AFA-IN: Tax Hike in IN? Political Follies

Working Families or Businesses?


         There is an interesting article about a recent Indiana fiscal report and state legislators’ reaction to it.  You may be shocked, but I tend to agree with the Democrats on this one.


Under Republican Governors Daniels, Pence and Holcomb, and Republican supermajorities, Indiana has created one of the best states in the nation for a pro-business environment.  Numerous studies rank Indiana in the top five for pro-business environments due to tax and other policies.  We have weathered tough times with higher employment numbers than many other states due to these positive policies.


Indiana has also done very well when it comes to tax revenue and reserves. Our state has seen a 14% increase in revenue over the previous budget year, even as our state bounced back from Covid.  In the past four months, tax revenue has increased 10% more than predicted.  We have nearly $4 billion in state reserves.


State Rep. Tim Brown (R) chair of the House Ways & Means Committee has stated that with these higher revenues the 2022 legislature should further reduce business taxes, particularly on business equipment.  He also wants to expand our sales tax to tax more services which make up most Hoosiers’ spending.  He would tax more services with the possibility of lowering the overall sales tax or more business taxes.


In response, Democrat State Rep. Greg Porter stated, “Previous policies have given generous tax breaks to wealthy and large corporations. . . New policies should be friendlier to working families who are the backbone of the state’s economy.”


On its face, without smearing wealthy corporations, I tend to agree with Rep. Porter.  In my view, it would be nice, (even Reagan-esque) for the Republican majority to see revenue increases as a call to lower the tax burden on Hoosier families rather than always catering to certain business interests.


Porter’s answer would not be mine. He wants tax cuts for renters and student loans.  I would like to see tax cuts for every Hoosier rather than key Democrat-favorable constituencies.


You may want to read this AP News article to see this story and what legislators may do with tax policy next year:



Never, Never, Never, Give . . .


The Republican National Committee (RNC), which is the name of the Republicans’ national party, has a weird knack for getting the wrong message from election results.  It is amazing that they win as many elections as they do.  Often, it seems to be a win by default, simply because America doesn’t want the far-left socialism, cultural Marxism, or anarchy of their opponents.  (The Democrat National Committee is the Democrats’ national party.)


Over the weekend the RNC announced a new “Pride Coalition Partnership” with homosexual activist organizations at an event hosted by the Log Cabin Republicans, a very small group of well-funded homosexual activists who don’t like high taxes.


This is astonishingly tone-deaf after Virginia’s parental revolt against Terry McAuliffe.  Anyone paying even a little bit of attention to parents’ rejection of wokism at school board meetings should know that Critical Race Theory is only a part of it.  The other part is the sexual immorality being pushed on their children which consists predominantly of the LGBTQ ideology.


So now, the RNC is linking arms with activists who organize first around that radical sexual ideology.  Ironically, most of those activists believe their sexual behavior is the same as race, which is a lot like CRT’s grouping and viewing people predominantly by race. Go figure.


I WOULD CAUTION ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PROTECT THEIR WORLDVIEW IN THE POLITICAL PROCESS AGAINST DONATING TO A POLITICAL PARTY.    There’s nothing wrong with being a part of a party or working for it. They need good principled people.  Fill out their direct mail surveys.  Vote in their primaries. These are all good things as a part of active citizenship.  If you have a candidate whom you like and want to donate to them, do so, but giving your hard-earned dollars to a national party be it R, D, or L is increasingly an exercise in frustration and fiscal foolishness.  Political parties, the larger they get, seem to develop a unique bent for working against the values of their rank-and-file voters.  (Just look at the treatment of Democrat Senator Joe Manchin who is simply trying to represent the values of those who voted for him in West Virginia. He surely knows this of his national party too.)


If you would like to let the RNC know your thoughts about this latest move, you can email them through this form:


Please Go Away


The Republicans, despite offending parents and their large base of pro-family voters with their “Pride” move, may win elections based upon President Biden’s own unpopular actions, more than their own efforts.


A new poll from USA Today (not a conservative entity) finds that 2/3rds of Americans (64%) do not want Biden to run again.  Biden’s disapproval rating is at 60%.  His numbers have fallen more than any other new president.  Vice PresidentKamala Harris’ approval rating is even worse than Biden’s 38%. Her approval is just 28%.


Nearly half (46%) of those surveyed say Biden has done a worse job as president than they expected, including 16% who voted for him.


Only about 1 in 4 registered voters believe that Biden’s “Build Back Better” social spending bills will help their families.


A strong majority of Americans 66% say that the country is headed in the wrong direction.  Not too surprisingly, the poll also found that, right now, Republicans have an 8 point lead over Democrats for the upcoming 2020 midterm races.


Abortion Issue Backfires 


A Fox News exit poll from Virginia found that among the 5% who rated abortion as their top concern, the issue broke in the pro-life direction by 12 points.  Despite Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe making a big issue of abortion, trying to tell voters that it would be banned if he was not elected, 56% of those most concerned about abortion voted for Glenn Younkin.


McAuliffe reportedly spent $25 million on advertising emphasizing his support for abortion on demand.



In Their Own Words:


 “A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency, or simply to swell its numbers.” – Ronald Reagan




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