AFA-IN: Women’s Rights Hurts Women; Election Fraud

     NOTE:  Thank you to those who contacted Senator Todd Young about the infrastructure bill.  While he had voted to move the bill forward earlier, and it will pass due to 18 weak, big-spending liberal Republicans, Young changed his position over the weekend to a “no” vote.  Indiana Senator Mike Braun stood strong, opposing this boondoggle the entire time.  (The Democrat Party has moved so far to the left that there really aren’t any centrist Democrats in the Senate who won’t advance socialism or far-left social causes like the LGBT junk in this bill.  All 50 will vote with Sen. Chuck Schumer on this.)   I know this is disappointing.  Nevertheless, thank you.  All we can do as Hoosiers is influence our own Indiana delegation, and you did that! 

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

         I doubt that many people in America pay much attention to our nation’s “climate czar” John Kerry.   I am sure he often lectures audiences promoting the alarmist message of climate change and how people should change their lifestyle to be more environmentally conscious. (Legitimate environmental concerns are far more of a problem for places like China and India than they are for the US.)
         At least one group has noted that Kerry has flown on his $1 million private jet 16 times already this year.  They note that private jets like his emit 40 times more emissions than commercial aircraft according to a 2019 report by aviation firm Honeywell Aerospace.

It’s a Bigger Issue than Many Politicians May Know
         Last week there was an interesting photo circulating on Facebook of the Indiana Secretary of State’s booth at the Indiana State Fair.  It was a picture of a large sign stating that Indiana’s voting machines are secure and independently audited after every election.  I found it curious. Why was the sign made and prominently displayed?  

         This may answer why.  In a new poll from Rasmussen, an overwhelming 90% of those surveyed say that it is important to end cheating before the next election.  Contrary to some in the media and many liberal politicians, 74% of those surveyed support requiring a photo ID to vote.  They rate it a “reasonable measure” to prevent cheating. Moreover, 60% of those polled believe that politicians opposing a photo ID want cheating to continue. 

         Rassmussen noted that voters “are concerned about it [cheating] intensely,” but most do not think it was large enough to have changed the 2020 presidential election. 

         Some states are considering forensic audits of the past election. This, plus election security measures like photo ID, (where needed) and verification of mail in ballots, might do a lot to restate national confidence in our elections.

Resources from AFA of Indiana
         Part of the American Family Association of Indiana’s mission statement is to “educate and activate” Hoosiers.   We have over two dozen policy papers we call fact sheets.  These are more in-depth looks at issues with what we hope are educational and persuasive pieces.  We have a landing page where we are posting these one-page items (a couple of sheets are front and back) that you can print out and use.   For example, I just added a new sheet titled “What is Political Conservatism?” taken from an author who had a great influence years ago on leading conservatives like William F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan. 
         We will be posting more each week, but you can see 10 of them now at this link:
         If you would like to know what AFA of Indiana is all about, here is a short 3-minute promotional video on us:

Go Woke, Go Broke
         Americans may be sending their own personal countercultural message to the woke sports crowd.  Ratings for the NBA and other sports outlets have crashed since the politicization of sports has risen.  So has the viewership of the Summer Olympics where some athletes have disparaged our flag. 

         NBC’s Saturday night telecast of the Olympics hit the lowest number on record, according to Sports Media Watch.  They wrote:  

         “The Saturday audience ranks as the smallest on record for any night of competition at a Summer Olympics, falling below the previous mark of 15.0 million set last Wednesday.  The Tokyo Olympics now accounts for eight of the nine smallest primetime Summer Olympics audiences this century.”

        Many have predicted that sale of the television rights to the next Olympics will go for far less following this decline in viewership. 

Women’s Rights = Fewer Women

         A new study from BMJ Global Health is warning that abortion is creating a shortage of women in the world.  They write:

        “Skewed levels of the sex ratio at birth (SRB) due to sex-selective abortions have been observed in several countries since the 1970s,” declares an August 4 studypublished in BMJ Global Health. “They will lead to long-term sex imbalances in more than one-third of the world’s population with yet unknown social and economic impacts on affected countries.”

         By 2030, just nine years from now, they estimate that sex-selection abortions will account for 4.7 million fewer women in the world.   This is ironic given that abortion is often framed as a women’s rights issue, yet women are the most harmed by the practice. 

In Their Own Words:
        “If you ask an American, who is his master? He will tell you he has none, nor any governor but Jesus Christ.”  – Jonathan Trumbull, the British governor of Connecticut appointed by King George. Trumbull became sympathetic with the American cause in the 1770s.