AFAIN: A Lost Generation? It’s this Bad for Biden

The Warning Signs Are Here

     South African political activist and Nobel Prize-winning author Nadine Gordimer once wrote, “All the young are candidates for the solutions of communism or fascism when there are no alternatives to despair and dissipation.

      Pollster George Barna has written a very powerful editorial in response to his findings from his new national research report on Millennials. It describes the mindset of most young people who have now come of age after a series of dramatic world events occurring in their formative years.  

Many in this generation have been indoctrinated with ideologies foreign to previous generations. They have been entertained by a slew of dystopian movies. Millions of them have consciously distanced themselves from God. Forty percent of Millennials can be classified as “Don’ts” – they either don’t know or don’t care to believe that God exists.  Only 16% of this demographic, an historic low, classify as born-again Christians based upon their view of sin and salvation.

      It is not all that surprising to learn that most of this generation admit to having mental health issues like anxiety and depression. A great many struggle with relationships and a search for meaning in life.
      Barna makes the following profound observations:

“Without belief in a loving, powerful God who wants to guide and protect us, the world is a scary and overwhelming place.”
“The hardships they experience in making and maintaining deep and lasting relationships are a predictable outcome of their belief that life has no inherent value . . .”
“Add their strong reliance on technology as their vehicle for developing or maintaining relationships, and the probability of relational breakdowns seems inevitable.”

“It is not surprising that Millennials are far more likely to be politically liberal than conservative and to be the generation most supportive of socialism. What else could be expected of a group that harbors a limited sense of responsibility and a knee-jerk reaction to the traditions of prior generations?”
“The episodes of violent protest and property destruction that filled the news recently is a predictable outcome for people who possess a heightened degree of self-righteousness, a belief in human sovereignty, a rejection of the legitimacy of institutional authority, and antipathy toward law-and-order agencies and officers.”

      Culture leads politics, and the cultural change America most needs, in my view, is a massive religious revival that returns us to past truths. Still, there is a political solution that is needed now at the state level.

       Incidentally, it was author Russell Kirk who noted, “Men cannot improve society by setting fire to it. They must seek out its old virtues and bring them back into the light.

       State legislatures and governors must take action to root out the corrupt ideologies of cultural Marxism such as Critical Race Theory that are poisoning many students’ minds against their own country.   Simply letting parents review some school curriculum is not enough.  Due to Covid shutdowns and online Zoom classes, parents already know it is there.  Those in authority must act to remove it before this further divides and destroys our society by poisoning our nation’s youth.  A self-governing republic cannot long survive a generation of people taught lies that cause them to hate it.  

        (Most Millennials already oppose capitalism while 74% and 70% of Gen Z and Millennials do not have an accurate view of Communism as a system that oppresses its citizens.  BTW, with these results in mind, weak-kneed Republicans who think they can appeal to young voters through social liberalism are pursuing a fools’ errand when the other side of the political aisle already offers them open socialists and cultural Marxists.  If this trend is allowed to continue in public education, there won’t be a viable Republican party in 25 years!)  

Dennis Prager Speaking in Indianapolis!

         Author, radio host, and creator of the popular Prager U videos, Dennis Prager is coming to speak at the Indiana War Memorial auditorium in Indianapolis on December 18th.   Prager is coming on behalf of a new organization I have been a small part of called the First Principles Forum.  Their purpose is to educate Hoosiers on critical issues of the day with national thought leaders.  Cost for the event helps pay speakers fees.  First Principles has brought in Candice Owens and Dr. Scott Atlas.   You can learn more and purchase tickets at:

Bigger and Bigger Government

         In 1900, federal government non-defense spending amounted to 1.8% of our economy; in 1950, it was 10.4%; in 2000, it was 14.8%; and in 2021, it was 28.5%.    If the Biden Administration’s “Build Back Better” legislation passes the US Senate, it will blow this spending level well beyond 30% in one year.

Growth Across All Demographics

         There is a remarkable change in education occurring this century.  As far back as 1999, the National Center for Educational Statistics reported that among those who choose to educate at home, whites outnumbered other racial demographics by two to one.

         However, by the Spring of this year, Black, Hispanic, and Asians now equal the percentage of white families who home school.   What makes these gains even more incredible is that this growth occurred during a rapid increase in the percentage of white families who homeschool.   Also interesting is that home education is roughly the same percentage regardless of household income.
         In April 2021 US Census Bureau estimated that about 5% of K12 students are educated at home.    

It’s This Bad for Biden
         A new poll by Morning Consult, a left of center polling firm, ranks all 50 governors by popularity.  Nine out of ten of the most popular governors are Republican.  The least popular governor in the nation is Oregon’s Kate Brown (D).  Her approval rating is still six points higher than President Biden’s.

In Their Own Words

         “Within the philosophical system of Marx and Lenin, and at the heart of their psychology, hatred of God is their principle driving force, more fundamental than all their political and economic pretensions.”  – Soviet dissident, political prisoner and author, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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