Impeachment Again? Violence hypocrisy

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Like or hate Trump…

The Senate’s impeachment trial is a farce.

And even Senate Democrats know it.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has already agreed on a fast-track timetable that will conclude the trial in less than a week.

You’ll hear from the House impeachment managers, the former president’s legal team, and of course, the senators will make their speeches.

No witnesses. No real debate. Lots of blustering aimed at punishing political enemies.

The purpose of an impeachment trial is to consider whether an elected official is guilty of “high crimes or misdemeanors” for the purpose of removing them from office. Except President Trump is no longer in office! Which is why many scholars have argued that the trial itself is not even constitutional.

So what’s the point of all this?

President Trump gave an impassioned speech on January 6 about election integrity. Many Americans even today wonder about allegations of illegality and fraud. But he never called for violence, or for a riot at the Capitol. He called on rally attendees to fight for the truth, and to march “peacefully.” Instead a reckless group of rioters decided to imitate BLM.

DOUBLE STANDARD? If Democrats are serious about rebuking Trump because they believe his speech was reckless or “incited violence” then they need to be consistent. Not a single Democrat has been corrected or held accountable for their own reckless speech against the President. Should Bernie Sanders be held accountable for the superfan who opened fire on Republican lawmakers on a softball field?

It’s worth recalling a few examples of Democratic “speech” urging aggression and even violence…

  • Sen. Cory Booker, D-NJ, told activists to “get up in the face of some congresspeople” and said that supporters of Justice Kavanaugh were “complicit in evil.”
  • Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA, told a rowdy crowd in Los Angeles: “If you see a member of the Trump administration at a restaurant, at a department store, at a gas station ,or any place, you create a crowd and you push back on them.”
  • Vice President Kamala Harris (then a sitting U.S. Senator) encouraged activists to fund anarchists arrested for burning our cities during the antifa and Black Lives Matter riots this summer.
That’s quite a list of “accomplishments.”

Their punishment? Fawning praise by the media.

If Democrats were serious and took responsibility for their own reckless rhetoric, they could work with Republicans on a possible resolution to censure former President Trump.

But they aren’t serious. And the hypocrisy is glaring.

This is about Democrats yelling loud, one last time, about how much they hate Donald Trump — and everyone and everything he stood for.

They can’t let him go. He gets under their skin. And I think you know why.

Republican leaders over the last twenty years have often resembled the hapless Washington Generals team that the Harlem Globetrotters run circles around. For far too long, Republicans had hoped that their earnestness and good faith would be congratulated by the media, and that the media would in turn hold Democrats accountable.

But the problem is that the media gatekeepers are referees who are really wearing blue jerseys.

Millions of people in this country are sick and tired of the double standards. Americans are passionate, and we like to win. But we must have basic fairness. When the Democrats and the mainstream media acting as one, our country suffers.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen the left weaponize and politicize everything from business to sports. Their rigid ideology demands atonement and submission. The only thing they seem to understand is power.

Donald Trump is not flawless by any means.

But this impeachment effort is nothing but a political stunt.

And for good reason, it is destined to fail.



AFA-IN: Silencing Speech in Indy, Exec Orders

Liberals Love Silencing Speech

         For years liberals spoke of the virtues of “tolerance” and “diversity” as if they were the sacred tenants of a national religion.  Now that our culture is dominantly liberal, the reality is that those claims were a sham.  The left doesn’t believe tolerance or diversity.  They are the first to shut down speech they don’t like.

Such is the case now with the Democrat-run Indianapolis City County Council.  At a time when homicide rates have broken records and businesses are leaving the downtown in droves, the council is passing resolutions in support of counseling gag orders filed in the Indiana legislature.

The Council passed a resolution in support of a ban on therapy in which a client voluntarily wants to hear how to leave homosexual behaviors.  Numerous published studies have found that a significant portion of people seeking help for unwanted sexual attractions can find success, including a study by Dr. Robert Spitzer.  He led the charge in the American Psychological Association in 1973 to remove homosexuality as a disorder in the diagnostic manual used by psychiatrists.  Spitzer was anything but a right-wing activist. Yet, he recognized the power counseling can have in behavioral changes, which after all, was his life’s profession.

Senate Bill 32 and House Bill 1213 are bans on counselors saying things homosexual activists and liberals do not want people to hear about sexual choices.   These kinds of laws have run into serious 1st Amendment problems in some courtrooms.   They should all be thrown out by the courts.  That has not happened yet, and no one can guarantee it will.  This raises a real problem. If the state can ban what a therapist or counselor says, then it’s very a short step before it bans what a minister says about sexual conduct.

A Downside to Remote Learning

         I suspect that as the years pass, and Covid is looked back upon with a little more rationality, we may question the wisdom of closing down schools.  However, one benefit could be that we had a massive test of distance learning and all its technological pros and cons for parents and schools to contemplate.

A downside to remote learning that some people have mentioned to me is that with the expansion of online classes and work, some students have been lured into the dark side of the internet.

Three Indiana House members (Nisly, Borders & Jacob) have authored House Bill 1538 which says that if a public or charter school gives a student digital resources there needs to be filtering software on the device to protect children from obscene or pornographic sites.

Another bill in the Senate addresses a problem with sex education becoming obscene.  There are things some children are exposed to under the guise of sex education that if an adult were to show a child on a street corner, he would be arrested for disseminating matter harmful to a minor.  Senate Bill 288 (Tomes) removes the legal exemption schools have from prosecution for exposing children to pornographic or obscene materials.   (If your children or grandchildren have been exposed to such material, you may want to let us know so we can pass that info along to key legislators.)

Indiana’s Mixed Economy

2020 was a rough year for our nation’s economy.  It went from roaring to a crawl due to the unprecedented shutdowns over the Covid virus.   Never before in American history had our economy taken such a hit from typhus, polio, the Spanish flu, H1N1 or any other health crisis.

Indiana’s unemployment rate went from a very low 3.7% to an unseen high of 17% in just a few months.   Thankfully, our unemployment rate has returned to 4.3% giving us the lowest rate in the Midwest.   Republicans would be wise to take credit for years of prudent policies from the legislature and the Governor’s office that gave Indiana an ability to weather this storm this well.

However, according to the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration there are almost 100,000 more people receiving food stamps in December 2002 than in December 2019.  There are now 300,000 more Hoosiers on Medicaid.    This equates to 26% of people in Indiana now being on Medicaid, compared to 21% a year ago.

Getting Around Social Media Censorship

Last week I mentioned the app called Telegram which is a short communication tool that doesn’t track you or censor conservative speech.  I use it on my phone.  If you have Telegram  instead of Twitter or the late, great Parler, you can follow us here:

You Can Say Anything When Campaigning

As you know, President Biden has surprised some with the number of executive orders he signed right out of the gate.  In his first week he signed 37 executive orders reversing polices by the Trump Administration protecting the right to life, making America energy independent, and keeping sexually confused males out of schoolgirls’ locker rooms. . . just to name a few.   That is 33 more orders than Trump signed his first week, 32 more than Obama signed, and 37 more than George W. Bush who signed zero his first week as President.

These significant changes were all signed under the shadow of President Biden’s claim of desiring to restore national unity.  In October, candidate Biden was part of a televised town hall with George Stephanopolus in which he seemed to oppose this kind of heavy handedness.  Here is what he said:

“I have this strange notion; we are a democracy … if you can’t get the votes … you can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.”

Who knows if President Biden even remembers what he said four months ago, but it is pretty clear that he never meant it?   The President is carrying out the orders of his far-left handlers who see a two-year window to dramatically change America according to their worldview.

In Their Own Words:

“The time has come to turn to God and reassert our trust in Him for the healing of America…our country is in need of and ready for a spiritual renewal.” – Ronald Reagan

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AFA-IN: A New Day in America

A New Day in America

As you know, January 20th, 2021 is an historic day in our nation’s history as the 46thPresident of the United States, Joe Biden, will take charge of the executive branch.

Daniel 2:21 tells us that it is God who “changes times and seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.”    The Biden Administration deserves our respect and our regular prayers just as much as it may need to hear our voices at times.

The Governor’s Virtual State of State Address

Last night Governor Eric Holcomb gave perhaps the most unusual State of the State address delivered in our lifetime.   Due to the Indiana capitol being closed this week, and due to Covid-19, the speech was delivered virtually and pre-recorded in a studio rather than delivered live before an audience in the House Chamber.

I did not have much of a takeaway from his speech.  It touched on predictable issues like Covid and teacher pay.

One policy point that I did not expect, but was happy to read, was a nod to a parent’s right to school choice.   I am not sure what this may mean in terms of a legislative agenda, but an expansion of school choice may be something we see out of the legislature.

People of Faith, Holding Strong During Covid-19

There is a lot of research regarding the benefits of an active religious faith.  Researchers have looked faith’s impact upon various subjects like, marriage, charitable giving, suicide, and addiction issues.   The connection between religious activity and mental health is another well researched area.

In a year (2020) when most Americans reported a decline in mental health due to Covid, one group stood out in their difference. Joe Carter, author of the December 12th articleFrequent Churchgoers Have Better Mental Health noted, “The only demographic subgroup who didn’t report a decline were those who attend religious services weekly. That group showed an increase of 4 percent compared to 2019.”

Keeping churches open during Covid was (or could have been in some restrictive liberal states) a mental health benefit for millions of Americans.

This is Getting Crazy!!!

If you think the left is simply going after politically employed people, consider this:  Bed Bath & Beyond has capitulated in fear of the totalitarians.  They have said that they will no longer sell My Pillow products.  Liberals are pressuring Kohl’s to do the same.  My Pillow founder Mike Lindell is a known supporter of President Trump.

Here’s a question to ponder.  If the far left is so driven by hate that they would try to cancel a pillow company from home goods stores, simply because the pillow company founder supported Donald Trump . . . Why should we think churches are safe from the left’s hatred of our religious beliefs?

(Perhaps, it is only coincidental that Lindell often points to his relationship with Jesus Christ that changed him from being a drug addict to a successful business owner.)

Need a new pillow?  Maybe it is time to buy a My Pillow as a means to counter this kind of intolerance.

Trump’s Job Approval Crashes on His way Out . . . or Did It?

As President Donald Trump leaves office today and President Joe Biden takes over, the media would lead most Americans, and most Republicans in Congress, to believe that Trump leaves with a dismal approval rating as Americans, and many in his own party, have turned on him.

Several polls claim that his rating is at an all-time low following the riot and the House impeachment vote in the capitol.  I am sure he has been hurt politically by this to some degree.   However, at least one analyst is pointing out that many of the polls being touted in the media have significantly underrepresented Republican and/or Trump voters.  Some polls have as few as a third of their poll sample including Trump voters, whereas, in the election they made up nearly half of voters.

One exception is Rassmussen’s daily tracking poll which actually shows Trump’s approval rating at 51%.  This is remarkable given the heavily negative coverage he has had this month.

More in the middle is a new NBC Poll giving Trump a 43% approval rating, a drop of only 2 points from just before the November 3rd election in their poll, and one point below when he took office in January of 2017.    (According to NBC, 87% of Republicans still approve of Trump’s job performance.)

It would seem that while his final numbers are probably low, they are not as dire as many would like them to appear.   In fact, according to NBC, Trump and Biden’s approval numbers are statistically the same (43%-44%).

President Trump’s Farewell Address

The President gave his final presidential speech yesterday.  His 19-minute farewell address was not covered by the mainstream media.   I thought it was a very worthwhile speech.  It should have been broadcast.   So here it is, if you would like to watch it.   The President noted that “we pray for the success of the new administration in keeping America safe and prosperous.”


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Dear Jerald,

Joe Biden is President…

A Catholic president — who supports killing unborn children.

He’s got big plans, including restarting the attack on the Little Sisters, gutting core religious freedoms for our Church, penalizing Catholic schools, and shaming those who oppose him as “domestic terrorists.”

There is no whitewashing this: It’s a national scandal to our Church.

Of course charity and hope require that we extend our prayers for the new President. We pray for his success in all things noble and good. And yes, we also pray that his worst plans will fail miserably. As we should. Above all, we pray for his conversion. The light of baptism still flickers in his soul, despite the truly reprehensible policies he has promised. With God all things are possible!

But unity?

In his inaugural address, President Biden spoke of the need for unity. He’s right, America is divided like never before. The cheap excuse offered by the media and the Left is to blame President Trump and his supporters. Yet anyone paying attention knows Joe Biden and the progressive Left have divided America based on race, gender, income, religion, and more for decades. Just ask Clarence Thomas.

All white people are racists. Defenders of life are enemies of women’s health. Biology is a form of bigotry. Religion is hate. Anyone who voted for Trump is an insurrectionist. We could go on…

Unity is a nice buzzword. But unity, grounded in truth, is the only thing worth defending.

Moments ago, we learned that USCCB President Archbishop Jose Gomez had prepared a statement to be released this morning. The statement welcomed the new President, but also warned Biden’s agenda would advance “moral evils” on several fronts — from abortion to transgender ideology to attacks on religious freedom.

Gomez’s statement was set to be released at 9am — just as Biden was attending Mass before his inauguration.

But according to media reports, Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago and Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark called the Vatican to intervene. These cardinals convinced the Vatican Secretary of State’s office to stop Gomez’s statement from being released.

Thankfully, The Pillar obtained a copy of Gomez’s statement:

“[A]s pastors, the nation’s bishops are given the duty of proclaiming the Gospel in all its truth and power, in season and out of season, even when that teaching is inconvenient or when the Gospel’s truths run contrary to the directions of the wider society and culture.

“So, I must point out that our new President has pledged to pursue certain policies that would advance moral evils and threaten human life and dignity, most seriously in the areas of abortion, contraception, marriage, and gender. Of deep concern is the liberty of the Church and the freedom of believers to live according to their consciences.”

As I write this, the USCCB — perhaps bowing to public pressure — has now finally released the statement in full.

The Biden presidency is an open challenge to those bishops who take seriously their role of defending the Faith and teaching the Truth.

They will be tested. Please pray for them.

If you are inclined to despair, I urge you to find solace in the lives of the saints — those who embraced the call to holiness often amidst much suffering and hardship. God rules all.

Above all, I join you today in praying for fortitude. Not brashness, and not cowardice disguised as unity. Real fortitude. The kind of fortitude the Catechism explains with this passage from Scripture:

“The Lord is my strength and my song.”

“In the world you have tribulation; but be of good cheer…”

“I have overcome the world.”


P.S. Your CV team is working hard to prepare for the weeks and months ahead. One of our biggest priorities is making sure Catholics get the full truth despite the censorship and totalitarian efforts to stifle communications. Your support is enabling us to reach millions of Catholics. Our readership is growing like gangbusters. And this is just the start! Thank you for standing with us. Onward!

don’t look now

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Dear Jerald,

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Remember those words from Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel?

The radical Left remembers it well.

And now they’re using the recent protest at the U.S. Capitol as a pretext to attack religious conservatives.

Jesuit celebrity priest James Martin is claiming that “Catholic leaders helped give rise to the violence at the U.S. Capitol.”

His evidence?

Martin cites a video by Fr. James Altman titled “You Cannot be a Catholic and a Democrat,” in which Altman states: “Their party platform absolutely is against everything the Catholic Church teaches.”

The FBI is currently investigating radicalized followers of the Q-Anon conspiracy, but Martin apparently thinks those who stormed the Capitol were watching sermons by Catholic priests!

Long gone are the days when left-wing Catholics like Martin smeared faithful Catholics as bigots or white supremacists. Now he’s adopted the totalitarian mob’s new playbook: Sideline anyone who disagrees with him by suggesting they’re domestic terrorists.

Even before the riot at the Capitol, radical Democrats had released a 28-page document which outlines all the policies they want a Biden-Harris administration to enact.

It starts with eliminating all the religious liberty protections that the Trump administration put in place — including policies which ensured that faith-based organizations and churches would have access to emergency funding during the coronavirus pandemic. As we repeatedly warned, if governments can shut everything down but exclude religious groups from aid, it would mean exterminating them.

Here are just a few other items on their agenda:

    • Ensure that the Department of Education does not funnel taxpayer funding to private or religious schools
  • If religious schools receive funding, require that they “teach curricula in accordance with national secular standards”
  • Dismantle the Department of Justice Religious Liberty Task Force
  • Rescind the Department of Justice Memorandum Federal Law Protections for Religious Liberty
  • Repeal the religious exemption rule so that groups like the Little Sisters would be forced to comply with the HHS contraception mandate
  • Appoint someone who is nonreligious to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom
  • Avoid naming programs or initiatives or government offices with “faith”
And there are many many more items on their 28-page wishlist.

In their letter to Biden, these anti-Catholic Democrats write:

We urge you not to underestimate the institutional strength of what we refer to (interchangeably) in this document as the “Christian nationalist movement” or the “religious right.” This movement is extraordinarily well-funded and well-organized, and the manifestation of its extreme and sectarian agenda is on constant display under the TrumpPence administration. Its political ideology is anti-democratic and anti-scientific. It provides constant cover for white supremacy.
This anti-religious agenda has moved beyond just taking “In God We Trust” off our money.

And they won’t just settle for shoving Christianity off the stage of the public square.

They’re accusing us of deep racial hatred and they’re calling us “anti-democratic.”

And there’s really no limit to the draconian measures that politicians can unleash on those they call anti-democratic.

IMPORTANT: I know the temptation to despair is strong. This is exactly what they want. Tens of millions of Americans are watching the totalitarian Left try and destroy everything we hold dear — sometimes with the help of those in our own Church. Yet even today some Democrats who opposed Trump have reached out to us to say that what they see happening is scary — and wrong.

We’re going to have to stand together — and work together — harder than ever before.

The coming days will be difficult.

I urge you to stay strong. Don’t take the bait. Violence is never the answer — whether by BLM, Antifa, or Q-Anon conspiracists.

Pray for wisdom and courage.

Hold fast to the Faith.


AFA-IN: Statehouse Legislation we’re following

Legislative Potpourri 

The Indiana General Assembly is underway, and I am at the Statehouse this morning testifying on a religious freedom bill.

Each session of the Indiana General Assembly sees over 1,000 bills filed for consideration during the three-to-four-month term.   Here are a few bills we are watching that you may want to track online ( or contact your legislator with your view.   (My opinion of some of these will be obvious.)

Senate Bill 32 is an unconstitutional effort of the far left to ban speech regarding human sexuality.   Senator J.D. Ford’s bill is a gag order on therapists and clients who seek counseling for unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion.   The truth is that thousands of people have chosen to leave homosexuality.  This fact undermines the civil rights and genetic arguments homosexual activists have tried to make in equating their behavior to skin color, race, or the civil rights movement.   Several cities and states have passed this kind of legislation, but some courts have struck them down as a violation of free speech and the freedom of association.   Passing SB 32 would be an invitation to a lawsuit at state expense.

Senate Bill 33 is also authored by Senator J.D. Ford.  It requires K-12 public, charter, and state accredited private schools to hire an “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer” who would oversee inclusivity and diversity training and make reports on this politically correct stuff.  Indiana already has the 47th highest state ranking for the number of non-teaching and administrative staff.  The reality is that while there are very important non-teaching staff, like principals, janitors or cafeteria cooks, these positions compete with the money pool used for teachers’ salaries.

Senate Bill 34 is authored by Senator Jim Tomes concerning rioting and looting.  It states that a person convicted of rioting is not eligible for employment by the state or a local unit of government; and is not able to receive certain state and local benefits.   Senator Tomes drafted his bill after numerous cities were looted and burned and public property was vandalized last summer.  It will be interesting to see how Democrats view this legislation following the riot last week in Washington, DC.

Senate Bill 49 caught our attention because our credit card processor recently blocked our ability to do donations, claiming we had violated their policy due to content on our website.  (This was false.)  Discover Card also refused to allow donations to go to us.
SB 49, by Senator Tomes, says it is “an unlawful discriminatory practice for a financial institution or a governmental entity to refuse to do business with, or otherwise discriminate against, a person because the person supports or is engaged in the lawful commerce of firearms, firearms accessories, or ammunition.”  This is a bill on viewpoint discrimination which is a growing problem in America.

        Senate Bill 74 is the bill I am testifying in support of today.  This bill by Senator Dennis Kruse states that is it not lawful for an employer to require, as a condition of employment, an employee to be vaccinated if that would violate the employee’s religious beliefs or conscience.   I am not against vaccinations. Yet, our state recognizes religious exemptions in this area. That exemption should not be erased out of fears of Covid-19.

        Senate Bill 75 is an interesting bill involving the separation of powers.  Authored by Senator Jim Buck, it states that any order, rule, or edict of any kind from the executive branch or the judicial branch that invades the constitutional or lawful authority of the legislative branch is null and void until approved by the General Assembly.   This may be a different approach to the thought that the Governor’s nine months of 30-day emergency orders are an overreach.

        Senate Bill 256 authored by Senator Aaron Freeman is a strong reign-in of a Governor’s emergency powers cutting an executive order from 30 to 7 days unless otherwise allowed by statute.  It requires the General Assembly to convene by the 6th day and approve or disapprove an extension of the order past the 7th day.

Senate Bill 263 is a response to churches being treated differently during Covid than a local Wal Mart, for example.  Senator Eric Koch’s bill prohibits the state from imposing restrictions on a religious organization that are more restrictive than the restrictions imposed upon other businesses and organizations that provide essential services to the public.

Senate Bill 289 by Senator Tomes requires that a birth certificate must record the names of a child’s biological parents.  Homosexual activists have sued to change this to allow two women, for example, to be both listed as the child’s parents, even though neither are the father and it is against the law to name as father, a man who is not the child’s father because of the parental legal obligations involved.
Read about this here:

House Bills

         House Bills 1026, 1028 & 1046 are all bills authored by Rep. Jim Lucas to legalize marijuana to one degree or another.  HB 1117 is a legalization bill by Rep. Heath VanNatter.  HB 1154 is one authored by Rep. Vanessa Summers. SB 233 is another by Sen. Karen Tallian.  These proposals would be bad for families, schools, employment, addiction issues, and highway safety.
Read more about this here:

House Bill 1073 would help home school families with issuing a recognized diploma for their graduating high school student.  It is authored by Rep. Tim Wesco.

House Bill 1133 authored by Rep. Pat Boy, requires all Indiana elections be conducted by mail starting in 2024.  Anyone who supports this is either an idiot, or was born after November 2020.

House Bill 1205 by Rep. Wendy McNamara addresses the problem of law enforcement not enforcing the law during a riot.  It also includes several increased penalties for rioting, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

Senate Bill 1213 by Rep. Sue Errington is the same as Senate Bill 32.

House Bill 1310 is an abortion bill authored by Rep. J.D. Prescott.  It states that a should the US Supreme court overturn Roe v. Wade or the abortion regulation case of Pennsylvania v. Casey, an immediate session of the Indiana General Assembly shall be called in order consider legislation to further regulate abortion as allowed by the court ruling.

House Bill 1323 is a zoning bill that allows a microbrewery to locate close to a school, church, or daycare unless the school or church objects. It is authored by Rep. Brad Barrett.

House Bill 1366 is a sex education bill authored by Rep. Sue Errington, a former Planned Parenthood director.  This bill is an attack on any abstinence-based sex education program.

House Bill 1370 is a free speech bill by Rep. Jack Jordan.  It ties state funding to allowing academic and speech freedoms on Indiana college campuses.   This is an important and much-needed bill as liberals across our nation move to squelch conservative speech everywhere and every way they can.

Only a little over half of the filed bills have been made public, and these are just a few we are watching.   You can review any of these bills and find your legislator at the Indiana General Assembly web site here:


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AFA-IN: Everything is Toxic !! What to do.

Dear AFA of Indiana Supporter,

My friend Gary Varvel, the best editorial cartoonist in the nation, has always been an inspiration to me in how he works in the public arena and successfully allows Jesus Christ to shine through him.  The former Indianapolis Star editorial cartoonist has a Christmas cartoon you may have seen.  It is simply a nativity drawing with the caption, “What the World Needs is a Stable Influence.”

I have had that slogan on my mind as I have watched America melt down.  The media and far left forces are revealing themselves as they capitalize on the very bad behavior of some protesters in our nation’s capitol.

The left has been so successful in pushing their narrative that you have to preface the obvious, “violence is wrong,” just as you had to say the obvious that you oppose racism before you could even discuss the looting, rioting, shootings, and fires in our nation’s cities last summer.  Even with this, having a meaningful dialogue right now is almost impossible.

At this point in time, conversations are almost useless.  President-elect Joe Biden has a golden opportunity to unite our nation around the concept that our political divisions have gone too far.  Instead, he seems to be fine with using this tragedy to silence conservative voices.

Those who preached the virtues of “tolerance” and “diversity’ for years where lying.  I could tell you things that have recently come against AFA-IN from the corporate world that might shock and rattle you, as it has my staff.  We are in the left’s target zone. . . and so are you!   (But that’s OK.  Remember who is in ultimate control.)

I would encourage all AFA-IN supporters to back away from social mediawhich is utterly toxic right now.   Turn off the news.  Take a deep breath.  This crisis will pass. The media will soon move along to the next shinny object they can focus upon to stir up emotions and get internet “clicks,” but until then it will be rough.

America needs a stable influence.

Let’s start with the things above that can calm us and heal our land.   I simply want to share a five short verses with you today that I have pondered to drive away some of my own fear and anxiety that with all I am seeing and reading, I’ll admit that I have.

Please PRAY for our nation’s leaders and our people.  Now is also the time to pray for the incoming Biden/Harris administration.  God doesn’t lose elections.  We need to respect our leaders, even if we will not always agree with their beliefs and policies.

Let us trust in the One in who’s aid nation’s rise and fall, knowing that God governs in the affairs of men, to cite Ben Franklin at the Constitutional Convention.

Thank you,
Micah Clark
Executive Director

“The Lord is good indeed, He is a fortress in time of distress,
and He protects those who seek refuge in Him.”
 – Nahum 1:7

“In God have I put my trust; I will not be afraid; What can man do unto me?” – Psalm 56:11

“Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord.” – Psalm 34:21

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”  –  John 14:27

“So we can confidently say, ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?”’   – Hebrews 13:6


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chaos in DC

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Dear Jerald,

I wanted to make sure you saw this…

I’ve spoken to many of our CV friends and supporters today following yesterday’s violence in D.C. The political blame games are now underway. No surprise, left-wing zealots in the Church, like the dissident National Catholic Reporter, are blaming CatholicVote, Bill Barr, Cardinal Dolan … and even Amy Coney Barrett (yeah, sanity is not their specialty).

I’d love to hear your take.

Much more could be said, but here are some thoughts we released late yesterday:

“There is no excuse for the violence that took place Wednesday afternoon in the U.S. Capitol. Violence is both counterproductive and morally reprehensible. Every person responsible for trespassing, vandalism, theft, or violence should be prosecuted. Americans deserve to know who were the instigators behind this shameful stunt, and those responsible should be brought to justice.” 

Why did this happen?

Any honest observer knows these events are the result of multiple causes, including the pent up frustrations of citizens stripped of their freedoms and livelihoods during the ongoing pandemic, the widespread excusing of violence committed across America by antifa mobs, ongoing concerns over election irregularities, and yes, at times, the public rhetoric of the President of the United States.

President Trump has every right to demand answers to the many unresolved electoral irregularities. We have joined him in these demands. He likewise has a responsibility to pursue justice in a way that does not lead to lawlessness.

The media, along with many of our political leaders, also bear responsibility for today’s events. Regrettably, the excusing of antifa mob violence over the past 8 months sent the unmistakable message that if you are unhappy with a specific political or social issue, the answer is violence and mayhem.

Politicians have ignored widespread violence that included assaults on innocent people, vandalism, theft, looting and the burning and destruction American cities. Even Joe Biden famously ducked questions about antifa, calling the anarchist movement “an idea.”

The Capitol is indeed the “people’s house.” But of no less importance are the businesses, homes, and safety of innocent Americans.

Consider too the excusing of rioting in protest of allegations of police brutality by prominent left-wing media outlet Vox. One such article was titled “Riots are destructive, dangerous, and scary — but can lead to serious social reforms — To prevent more violent uprisings and protests, we need to take their causes seriously.” The article argues that “acknowledging the lingering rage and feelings of neglect that led to the riots as genuine political viewpoints is important…”

And who can forget CNN’s Chris Cuomo who famously chided critics of mob violence saying: “Too many see the protests as the problem. No, the problem is what forced your fellow citizens to take to the streets. Persistent and poisonous inequities and injustice. Please… show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

It is also worth noting that violence and lawbreaking in pursuit of political causes has been on the rise.

Recall the shooting of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise in 2017, or left-wing activists who stormed the Capitol and Senate office buildings in 2018 to oppose the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, leading to hundreds of arrests, or the mobs that threatened the White House this summer forcing the Secret Service to rush the President to a security bunker, only to be mocked by the media the next day.

These examples in no way justify the violence that occurred inside the Capitol on Wednesday. But the shameful double standard has contributed in meaningful ways to what we witnessed Wednesday afternoon.

Finally, as expected, efforts are now underway to tar any person, organization, or cause that has been supportive of President Trump as somehow responsible for the violence.

CatholicVote is proud of our work over the past four years in support of President Trump’s policies, especially his defense of religious liberty, the sanctity of life, Catholic schools, judicial nominations, and his focus on prioritizing the American worker, and our country’s heritage and values.

We proudly backed his re-election, and will in no way apologize for this work or the causes that we shared. Reckless attempts to attach the shameful violence in the U.S. Capitol to the millions of patriotic Americans that supported his policies or candidacy only serve to inflame divisions that must be healed.

We pray that peace and justice will prevail.


P.S. Please reply and let me know your thoughts. I’ve asked our staff to make sure we spend time reading through your replies.

AFA-IN: Legislature Starts, Religious Men, Biden’s Gap

Those Neanderthal Religious Men
Many segments of our culture might have you believe that religious men treat women, and their wives in particular, very poorly.  Religious men are sometimes portrayed as chauvinistic, old fashioned and controlling.

A new study may surprise those who hold to this idea.   Researchers have found that men who attended religious services weekly did significantly more housework than either the never-attenders or those in the middle who may only sporadically attend religious services.

Previous research has found that religiously active men provide a lot of childcare and are typically more engaged with their children, but the research did not look into whether this meant that they offset this by doing less domestic work in the home. Researchers Bethany Gull and Claudia Geist are the first to show that religious men also do more housework than others.

You can read about this study here:

Rules for Thee, but Not for Me

As you may have heard, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi narrowly won re-election as Speaker of the US House of Representatives.   (I guess under the new gender-neutral PC speech rules of the House, Nancy is Congressperson Pelosi.)

I am currently stuck at home this week, unable to be at the legislature or the AFA-IN office, voluntarily and out of respect for others, due to a member of my family testing Covid-positive.

Maybe that is why I noticed a Democrat member of the House who tested positive for Covid-19 just six days prior, had traveled to DC to cast her vote so Speaker Pelosi could keep her job.  She did this while thousands of business owners struggle just to keep their doors open, and millions of Americans are locked down.

It’s another example of how the rules seem to apply to all of us, but not for those in the governmental swamps.

Indiana’s Most Dangerous Cities

A technology company called MoneyGeek has analyzed the crime statistics and crime costs of 303 US cities.  They then ranked them as the safest or most dangerous.

Two of Indiana’s cities ranked near the very bottom.  Fort Wayne was ranked as Indiana’s safest city but still below average at 194th.

Indianapolis ranked at 287th worst, and South Bend ranked at 278th worst.  The annual cost of crime in Indianapolis is $3.1 billion. In South Bend, crime costs more than $3,000 per capita, compared to $1,597 in Fort Wayne.

Evansville ranked 226th with a crime cost per capita of nearly $2,000.

Biden’s Enthusiasm Gap is Still Following Him

As you can guess, Americans are greatly divided over the results of the 2020 election.  However, the enthusiasm gap Joe Biden seemed to have during his lackluster campaign may follow him into the White House.   A new poll from Rasmussen finds that only 19% of Americans say that they feel “excited” about the 2020 election results.   Others expressed feelings of relief  (33%), disappointment (27%), or anger (11%).

Competing Worldviews in the Indiana General Assembly

Legislation is starting to appear publicly now for the new session.  Interestingly, you can also see the differing worldviews emerging.  One example of this is House Bill 1067 authored by Rep. Julie Olthoff.   This bill would make it a crime for someone intentionally persuading, causing or encouraging a person to commit suicide if they know that the person, they are encouraging, has suicidal ideation and the person attempts or commits suicide.   I believe that this is a pro-life piece of legislation worthy of consideration.

On the other hand, lurking just a few numbers down the bill list, is the opposite kind of legislation in House Bill 1074 authored by Rep. Matt Pierce.  This legislation allows for assisted suicide via a doctor prescribing people medicine that will intentionally kill them.  It also prevents a life insurance company from not paying out benefits if a person commits suicide in this manner.  It also criminalizes any effort by a family member or health care personnel who attempts to intervene in the planned suicide.

The Legislature Has Begun – How to Make Your Voice Heard

The 2021 Indiana General Assembly has begun.  You can look up legislation, follow it, find and contact your legislator, and watch committee hearings and floor actions on live video through the state web site here:

Here too, are the phone numbers for the Indiana legislature:

• Indiana House:  317-232-9600
• Indiana Senate: 317-232- 9400
• Governor Eric Holcomb: 317-232-4567

In Their Own Words:

1)   “More men will be elected tonight through good counting than were elected today through voting.”  – Will Rogers

2)  “The campaign lasted only a few months, but it will take two generations to sweep up the dirt.”  – Will Rogers


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Sen. Josh Hawley, R-MO, said he would object to the Electoral College count on Jan. 6 to allow debate on how the election was run. Hawley noted “some states, particularly Pennsylvania, failed to follow their own state election laws.” He added: “At the very least, Congress should investigate allegations of voter fraud and adopt measures to secure the integrity of our elections.”