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This is What Hoosier Parents Need!

            The Indiana General Assembly is just a few days away from its start on January 4th.   By this time next week, legislators will already be attending committee hearings and taking testimony on legislation.  This includes the House Committee on Education which may hold its first hearing on Wednesday.   
            There will be over 1,000 bills filed in the 2022 Indiana legislature.  There are a lot of good pieces of legislation that I am already seeing filed.   However, this is a “short session” due to the May primary elections.  The legislature is expected to end by mid-March.  Bills will move or stall quickly in this session.  Perhaps only 150 bills will make it all the way through the process and to the Governor’s desk   Most bills will not see action.

            One of AFAIN’s highest priorities this session is a very important education bill – House Bill 1040 authored by State Representative J.D. Prescott.    HB 1040 is co-authored by Representatives Chris Jeter, Bob Morrison, and Michelle Davis.

            The reason I am emailing you today, even though a lot of Hoosiers are on vacation this week, is to let you know from the start that House Bill 1040 is the ONLY bill that will comprehensively address the major problems in schools that you have been hearing about in the news for months.   It is also the only bill that has real enforcement language that parents need, and good public policy requires, to solve problems.

            Here is what this bill addresses:
•  HB 1040 bans critical race theory, which is poisonous to our republic and distorts a realistic understanding of the history of our nation.

•  HB 1040 bans pornography in the classroom.
•  HB 1040 would prohibit the glorification or promotion of Marxist ideologies in school.

•  HB 1040 bans the distribution of, or access to, private student and family data by outside sources, corporations, or third parties.

•  HB 1040 prohibits the use of Social Emotional Learning in order to change a child’s beliefs or religious values without parental consent.

•  HB 1040 prohibits a school from referring a minor student to an abortion facility or referring a child for hormone/puberty-blocking drugs without parental consent.

•  HB 1040 addresses Covid-19 vaccine and mask mandates in schools.

           There will be other bills that address some of these issues in response to parents’ concerns.  Still, I believe House Bill 1040 is the only comprehensive bill that truly restores parental authority in public education.
          Some legislators, and legislative leaders, have ideas that they claim will solve problems with a divisive curriculum.  Unfortunately, most of these proposals are just window dressing for an election year, in hope of appeasing concerned parents, and not upsetting the teacher unions.   They are not real empowerment bills.

           Let me be direct because I have been down this road many times.  In the early 1990’s I helped pass a “Parent, Pupil Protection Act” (Sen. Lubbers) that was supposed to prohibit offensive surveys and require parental permission for other non-academic personal matters.   That well-intentioned law has been ignored by schools for decades.  I’d bet most school administrators today are unaware of it because it lacked real teeth, and when it passed groups like the School Board and Principals Associations instructed schools to ignore it.

           Legislation that simply adds a parent to a curriculum review panel, or proclaims to promote curriculum transparency falls short and will do nothing.   Parents already know the problems in some of our schools.  They saw it during the Covid shutdowns with zoom classes at home.   Parents have already complained to administrators about this, with infinitesimal results.  What they need now is strong public policy at the state level.

           Telling parents simply to elect a different school board, with 291 school districts for 1,925 schools in Indiana is not a realistic solution. It is an impossible one.   

           What Hoosier parents need is not election year tokenism, but true empowerment and real state action to protect their children.   House Bill 1040 will do this!

Contact your State Representative about House Bill 1040.  You can call them at 1-800-382-9842.

           You can find out who your State Representative is, and email your House member through this link:

            Here is a flyer on House Bill 1040 from our friends at Advance America:–-Academics-not-Indoctrination-1040.pdf

                  You can read House Bill 1040 here:

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