Mission Statement:

To promote involvement in politics with the Catholic Church’s teachings, evangelize, promote candidates with predominant Catholic views (does not violate the 5 Non-Negotiables according to the Catholic Answers Voter’s Guide regarding Abortion, Same Sex Unions, Euthanasia, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Cloning) and educate others of our Christian heritage/founding of our country (and the Constitution) and our founding fathers (Church Militant).  Also, build a Catholic culture, be obedient to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church and speak the truth, but with charity towards all no matter their political views.


In 10 to 20 years we will “transform” the eastside and maybe all of Indianapolis/Indiana politics with a grassroots effort to involve serious Catholics and Christians in politics whether running for a position oneself or helping another with time, money, spreading the news, yard signs and/or prayer.  Plus, we can occasionally meet informally to discuss politics over a meal or otherwise.

Action (Church Militant):

Be in involved in your neighborhood/community so the average person recognizes that you care not only for your fellow Catholic and the Church, but for your fellow man.  Go door to door, even when the elections are not going on to recruit people for your local political club.  I enjoy this most of the time.  It is a great way/excuse to meet your neighbors.  It is surprising what you will find out (occupations, recent crime, hobbies, religions, family matters, etc.).  Also, involve and encourage your children and grandchildren to have an interest in politics.

Our Warren Township Republican club meets once a month and normally, elected officials come every month to talk or at least socialize.  Our meetings start with prayer.

Run for office, I did.  I am a Republican Precinct Committeeman so I am in charge of my precinct and polling station so you can control who is there.  This occurs every 4 years for Marion County (May 2008).  As a precinct committeeman, you should get a “Wagon List” or “Voting List” for every voter in your precinct and it tells you how they vote at least by the rating of “0” for new voter, “1” Hard Republican to “5” Hard Democrat, even though it has some “deficiencies”.  In addition, you help “slate” (vote) Republicans for office who will be promoted by the party and replace candidates/politicians that quit/retire/get fired/die.

Hold accountable your local politicians to their promises and encourage them to vote Pro-Life and Marriage.  Know their phone #’s and call them not just to complain, but to encourage.  Pray for them!

I will send out emails about 1 to 2 per week, but that can vary depending political activity and my schedule.  I emphatically believe in protecting privacy when it comes to emails.   There are a number of politicians and doctors on this list.  We have about 65 people on the list from Central Indiana and a few outside of that.

*Lastly, populate, populate, populate and/or adopt or just take a child/children “under your wing” and make them God fearing children!  I see great hope in many families I know!  Thank you!

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May God bless you in your efforts to make this a Godlier world using politics as a method!