AFA-IN: Not Born that Way, Parents Had Enough, Tax Cuts?

Organization Day 

       Indiana legislators convened yesterday for the ceremonial legislative session known as Organization Day.  Several activists rallied against vaccine mandates and other issues of concern.  (I was unable to attend as planned due to Covid sickness in my own home.)  The start of the 2022 session in January is not far away, and AFA of Indiana will continue to strive to be your eyes and ears in the statehouse. 

Kudos to Governor Holcomb

         You have not seen me write many headlines like this about Governor Holcomb, but I want to applaud him when he at least signals something good for Hoosier families. (I’ve known Eric for over 20 years and always considered him a friend, even though I don’t often seem to agree with him now on policy. Still, I don’t like some of the personal attacks I sometimes hear against him. Politics is looking a lot like an MMA fight these days, and often it is not helpful.  BTW – I personally think Christians should not really cheer on the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ movement or its variant. I believe God calls us to respect those in authority.  

        Last week I wrote about Indiana’s record revenues.  In an interview with Indiana Public Radio this week the Governor said that tax cuts are being discussed as part of his legislative agenda in 2022 or 2023 (a budget year).  With inflation at a 30-year high, this is a good move that could help a lot of Hoosiers. 

Indiana Schools Warned about Political Activity

        Speaking of applause, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita has provided an official legal opinion (at the request of Sen. John Crane and Rep. Michelle Davis) for Indiana schools regarding Black Lives Matter whose flags, slogans, or banners have appeared in many classrooms.
        The AG notes that “Black Lives Matter is unequivocally a political organization. Promoting or displaying some politically-based materials while prohibiting the promotion or display of others could create a liability for schools and could violate the First Amendment,” Rokita warned. 

        By adopting neutral policies regarding the display of signs and other materials, Attorney General Rokita states in the advisory opinion, educational leaders can help “ensure the focus remains on the mission of our schools — educating our children.”

        Rep. Davis applauded the clarity provided in the opinion. “The political activism and controversial ideology of this group is dividing communities rather than uniting them. While schools should provide a well-rounded education that includes differing views and perspectives, it’s not their role to persuade students to believe in one ideology over another,” she stated.

Understaffed – The New Normal?

         A new Pew Center report finds that in 42 states, including Indiana, there are more job openings than there are people looking for work.   In Indiana, there are 1.5 job openings per unemployed Hoosier. 

Parents Have Had Enough

         Last week I mentioned how the Republican national party announced a new “Pride Coalition” with LGBT activists.  You can let RNC chair Ronna McDaniel know your thoughts on this tone-deaf move here:

         A new poll from Harvard University has found a dramatic double-digit shift among Americans against the radical transgender agenda.  A few years ago, some polls found that Americans were evenly divided on the issue.  Now, after seeing what this agenda means to girls’ sports, bathroom safety, censorship, cancel culture, and woke extremism they are soundly rejecting it. 

         By a 62-38 margin, Americans don’t think people should be able to choose their own genders and pronouns.  Seventy-two percent of Americans (including 62 percent of Democrats) say that there are only two genders.

         These results fit with the Virginia elections where parents rose to protect their children from LGBT indoctrination in schools.  CRT was a big part of this too, but any school board meeting discussing CRT also had parents complaining about the push for their children to experiment or support the risky LGBT sexual practices and radical political agendas. 

         The Family Research Council has an excelling analysis of this poll here:

So Much for the Born this Way Argument

         A new poll from Arizona Christian University has some shocking findings regarding the indoctrination of America’s youth.   For decades the percent of those who identify with the homosexual lifestyle has consistently been less than 3% of the population.   However, the LGBT agenda has now thoroughly saturated our nation’s schools, pop culture, media, politics, and society.  

         According to this new survey, 39% of young adults ages 18-24 self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning.   This result, if anywhere close to accurate, blows holes in the claim that people are born homosexual, (something science has never confirmed.)   Clearly, young people are choosing this lifestyle due to cultural conditions and moral anarchy.  

         One caveat to this poll is that this is a self-identification poll.  The researchers note that 33% of those who identified as LGBT are actually in opposite-sex relationships. In other words, identifying as LGBT is so culturally supported that many are claiming this label while living in a heterosexual relationship.  It is possible that bisexuality has seen a dramatic rise as only 3.7% in the poll are exclusively homosexual.   If nothing else, sexual confusion is widespread according to these results.   (A recent Gallup poll placed the LGBTQ number at only 5.6%.) 

         No matter the actual numbers, young people following this agenda place themselves at significantly elevated mental health, medical health, and spiritual health risks.  (More than 7 in 10 in the Harvard survey admitted to searching for purpose in their life.  Anxiety and depression levels were also very high, appearing in 40-70% of those surveyed.)
         Not long ago, I wrote a fact sheet touching on just the tip of the iceberg of the personal dangers of the LGBT lifestyle.  You can read that fact sheet, “The Dangers of Pride” here:

         Another fact sheet we have is titled, “Born that way?” which looks at the science or lack thereof to the claim that homosexuality is inborn.  You can read it here:

         This poll also found that depending upon the demographic 48-63% of these individuals consider themselves spiritual or religious.  What does the Bible say about this behavior?  Some say it’s OK, others disagree.  You can read more on that in our fact sheet here:

In Their Own Words:

       “That no man should scruple or hesitate a moment to use arms in defense of so valuable a blessing, on which all the good and evil of life depends, is clearly my opinion; yet arms … should be the last resource.”  – George Washington