starts his farm off with just two bulls.” 

A Proper Perspective Impacts Emotional Health
         A lot of people have asked how I am doing after the election.  To be honest when I think about what a different administration will do in light of foreign policy, economic policy, religious freedom, abortion, or gun control, I can get very discouraged. 
         I am sure some readers may share those feelings.   If so, may I mention a couple of things for perspective?  First, God has never lost an election.  He has always known who our President would be next year, and it has not thwarted His plans.  Second, I know that I and AFA of Indiana supporters did all we were supposed to do in our civic duty and in educating Hoosiers about public policies.  As John Adams said, “Duty is mine, victory is the Lord’s.”  Third, this is not over.  By this I mean, when it IS over, either when the Lord returns or our own time winds down, we are to be found faithful.  There is much to do.  Elections are not the end of the world, nor are they the salvation of it.   We still have to make our voices heard in order to defend our values and to be “salt and light” in the public arena.   The Indiana General Assembly is quickly approaching, and AFA-IN’s voice is important in that process. 
          Now, is the election over?  No, it isn’t. The media doesn’t call an election, they simply make predictions.  The election ends when the 50 Secretaries of State certify the results after any recounts or disputes are settled. This often takes weeks. In terms of the Presidency, the election ends when the electoral college electors vote after those state certifications.   
           Is Donald Trump likely to shock the world and have four more years?  Probably not.  Do I think it is suspicious that the Trump team seemed to be clearly on their way to victory when everything stopped, then overnight everything seemed to swing in an opposite direction? My answer is yes.   Do I think it is suspicious that all the shuttered slow counts in the swing states went only one direction – toward Biden? My answer is yes.  Do I think it is suspicious that all the slow questionable counts with suddenly found votes always seem to come from heavily Democrat-run cities, counties, or states? My answer is also yes. 
            It is not impossible for things to change in some states if the claims of voter fraud and miscounts are determined by courts to have an impact upon the final outcome and the courts then take action. (Here is one scenario for a Trump re-election: ) The margin in all of the swing states is very small.  Even now, with the numbers we have, less than 100,000 votes out of tens of millions cast in five states are separating Biden and Trump.
           It is important for these claims to be investigated and for the courts to take action against any and all violations of election law or the constitutional process for the sake of all Americans and the security of future elections.   Every single fraudulent or illegal vote erases someone else’s proper and legal vote.    Voter fraud is worth fighting for the sake of voter confidence and election integrity, regardless of the current election outcome. 

Making a List and Checking it Twice
         I have mentioned that AFA of Indiana was targeted by some tech giants for censorship with the shuttering of our Facebook page two weeks before the election.  Our email server also notified us that they are now monitoring the content of these weekly emails. 
         This is just the beginning of how the far-left practices the virtues of tolerance and diversity.  They sometimes talk about these values, but rarely practice them. What they really want is forced conformity of thought
         Shortly after announcing his campaign Joe Biden did a town hall on CNNin which he spoke about hate crimes during a segment.  He mentioned how the Obama/Biden administration had governmental terror watch lists.  He said he wanted to create similar watch lists of people and groups that the government would monitor based upon the lists made by the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center of those who do not embrace the LGBT agenda.     
         This is chilling since I have made the SPLC’s hate list personally numerous years as has AFA of Indiana for our belief in traditional marriage and opposition to the transgender movement involving minor children.    The idea of a Biden Administration monitoring AFA-IN or the things I say based solely upon my values and beliefs sounds like something from the old Soviet KGB. 
         Here is another story, from last week, of leftists calling for the making of lists of Trump supporters “to be held accountable” for their support of the President.  They want anyone who donated to the Trump campaign or worked for the Administration to be barred from serving on a corporate board or as the faculty of a college.   They call this Orwellian concept the Trump Accountability Project.  
            Click here:
In Their Own Words: 
           “The height of intolerance is not disagreement, but rather removing from the public square an opportunity for people to disagree.” Jonathan Morrow
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