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Dear Jerald,

Last July a headline in the New York Times declared:

“The Supreme Court has faded somewhat in importance as frustration with the president grows.”

The article explained how conservative groups hoped to prioritize the future of the Supreme Court for voters. The problem: voters were focused elsewhere, on the coronavirus threat, the economy, and violence.

Last Friday evening, everything changed.

This morning President Trump announced he will nominate a replacement for the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as soon as this Friday or Saturday. By this time next week, the confirmation fight will be well underway — and there’s heavy speculation that the nominee will be a Catholic pro-life woman.

How will this play out? Good? Bad?

FIRST: Consider that as of today there are only three committed votes in favor of Roe v. Wade left on the Supreme Court. Sensing the threat, Democrats are now talking about trying to pack the Court with new seats if they win back the Senate and White House in November.

As for the politics, here’s our take:

    • Remember Kavanaugh? The Democrats were set to win big in 2018. That is, until they viciously attacked Brett Kavanaugh. Pressed by radical left-wing activists, Democrats accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault, as well as being the ringleader of drunken gang-rape parties. When it became clear the charges were baseless, the public was outraged. And voters turned on the Democrats.

    • Just ask Claire McCaskill. The pro-abortion “Catholic” Democrat Senator from Missouri admitted that the “Kavanaugh spectacle” is what made the difference in her election defeat. She’s right. The vicious smears and attacks backfired on Democrats. Republicans added two seats in the Senate. And those seats loom large in this upcoming fight.
    • It wasn’t just McCaskill. In 2018, four of the five Democratic senators in competitive races who voted AGAINST Justice Kavanaugh lost their reelection bids. The only Democrat who voted FOR confirming Justice Kavanaugh won his race.
    • The Left in America can’t publicly defend judicial activism. So they resort to baseless personal attacks to frame the confirmation battles. We expect it will be much harder to frame Amy Coney Barrett (or a similarly-qualified woman) as a gang-rape leader or worse, as they did with Brett Kavanaugh. Further, finger-wagging at a sharp, intelligent woman will not go over well with critical suburban voters — especially Catholics.
  • COVID in the background. Media pundits were ready to mark the 200,000th death from COVID this weekend — with Democrats preposterously pinning every death on the president. COVID remains a serious issue, but the fever-pitch of a Supreme Court nomination will likely push COVID off the front burner.

Mitch McConnell has been perfectly consistent. According to then-Senator Joe Biden (the “Biden Rule”), when the White House and Senate are held by opposing parties, the Senate should hold off filling a vacancy in a presidential election year — as Republicans did in 2016.

But McConnell and Republicans also made clear at the time: if the White House and Senate are controlled by the same party, the Constitution allows for full speed ahead.

That’s always been the case. There’s nothing new here. As Democrats noted not too long ago, the Senate has confirmed 17 Supreme Court justices in election years.

Now President Trump and Senate Majority Leader McConnell hope to make it 18…

Finally, let’s not forget that Joe Biden and the Democrats turned the confirmation of Supreme Court justices into the circuses they are today when they trashed Robert Bork in 1987. Their maniacal character assassination brought a new word to our dictionary. To “bork” someone is to destroy a person’s reputation in order to advance a political goal.

They tried it again by smearing Clarence Thomas in 1991. They went “nuclear” and got rid of the filibuster for judicial nominees….

…and went deep into the gutter with Brett Kavanaugh just two years ago.

The Left can preach about “norms” all day long. But their posturing has worn thin. The Left has never granted our side a single courtesy. That’s why we believe the only deference that should be given is to the Constitution.

If there’s one thing President Trump has taught us, it’s that the first political calculation should always be: what’s the right thing to do?

Let’s go.


P.S. CV has learned that President Trump will deliver remarks at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast on Wednesday. We’ll share updates on Twitter and Facebook as we get them.

AFAIN: New IN law, Mixed Political Marriages, BLM attacks

Pro-Life Legislation to Finally Prevail

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, and the ACLU have decided to drop their lawsuit against a 2016 Indiana law which offers an ultrasound screening to women considering abortion in advance of their appointment.

The law passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Mike Pence had been put on hold when a federal judge blocked it in 2017.   The judge’s ruling was upheld by the federal appeals court.  However, a recent ruling by the US Supreme Court indicated that the abortion activists’ suit would likely fail at the highest court level.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, who defended the state law, described the move by Planned Parenthood as their conceding defeat in their effort to permanently block the state law.

From July through December 2016, while the ultrasound law was in effect, there were 496 fewer abortions in Indiana compared to the period of July through December 2017.  After the law was blocked, abortions increased in Indiana.

Sitting Out the Governor’s Race this Fall

In a surprising move, the political arm of the Indiana State Teachers Association has announced that they will not endorse in the Governor’s race this fall.  The ISTA regularly supports Democrat candidates.  In 2016 the ISTA PAC gave Democrat candidate John Gregg $300,000 in his race against Eric Holcomb.   Governor Holcomb faces Dr. Woody Meyers in November.  If elected, Meyers would be the first African American governor in Indiana history.   (In June, the EdWeek Research Center claimed that 81 percent of teachers who responded to their survey [not a scientific poll] support the Black Lives Matter movement.)

The polls predict that Holcomb, who has a large campaign war chest, is likely to be easily re-elected.  (The American Federation of Teachers has endorsed Meyers.)

Relationship Factors in Politically Divided Households

There is an interesting article from the Institute for Family Studies looking at relationship harmony and commitment among couples who vote differently.   The upshot of the study is that relationship problems among divided homes are not as significant as some may think.

A few findings in the IFS report of interest, which looked at several studies, include the following takeaways:

•  Most people (77%) tend to marry or be in relationship with those of similar political values and voting patterns.

• Democrats (82%) were more likely than Republicans (74%) or Independents (58%) to be in a relationship with someone who voted like them.

•  There is evidence that people shift away from liking a potential partner when there are political differences.

• Although some people actively seek partners who are politically similar, evidence tends to suggest that most people end up with someone sharing similar views because most still marry within their social circle or among similar demographics.

• A 2017 study found that married Republicans tended to report greater sexual satisfaction and lower rates of infidelity than Democrats.

• Democrats are less likely to be married than Republicans.

• Republicans tend to be more committed to their partner, though the difference is somewhat small in married couples.  Part of this poll difference is due to the fact that Democrats in unmarried relationships are less committed to their partners.

Fallout from Covid-19 Fear and Shutdowns

There is a very detailed research study from the CDC regarding mental health, substance abuse and suicide during the Covid-19 epidemic.  The CDC found significantly elevated levels of harmful mental health conditions in June of this year over previous years.

They found that anxiety disorders were three times higher in the second quarter of 2020 than in the second quarter of 2019 (25.5% versus 8.1%).   The presence of a depressive disorder was approximately four times that reported in the second quarter of last year. Suicidal thoughts were also elevated, as twice as many adult respondents reported serious consideration of suicide in the previous 30 days in 2020 as those in 2019.

These mental health problems were disproportionately impacting certain populations including young adults, Hispanic and black Americans, essential workers, unpaid caregivers and those already receiving treatment for preexisting psychiatric conditions.

Black Lives Matter:  Politics First, Inner City Youth Last

One of my favorite activists is a woman with a wonderful life story and faith testimony named Star Parker.   She runs CURE the Center for Urban Renewal and Education.   Star is an African-American.  So, it might surprise you to learn that Black Lives Matter is coming after her and her organization over an anti-poverty billboard CURE posted in several inner cities.

Sociologists have long known about the “success sequence.”   The sequence is a simple generality.  It is not a rule written in stone, but it has basic truth that is often seen in research findings.    If a person takes certain steps, they are statistically far less likely to live in poverty.  If they don’t follow these guidelines, the risk of being in poverty is much higher.    The success sequence is:  graduate from high school, don’t use drugs, get married before having children, and get a job of any kind.

Apparently, this is offensive or counter to the agenda of BLM.  (This makes sense if one understands that BLM is a Marxist organization.)   Given all the harmful messages in our culture, I have to wonder what is so offensive about this billboard?   I am posting it here for you to judge.

In Their Own Words:

“We did every possible thing wrong. Sixty million Americans got H1N1 in that period of time, and it is just purely a fortuity that this isn’t one of the great mass-casualty events in American history. It had nothing to do with us doing anything right; just had to do with luck. If anyone thinks that can’t happen again, they don’t have to go back to 1918. Just go back to 2009, 2010. Imagine a virus with a different lethality, and you can just do the math.”   –   Ron Klain, Former VP Biden chief of staff


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AFA-IN: VP Pick Stalls Out, Free Speech Victory

Fallout or a Boost from a VP Pick?
         Traditionally this should be a good week for the Democrat Party with their national convention.  Traditionally too, the announcement of a running-mate, the Biden/Harris ticket, should be a boost.  But is it?  
         A new CNN poll now shows the presidential race at a virtual tie.  President Trump is down 4 points, but the poll’s margin of error is 3.7%, making it a possible tie.  In many battleground states Trump is just 1 point behind, according to CNN, no friend of the President.  What makes this poll interesting, are two things:  1) CNN’s last national poll in July showed the President trailing by 14 points.  2) This was the first poll asking about the Biden/Harris ticket versus the Trump/Pence ticket.   Where is the traditional boost from the Harris announcement?
         It is possible that in spite of fawning media praise for Senator Kamala Harris, she does not resonate well with voters, at this point.  She may be seen as too liberal as a San Francisco Democrat who was ranked by GovTrack as the most liberal Senator in 2019, to the left of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.
         The pick has been widely praised as historic, as the first woman of color on the ticket.  That should have been a plus for Biden in the polls.  (It is historic, but she is not the first “African American,” as some have said. Technically, she’s an Indian-Jamaican.  Her mother is from India and her father is Jamaican.  Interestingly, according to her father, a Stanford professor, her great grandparents owned five sugarcane plantations, which had an estimated 200 slaves.  Harris supports reparations.  Maybe she should start with some of her own money with reparations in the Caribbean.) 
         Traditionally, when a candidate picks a running-mate from his field of opponents, he or she will pick someone who garnished a significant share of the vote as a means of coalescing the party.  The Harris pick didn’t do that. She dropped out of the presidential race before a single vote was cast, due to lack of support from her own party.    
          Also, traditionally, a candidate will often pick someone with a geographic base helpful to his election. The Harris pick didn’t do this either.  Biden was going win California, no matter who he chose. 
         And then there is this.  A new Rasmussen Poll finds that a third of black voters say Biden’s pick of Harris will make them less likely to vote for that ticket.  Rasmussen also found that 36% of blacks approve of President Trump.  Traditionally, again, if that translates to votes, there is almost no way Joe Biden can win with only 64% of the black vote when Democrats typically receive over 90% of that demographic on Election Day. 

         If there is one thing that we know about 2020, it is that nothing is traditional or predictable.   The Harris pick could be a boost to Biden, (and so could the convention).  She is articulate and talented, even as a US Senator of only 3 years.  Time will tell if voters believe she should be “one heartbeat away from the presidency,” as the saying goes.    (Another poll finds most voters do not think that if elected, Biden, who would be 78 years old, will finish out his first term.  This includes 49% of Democrats who think Biden’s VP would become president before the 2024 election.)


Midwest Free Speech Victory
         Just south of the Indiana border, a huge 1st Amendment victory was won this week when a US District Court overruled a Louisville, KY law that could have forced a photographer to participate in a same-sex wedding against her religious conscience.    Judge Justin R. Walker wrote, “The Constitution does not require a choice between gay rights and freedom of speech…. Forcing citizens to express ideas ‘contrary to their deepest convictions’ is ‘always demeaning.’ It doesn’t matter if most people agree with the expression the government compels. Free thought ‘includes both the right to speak freely’ and to say nothing at all.” 
         AFA of Indiana and the Indiana Family Institute are challenging similar laws in five Indiana cities under the same religious liberty arguments used by photographer Chelsey Nelson. 

Undeniable Media Bias 
         A new study by the Media Research Center of evening newscasts on ABC, NBC and CBS has found that coverage of President Trump has been 150 times more negative than coverage of Presidential nominee Joe Biden. 

Another Republican Pandering to the Media Narrative?
         Yesterday, Governor Eric Holcomb gave a campaign speech widely heralded by the state GOP on “equity and inclusion.”   Some praised it as a good step, while others such as the Black Legislative Caucus and his Democrat opponent Dr. Woody Meyers implied it was little more than campaign optics.  
         The Governor called for various police reforms, body cameras, and the creation of a cabinet level equity officer to look at racial inclusion and race issues.   The Governor said that racism is a “virus that’s equally voracious” as the Corona virus for Indiana.    (There are 81,847 Covid cases in Indiana. Does the Governor think there are 81,000 racists in Indiana?)
         To be fair, I have not read his speech, only reviews of it.  I have a natural aversion to watching politicians, particularly Republican ones, allow the liberal media to set their agenda.  That’s not to say that there are not issues to be addressed. 
         Yet, if I were to compare something as truly pervasive or ravenous, (which is how the Mariam Webster dictionary describes voracious), as Covid-19 that is directly linked to crime, poverty, inequity and having an exclusionary effect, it would not be racism in 2020, where much progress has been made and many laws passed, it would be the ignored issue of fatherlessness.   (More than 20 million children, over 1 in 4, live without a father in their home in the US.)
         Interestingly, research on the left and the right has agreed for decades that fatherlessness has a massive impact upon crime, educational and economic disparities.   Here is an article, from an African American leader on this very point published just a few days ago:
In Their Own Words:
         “Freedom must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.”  – President Ronald Reagan
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The Black Community just dismantled the idea that Trump is a racist

All younger black guys, except one older one – ‘love’ what he says: “If Donald Trump is a racist, he’s not a very good one!” These are lesser know ‘advocates’ other than Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell – and of course the brilliant black female – Candace Owens. About 5 mins long – hard hitting. See below link.

“Nobody Needs to Die” – Frontline Doctors Storm D.C. – “Thousands of Doctors” are Being Silenced

Straight forward testimony from Doctors who are ”in the trenches”. Open Schools, put parents back to work, stop interfering with medications that work, blind studies put people at unnecessary risk, etc. Worth the watch in my opinion – especially since it is getting blocked – WHY?  Fight the Fear!