AFA-IN: Legislative Alert – Parents Need This!


This is What Hoosier Parents Need!

            The Indiana General Assembly is just a few days away from its start on January 4th.   By this time next week, legislators will already be attending committee hearings and taking testimony on legislation.  This includes the House Committee on Education which may hold its first hearing on Wednesday.   
            There will be over 1,000 bills filed in the 2022 Indiana legislature.  There are a lot of good pieces of legislation that I am already seeing filed.   However, this is a “short session” due to the May primary elections.  The legislature is expected to end by mid-March.  Bills will move or stall quickly in this session.  Perhaps only 150 bills will make it all the way through the process and to the Governor’s desk   Most bills will not see action.

            One of AFAIN’s highest priorities this session is a very important education bill – House Bill 1040 authored by State Representative J.D. Prescott.    HB 1040 is co-authored by Representatives Chris Jeter, Bob Morrison, and Michelle Davis.

            The reason I am emailing you today, even though a lot of Hoosiers are on vacation this week, is to let you know from the start that House Bill 1040 is the ONLY bill that will comprehensively address the major problems in schools that you have been hearing about in the news for months.   It is also the only bill that has real enforcement language that parents need, and good public policy requires, to solve problems.

            Here is what this bill addresses:
•  HB 1040 bans critical race theory, which is poisonous to our republic and distorts a realistic understanding of the history of our nation.

•  HB 1040 bans pornography in the classroom.
•  HB 1040 would prohibit the glorification or promotion of Marxist ideologies in school.

•  HB 1040 bans the distribution of, or access to, private student and family data by outside sources, corporations, or third parties.

•  HB 1040 prohibits the use of Social Emotional Learning in order to change a child’s beliefs or religious values without parental consent.

•  HB 1040 prohibits a school from referring a minor student to an abortion facility or referring a child for hormone/puberty-blocking drugs without parental consent.

•  HB 1040 addresses Covid-19 vaccine and mask mandates in schools.

           There will be other bills that address some of these issues in response to parents’ concerns.  Still, I believe House Bill 1040 is the only comprehensive bill that truly restores parental authority in public education.
          Some legislators, and legislative leaders, have ideas that they claim will solve problems with a divisive curriculum.  Unfortunately, most of these proposals are just window dressing for an election year, in hope of appeasing concerned parents, and not upsetting the teacher unions.   They are not real empowerment bills.

           Let me be direct because I have been down this road many times.  In the early 1990’s I helped pass a “Parent, Pupil Protection Act” (Sen. Lubbers) that was supposed to prohibit offensive surveys and require parental permission for other non-academic personal matters.   That well-intentioned law has been ignored by schools for decades.  I’d bet most school administrators today are unaware of it because it lacked real teeth, and when it passed groups like the School Board and Principals Associations instructed schools to ignore it.

           Legislation that simply adds a parent to a curriculum review panel, or proclaims to promote curriculum transparency falls short and will do nothing.   Parents already know the problems in some of our schools.  They saw it during the Covid shutdowns with zoom classes at home.   Parents have already complained to administrators about this, with infinitesimal results.  What they need now is strong public policy at the state level.

           Telling parents simply to elect a different school board, with 291 school districts for 1,925 schools in Indiana is not a realistic solution. It is an impossible one.   

           What Hoosier parents need is not election year tokenism, but true empowerment and real state action to protect their children.   House Bill 1040 will do this!

Contact your State Representative about House Bill 1040.  You can call them at 1-800-382-9842.

           You can find out who your State Representative is, and email your House member through this link:

            Here is a flyer on House Bill 1040 from our friends at Advance America:–-Academics-not-Indoctrination-1040.pdf

                  You can read House Bill 1040 here:

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AFAIN: A Lost Generation? It’s this Bad for Biden

The Warning Signs Are Here

     South African political activist and Nobel Prize-winning author Nadine Gordimer once wrote, “All the young are candidates for the solutions of communism or fascism when there are no alternatives to despair and dissipation.

      Pollster George Barna has written a very powerful editorial in response to his findings from his new national research report on Millennials. It describes the mindset of most young people who have now come of age after a series of dramatic world events occurring in their formative years.  

Many in this generation have been indoctrinated with ideologies foreign to previous generations. They have been entertained by a slew of dystopian movies. Millions of them have consciously distanced themselves from God. Forty percent of Millennials can be classified as “Don’ts” – they either don’t know or don’t care to believe that God exists.  Only 16% of this demographic, an historic low, classify as born-again Christians based upon their view of sin and salvation.

      It is not all that surprising to learn that most of this generation admit to having mental health issues like anxiety and depression. A great many struggle with relationships and a search for meaning in life.
      Barna makes the following profound observations:

“Without belief in a loving, powerful God who wants to guide and protect us, the world is a scary and overwhelming place.”
“The hardships they experience in making and maintaining deep and lasting relationships are a predictable outcome of their belief that life has no inherent value . . .”
“Add their strong reliance on technology as their vehicle for developing or maintaining relationships, and the probability of relational breakdowns seems inevitable.”

“It is not surprising that Millennials are far more likely to be politically liberal than conservative and to be the generation most supportive of socialism. What else could be expected of a group that harbors a limited sense of responsibility and a knee-jerk reaction to the traditions of prior generations?”
“The episodes of violent protest and property destruction that filled the news recently is a predictable outcome for people who possess a heightened degree of self-righteousness, a belief in human sovereignty, a rejection of the legitimacy of institutional authority, and antipathy toward law-and-order agencies and officers.”

      Culture leads politics, and the cultural change America most needs, in my view, is a massive religious revival that returns us to past truths. Still, there is a political solution that is needed now at the state level.

       Incidentally, it was author Russell Kirk who noted, “Men cannot improve society by setting fire to it. They must seek out its old virtues and bring them back into the light.

       State legislatures and governors must take action to root out the corrupt ideologies of cultural Marxism such as Critical Race Theory that are poisoning many students’ minds against their own country.   Simply letting parents review some school curriculum is not enough.  Due to Covid shutdowns and online Zoom classes, parents already know it is there.  Those in authority must act to remove it before this further divides and destroys our society by poisoning our nation’s youth.  A self-governing republic cannot long survive a generation of people taught lies that cause them to hate it.  

        (Most Millennials already oppose capitalism while 74% and 70% of Gen Z and Millennials do not have an accurate view of Communism as a system that oppresses its citizens.  BTW, with these results in mind, weak-kneed Republicans who think they can appeal to young voters through social liberalism are pursuing a fools’ errand when the other side of the political aisle already offers them open socialists and cultural Marxists.  If this trend is allowed to continue in public education, there won’t be a viable Republican party in 25 years!)  

Dennis Prager Speaking in Indianapolis!

         Author, radio host, and creator of the popular Prager U videos, Dennis Prager is coming to speak at the Indiana War Memorial auditorium in Indianapolis on December 18th.   Prager is coming on behalf of a new organization I have been a small part of called the First Principles Forum.  Their purpose is to educate Hoosiers on critical issues of the day with national thought leaders.  Cost for the event helps pay speakers fees.  First Principles has brought in Candice Owens and Dr. Scott Atlas.   You can learn more and purchase tickets at:

Bigger and Bigger Government

         In 1900, federal government non-defense spending amounted to 1.8% of our economy; in 1950, it was 10.4%; in 2000, it was 14.8%; and in 2021, it was 28.5%.    If the Biden Administration’s “Build Back Better” legislation passes the US Senate, it will blow this spending level well beyond 30% in one year.

Growth Across All Demographics

         There is a remarkable change in education occurring this century.  As far back as 1999, the National Center for Educational Statistics reported that among those who choose to educate at home, whites outnumbered other racial demographics by two to one.

         However, by the Spring of this year, Black, Hispanic, and Asians now equal the percentage of white families who home school.   What makes these gains even more incredible is that this growth occurred during a rapid increase in the percentage of white families who homeschool.   Also interesting is that home education is roughly the same percentage regardless of household income.
         In April 2021 US Census Bureau estimated that about 5% of K12 students are educated at home.    

It’s This Bad for Biden
         A new poll by Morning Consult, a left of center polling firm, ranks all 50 governors by popularity.  Nine out of ten of the most popular governors are Republican.  The least popular governor in the nation is Oregon’s Kate Brown (D).  Her approval rating is still six points higher than President Biden’s.

In Their Own Words

         “Within the philosophical system of Marx and Lenin, and at the heart of their psychology, hatred of God is their principle driving force, more fundamental than all their political and economic pretensions.”  – Soviet dissident, political prisoner and author, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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AFA-IN: Not Born that Way, Parents Had Enough, Tax Cuts?

Organization Day 

       Indiana legislators convened yesterday for the ceremonial legislative session known as Organization Day.  Several activists rallied against vaccine mandates and other issues of concern.  (I was unable to attend as planned due to Covid sickness in my own home.)  The start of the 2022 session in January is not far away, and AFA of Indiana will continue to strive to be your eyes and ears in the statehouse. 

Kudos to Governor Holcomb

         You have not seen me write many headlines like this about Governor Holcomb, but I want to applaud him when he at least signals something good for Hoosier families. (I’ve known Eric for over 20 years and always considered him a friend, even though I don’t often seem to agree with him now on policy. Still, I don’t like some of the personal attacks I sometimes hear against him. Politics is looking a lot like an MMA fight these days, and often it is not helpful.  BTW – I personally think Christians should not really cheer on the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ movement or its variant. I believe God calls us to respect those in authority.  

        Last week I wrote about Indiana’s record revenues.  In an interview with Indiana Public Radio this week the Governor said that tax cuts are being discussed as part of his legislative agenda in 2022 or 2023 (a budget year).  With inflation at a 30-year high, this is a good move that could help a lot of Hoosiers. 

Indiana Schools Warned about Political Activity

        Speaking of applause, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita has provided an official legal opinion (at the request of Sen. John Crane and Rep. Michelle Davis) for Indiana schools regarding Black Lives Matter whose flags, slogans, or banners have appeared in many classrooms.
        The AG notes that “Black Lives Matter is unequivocally a political organization. Promoting or displaying some politically-based materials while prohibiting the promotion or display of others could create a liability for schools and could violate the First Amendment,” Rokita warned. 

        By adopting neutral policies regarding the display of signs and other materials, Attorney General Rokita states in the advisory opinion, educational leaders can help “ensure the focus remains on the mission of our schools — educating our children.”

        Rep. Davis applauded the clarity provided in the opinion. “The political activism and controversial ideology of this group is dividing communities rather than uniting them. While schools should provide a well-rounded education that includes differing views and perspectives, it’s not their role to persuade students to believe in one ideology over another,” she stated.

Understaffed – The New Normal?

         A new Pew Center report finds that in 42 states, including Indiana, there are more job openings than there are people looking for work.   In Indiana, there are 1.5 job openings per unemployed Hoosier. 

Parents Have Had Enough

         Last week I mentioned how the Republican national party announced a new “Pride Coalition” with LGBT activists.  You can let RNC chair Ronna McDaniel know your thoughts on this tone-deaf move here:

         A new poll from Harvard University has found a dramatic double-digit shift among Americans against the radical transgender agenda.  A few years ago, some polls found that Americans were evenly divided on the issue.  Now, after seeing what this agenda means to girls’ sports, bathroom safety, censorship, cancel culture, and woke extremism they are soundly rejecting it. 

         By a 62-38 margin, Americans don’t think people should be able to choose their own genders and pronouns.  Seventy-two percent of Americans (including 62 percent of Democrats) say that there are only two genders.

         These results fit with the Virginia elections where parents rose to protect their children from LGBT indoctrination in schools.  CRT was a big part of this too, but any school board meeting discussing CRT also had parents complaining about the push for their children to experiment or support the risky LGBT sexual practices and radical political agendas. 

         The Family Research Council has an excelling analysis of this poll here:

So Much for the Born this Way Argument

         A new poll from Arizona Christian University has some shocking findings regarding the indoctrination of America’s youth.   For decades the percent of those who identify with the homosexual lifestyle has consistently been less than 3% of the population.   However, the LGBT agenda has now thoroughly saturated our nation’s schools, pop culture, media, politics, and society.  

         According to this new survey, 39% of young adults ages 18-24 self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning.   This result, if anywhere close to accurate, blows holes in the claim that people are born homosexual, (something science has never confirmed.)   Clearly, young people are choosing this lifestyle due to cultural conditions and moral anarchy.  

         One caveat to this poll is that this is a self-identification poll.  The researchers note that 33% of those who identified as LGBT are actually in opposite-sex relationships. In other words, identifying as LGBT is so culturally supported that many are claiming this label while living in a heterosexual relationship.  It is possible that bisexuality has seen a dramatic rise as only 3.7% in the poll are exclusively homosexual.   If nothing else, sexual confusion is widespread according to these results.   (A recent Gallup poll placed the LGBTQ number at only 5.6%.) 

         No matter the actual numbers, young people following this agenda place themselves at significantly elevated mental health, medical health, and spiritual health risks.  (More than 7 in 10 in the Harvard survey admitted to searching for purpose in their life.  Anxiety and depression levels were also very high, appearing in 40-70% of those surveyed.)
         Not long ago, I wrote a fact sheet touching on just the tip of the iceberg of the personal dangers of the LGBT lifestyle.  You can read that fact sheet, “The Dangers of Pride” here:

         Another fact sheet we have is titled, “Born that way?” which looks at the science or lack thereof to the claim that homosexuality is inborn.  You can read it here:

         This poll also found that depending upon the demographic 48-63% of these individuals consider themselves spiritual or religious.  What does the Bible say about this behavior?  Some say it’s OK, others disagree.  You can read more on that in our fact sheet here:

In Their Own Words:

       “That no man should scruple or hesitate a moment to use arms in defense of so valuable a blessing, on which all the good and evil of life depends, is clearly my opinion; yet arms … should be the last resource.”  – George Washington

AFA-IN: Tax Hike in IN? Political Follies

Working Families or Businesses?


         There is an interesting article about a recent Indiana fiscal report and state legislators’ reaction to it.  You may be shocked, but I tend to agree with the Democrats on this one.


Under Republican Governors Daniels, Pence and Holcomb, and Republican supermajorities, Indiana has created one of the best states in the nation for a pro-business environment.  Numerous studies rank Indiana in the top five for pro-business environments due to tax and other policies.  We have weathered tough times with higher employment numbers than many other states due to these positive policies.


Indiana has also done very well when it comes to tax revenue and reserves. Our state has seen a 14% increase in revenue over the previous budget year, even as our state bounced back from Covid.  In the past four months, tax revenue has increased 10% more than predicted.  We have nearly $4 billion in state reserves.


State Rep. Tim Brown (R) chair of the House Ways & Means Committee has stated that with these higher revenues the 2022 legislature should further reduce business taxes, particularly on business equipment.  He also wants to expand our sales tax to tax more services which make up most Hoosiers’ spending.  He would tax more services with the possibility of lowering the overall sales tax or more business taxes.


In response, Democrat State Rep. Greg Porter stated, “Previous policies have given generous tax breaks to wealthy and large corporations. . . New policies should be friendlier to working families who are the backbone of the state’s economy.”


On its face, without smearing wealthy corporations, I tend to agree with Rep. Porter.  In my view, it would be nice, (even Reagan-esque) for the Republican majority to see revenue increases as a call to lower the tax burden on Hoosier families rather than always catering to certain business interests.


Porter’s answer would not be mine. He wants tax cuts for renters and student loans.  I would like to see tax cuts for every Hoosier rather than key Democrat-favorable constituencies.


You may want to read this AP News article to see this story and what legislators may do with tax policy next year:



Never, Never, Never, Give . . .


The Republican National Committee (RNC), which is the name of the Republicans’ national party, has a weird knack for getting the wrong message from election results.  It is amazing that they win as many elections as they do.  Often, it seems to be a win by default, simply because America doesn’t want the far-left socialism, cultural Marxism, or anarchy of their opponents.  (The Democrat National Committee is the Democrats’ national party.)


Over the weekend the RNC announced a new “Pride Coalition Partnership” with homosexual activist organizations at an event hosted by the Log Cabin Republicans, a very small group of well-funded homosexual activists who don’t like high taxes.


This is astonishingly tone-deaf after Virginia’s parental revolt against Terry McAuliffe.  Anyone paying even a little bit of attention to parents’ rejection of wokism at school board meetings should know that Critical Race Theory is only a part of it.  The other part is the sexual immorality being pushed on their children which consists predominantly of the LGBTQ ideology.


So now, the RNC is linking arms with activists who organize first around that radical sexual ideology.  Ironically, most of those activists believe their sexual behavior is the same as race, which is a lot like CRT’s grouping and viewing people predominantly by race. Go figure.


I WOULD CAUTION ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PROTECT THEIR WORLDVIEW IN THE POLITICAL PROCESS AGAINST DONATING TO A POLITICAL PARTY.    There’s nothing wrong with being a part of a party or working for it. They need good principled people.  Fill out their direct mail surveys.  Vote in their primaries. These are all good things as a part of active citizenship.  If you have a candidate whom you like and want to donate to them, do so, but giving your hard-earned dollars to a national party be it R, D, or L is increasingly an exercise in frustration and fiscal foolishness.  Political parties, the larger they get, seem to develop a unique bent for working against the values of their rank-and-file voters.  (Just look at the treatment of Democrat Senator Joe Manchin who is simply trying to represent the values of those who voted for him in West Virginia. He surely knows this of his national party too.)


If you would like to let the RNC know your thoughts about this latest move, you can email them through this form:


Please Go Away


The Republicans, despite offending parents and their large base of pro-family voters with their “Pride” move, may win elections based upon President Biden’s own unpopular actions, more than their own efforts.


A new poll from USA Today (not a conservative entity) finds that 2/3rds of Americans (64%) do not want Biden to run again.  Biden’s disapproval rating is at 60%.  His numbers have fallen more than any other new president.  Vice PresidentKamala Harris’ approval rating is even worse than Biden’s 38%. Her approval is just 28%.


Nearly half (46%) of those surveyed say Biden has done a worse job as president than they expected, including 16% who voted for him.


Only about 1 in 4 registered voters believe that Biden’s “Build Back Better” social spending bills will help their families.


A strong majority of Americans 66% say that the country is headed in the wrong direction.  Not too surprisingly, the poll also found that, right now, Republicans have an 8 point lead over Democrats for the upcoming 2020 midterm races.


Abortion Issue Backfires 


A Fox News exit poll from Virginia found that among the 5% who rated abortion as their top concern, the issue broke in the pro-life direction by 12 points.  Despite Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe making a big issue of abortion, trying to tell voters that it would be banned if he was not elected, 56% of those most concerned about abortion voted for Glenn Younkin.


McAuliffe reportedly spent $25 million on advertising emphasizing his support for abortion on demand.



In Their Own Words:


 “A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency, or simply to swell its numbers.” – Ronald Reagan




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AFAIN: A Quick Quiz on Where We are in America

Take The Biden Quiz

         Author and former Fox News host, Bill O’Reilly, has a revealing quiz he has created and shared on his website and in radio interviews.   The quiz is rather persuasive for the average non-political person, independent, or swing voter who may have voted for Joe Biden because they didn’t like Donald Trump.

         Here is his simple, but revealing 10-question quiz.   Answer “Yes” or “No” in your mind.  Each question starts with:

“Does it make sense . . .?”

1.   Does it make sense to allow millions of foreign nationals to enter the USA unsupervised?   (Yes or No)
2.   Does it make sense to abandon Afghanistan completely, leading to human rights abuses by the Taliban?    
3.   Does it make sense to shut down the Keystone Pipeline and then turn around and ask Saudi Arabia to expand oil sales?
4.   Does it make sense to support teaching Critical Race Theory in schools that divides children based on skin color?
5.   Does it make sense for the federal government to spend so much money that inflation explodes?
6.   Does it make sense to support no bail laws that allow criminals to commit more crimes?
7.   Does it make sense to be one of only 7 countries in the world that allow unrestricted abortions?
8.   Does it make sense to oppose requiring an ID to vote?
9.   Does it make sense to say that white supremacists are a larger threat to the US than Jihadists?
10  Does it make sense for a President of the United State to accuse his own country of systemic racism?

         I was a “no” on all 10.  You probably said “no” on most or all these too, but Joe Biden and his administration say “yes, these all make sense.”  Think about that!  No wonder this administration’s poll numbers have collapsed to their lowest point in his presidency with 62% of Americans saying we are headed in the wrong direction.    (

         You may want to share these questions with others, just for fun and for their consideration.

Governor Loses Early Battle Over Executive Powers
           A court has ruled that the Indiana General Assembly can call a legislative session if the governor declares a statewide emergency.  This is another step in the debate between Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb and Indiana’s GOP-dominated Legislature.

          The Marion Superior Court upheld House Bill 1123, which passed this spring after Holcomb’s veto and the legislature voted to override it.

           The new law arose after criticism from conservatives about mask mandates and other COVID-19-related restrictions Holcomb imposed by repeated executive orders.

           Governor Holcomb sued to stop the law, claiming only the governor can call a special session. In its ruling, the court said the Legislature had the authority to schedule its sessions.   Some think that the Governor may appeal this ruling to a higher court.

Concerned Parents Are Not Terrorists

         Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita has joined with 16 other state attorneys general in sending a letter to the President and US Attorney General Merrick Garlandabout the administration threatening parents who speak up at school board meetings.  

        “Hoosier parents have a First Amendment right to speak their minds to teachers, administrators, and school board members,” Attorney General Rokita said. “That’s why I’m demanding that the Biden administration immediately stop attempting to shut down parental participation through scare tactics and intimidation.”

        Garland has called for the FBI and other federal law enforcement agents to fan out across the United States and monitor activities in the nation’s school districts to suppress what they deem unruly behavior.  The Department of Justice is working with the National School Board Association, which has labeled parents who raise concerns about Critical Race Theory and the radical sexualization of children as “domestic terrorists.”

        “Concerned parents passionate about their kids’ education are not terrorists,” Attorney General Rokita said. “The Biden administration and its special-interest allies need to dial down the rhetoric and respect the rights of parents to be heard.”

Hoosier Gets Kudos for Presidential Appointment
         Indiana Senator Todd Young recently congratulated former Senator Joe Donnellyfor his nomination by the Biden Admin to be US Ambassador to the Vatican.  Young noted that Donnelly (D) is a “devout Catholic and longtime public servant, and I know he will serve our nation well and represent the best of our Hoosier values.”
         I am not knocking Senator Young for this kind gesture.  It is nice when a Hoosier leader gets presidential recognition, but let’s be blunt for a moment.  Moderate Democrats are like UFO’s . . . we hear a lot about them, but never seem to really see one.   Former Senator Joe Donnelly was a pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage, pro-LGBT agenda, anti-school choice legislator.   These are all major moral matters in conflict with the Catholic church.

         For example, Donnelly went from being somewhat pro-life as a congressman to being flat-out pro-abortion later as a Senator.  He moved farther from his faith on this core issue the longer he was in Washington, going from a 0% voting record with abortion advocates to an 80% pro-abortion voting record in just a few years.  

        I doubt that the Vatican is surprised by this, as President Biden, also considered a “devout Catholic,” is against his church on these moral issues.

Has Covid Vaccination Peaked in Indiana?

         Last week, in an email I said that 70% of Americans are vaccinated for Covid-19 when I mentioned that more people have died from Covid under Joe Biden than Donald Trump, even though Covid likely played a big role in Trump’s election loss.  While I saw this stat in a headline (President Biden announced 70% in early August), it may be inflated.

         What about Hoosiers?  Are we just over all this, and ready to move on?  Do we question the effectiveness of the shot?

         Perhaps.  Indiana seems to be trailing behind the national average. Hoosiers rank 14th lowest in the country with 49% of all residents fully vaccinated for Covid, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The national rate average for full vaccination is at 56.4% according to the CDC.

         The state health department’s tracking shows Indiana giving about 6,000 shots a day through last week, the lowest rate since December.  Indiana peaked averaging more than 50,000 shots a day in April as the COVID-19 vaccines became widely available.   It is unknown how many Hoosiers have natural immunity after having had Covid.

In Their Own Words:

        “I thought when I became a Christian I had nothing to do but just to lay my oars in the bottom of the boat and float along. But I soon found that I would have to go against the current.” – Dwight L. Moody

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TEST: AFA-IN: the Media & Covid, Crime Lesson, Kids at Risk

NOTE:  I am returning from a trip out of state today.  Last week, I had a couple of things left over for consideration for that email.   I put them together rather quickly last week for today not knowing what the headlines or issues of the past week might involve.

As If Kids Need This Again

         Well, if June wasn’t enough as “LGBT pride month,” October is “LGBT history month.” This gives liberals in schools cover for promoting this risky lifestyle all over again to minor children in their formative years.  In many states, public school teachers have been given resources for the indoctrination of children through the elevating of famous people who may (or may not) have been homosexual.  (So much for keeping the government out of the bedroom.)

         Although we didn’t create these as a direct response to the promotion of hypersexuality, there are four “fact sheets” we put together on our website that may address this topic.  The “Dangers of Pride” looks at the medical, emotional, and mental health risks of the LGBT lifestyle.  “Are People Born Gay?” looks at the science debunking the false claim that people are born homosexual.  “Children and the War on Gender” is medical and psychological guidance about gender confusion.  “Gay Theology” is about the misuses of the Bible by some to justify LGBT behavior.
         Here is that link to those and other AFA-IN policy papers that you can read or print:

The Media’s Role in the Covid Crisis
         You probably are not aware of this, but even though almost 70% of Americans were vaccinated this year, more Americans have now died of Covid-19 in 2021 than in 2020.  
         Without the daily tracking tickers on every nightly news show and the constant media fearmongering we had when Donald Trump was president, this tragic milestone is hardly known to most Americans now.

          An ABC News story citing data from Johns Hopkins University reports that more than 353,000 coronavirus deaths have occurred in the first ten months of this year.  This is more than the 352,000 deaths in all of 2020 when President Trump was constantly skewered on the issue, and candidate Joe Biden hid in his basement promising to do far better.  

         A new Morning Consult/Politico poll  (a liberal entity), found last week that the majority of Americans, 52% say Biden’s handling of the pandemic is either poor or just fair.
It’s the Roaring 20’s Again
         About 100 years ago, Chicago began to become famous for gangsters like Al Capone. Hollywood started making movies creating gangster-era mythology with actors like Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney.  

         Even though there have been over 1,600 shootings in 9 months this year in Chicago I doubt Hollywood, or the media want to glamourize the “Roaring 2020’s” anytime soon.   Last week, the US Centers for Disease Control reported that America has endured the largest jump in the homicide rate since the 1920’s.  Homicide alone has increased by 30% since 2019. This increase is happening largely in Democrat-run cities after the BLM riots and the “defund the police” movements with 1,990 more homicides occurring in our nation’s urban centers over the previous year.

A Hard Lesson from Our Southern Neighbors

         In November 2019, Kentucky voters threw out someone whom I thought was a good governor (Matt Bevin).   I wonder how many in Kentucky may wish they had voted differently now.

         During the Covid pandemic, Democratic Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear released 1,704 inmates through executive orders claiming to do so to limit the spread of COVID-19 in prisons.

          A report from Kentucky’s Administrative Office of the Courts, released under pressure from Republican state lawmakers, found that more than a third (553) of those released inmates have already been caught committing crimes again and charged with felonies as of August. Some of the crimes in the report include first-degree manslaughter, rape, sodomy, assault, robbery, and, in one particularly horrific instance, rape and sodomy against a child under 12.

In Their Own Words:

        “No government at any level, or at any price, can afford, on the crime side, the police necessary to assure our safety unless the overwhelming majority of us are guided by an inner, personal code of morality. And you will not get that inner, personal code of morality unless children are brought up in a family — a family that gives them the affection they seek, that makes them feel they belong, that guides them to the future, and that will build continuity in future generations . . . the greatest inequality today is not inequality of wealth or income. It is the inequality between the child brought up in a loving, supportive family and one who has been denied that birthright.” – Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

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AFAIN: Conform or Else! Inflation Spikes; Parents’ Rights

Paying the Inflation Tax

      If you feel like whenever you go to the grocery store or to Wal-Mart, everything has gone up a little in price, it is not just a feeling. From the Spring through the Summer of this year inflation has surged to its largest level in 38 years

      The US Bureau of Economic Analysis released data late last week showing that a key marker of inflation watched by the Federal Reserve increased 4.3% in August over a year ago for both goods and services.  Energy prices alone have increased 24.9% in a year.
      This is the invisible tax Americans are paying.  The Biden administration claims it is only temporary, but many economists say inflation is here to stay under current policies.  It will become even more severe if the so-called infrastructure bill passes and pours $4 trillion into the economy through reckless government spending.  

      (The only thing the Biden Administration has “built back better” so far is the Taliban.)

      Even West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, one of only two Democrat Senators to question the far-left agenda of the Biden/Harris Pelosi/Schumer team, has concerns.   He had an amazing quote recently on the problem of inflation and fiscal irresponsibility.  (Remember economists say that inflation is “too many dollars chasing too few goods.” Printing and pouring trillions of tax dollars into an economy suffering from numerous shortages intensify the problem.)

      Senator Manchin said:

      “What I have made clear to the President and Democratic leaders is that spending trillions more on new and expanded government programs, when we can’t even pay for the essential social programs, like Social Security and Medicare, is the definition of fiscal insanity. . . Suggesting that spending trillions more will not have an impact on inflation ignores the everyday reality that America’s families continue pay an unavoidable inflation tax. Proposing a historic expansion of social programs while ignoring the fact we are not in a recession and that millions of jobs remain open will only feed a dysfunction that could weaken our economic recovery. This is the shared reality we all now face, and it is this reality that must shape the future decisions that we, as elected leaders, must make.”

       I pray that Sen. Manchin holds strong on this. 

Senator Braun Defends Parents in Education

        Last week, Indiana Senator Mike Braun grilled Education Secretary Miguel Cardona about his criticism of parents’ involvement in education. 

      During a hearing, Braun asked Cardona: “Do you think parents should be in charge of their child’s education as the primary stakeholder?”  “I believe parents are important stakeholders . . .But I also believe educators have a role in determining educational programming,” Cardona said.

        Braun responded that he had asked if the parents are the “primary” stakeholders. “I think that’s going to be a little out of focus,” Braun said. “I think you’re going to find, across all elements of education, since they pay the bills, raise the kids, they probably need to be the primary spokespeople for their own kids.”

        Braun also raised the issue of parents expressing anger and frustration at local school board meetings over mask mandates and Critical Race Theory.  “I think that’s civic engagement,” the senator said, noting that he had been on a school board for ten years.

        Braun was “disturbed” by a comment Cardona made about why parents are frustrated at school board meetings. The Secretary had said, “I think it’s a proxy for being mad that their guy didn’t win.” Sen. Braun asked the secretary if he wanted to retract that statement.

        Cardona refused to retract his statement, doubled down, and praised public schools’ actions over the last 18 months. 

        Secretary Cardona’s criticism of parents upset with what many schools are teaching and his refusal to say that parents are the primary stakeholder in their kids’ education came after Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe said in a debate, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

        In my experience in the state legislature, as well as serving several years on the Governor’s Education Roundtable, the arrogant idea that parents are the problem and that educators are the solution is rampant among school administrators and educational leaders.

An Era of Total Conformity

         The US Census Bureau has found that roughly 16% of Americans are hesitant to get the Covid vaccine.  About half of those (7.5%) say they “definitely will not” take it.  

          The numbers may be a little higher as many people may not even want to answer such a survey, but most people are open to the vaccine. Still, that’s not good enough for the Biden Administration.  Their response to this is to declare a goal of a vaccination rate of “98% or more” and to demonize those who question the vaccine.

         This is a perfect example of where we are, despite two decades of people claiming to value “tolerance.”  There is almost no real tolerance left in American culture

         Our culture and therefore politicians increasingly demand universal conformity.  Less and less do we allow dissent.  Churches are not going to be exempt from this forever.  Look at where we are:

  •       A question of some obvious things about the pandemic gets you labeled “anti-science” and banned from social media.  
  •      You had Covid and thus natural immunity? Too bad, get vaccinated or lose your job.  
  •      Are you a business owner who does not want to fire your unvaccinated employees?  You will face a $700,000, company-killing fine under the proposed infrastructure bill.  
  •     If you don’t agree to participate in a same-sex marriage, a human rights commission could fine you. You could lose your home or your business. 
  •     Question a school board about racist or Marxist ideologies and it may be the last public board meeting the school allows. (The National School Board Association wants parents who demand the removal of CRT deemed “domestic terrorists.”)   
  •     Concerned about 1 million abortions every year in America, too bad, your taxpayer dollars will subsidize it.  
  •     Speak for traditional values and you’re labeled a “right-winger” in a media that never utters the phrase “left-winger.”

       Do you see the direction we are headed?  

       It is going to get much worse unless we act.  Dig in, speak up, and push back, at the ballot box and in the public square.  Support groups, organizations, churches, and leaders who stand for what is right and true.  Teach your children about our values and the history of persecution, noting that our Founders correctly worried it could happen here because it is. 

In Their Own Words:

     “Freedom must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.”  – President Ronald Reagan

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