TEST: AFA-IN: Crime Time Indy, Is God Judging the US?

Indianapolis Breaks the Wrong Record

         If you live in central Indiana and it seems as though almost every nightly news story involves another shooting in Indianapolis, you are correct.  Indianapolis now exceeds even Chicago in the homicide rate per 100,000 residents.  The Chicago rate, which is notorious and the subject of a lot of attention, is 8 homicides per 100,000.  The Indianapolis rate is 10.6 per 100,000.   Indianapolis’ homicide rate is roughly 30% higher than a year ago.  Indy is on track to exceed 300 homicides by the end of the year.

       Why?  Here is one possible answer.
       “We have a broken system of criminal justice that is not holding known offenders accountable at the time, and then we see that they repeat these cycles of violence. We’re seeing repeat known convicted violent felony offenders being cycled right back out into the neighborhoods,” said Rick Snyder with the Fraternal Order of Police.
       The Mayor of Indianapolis, Joe Hogsett is a former federal prosecutor. Many are wondering why, with that background, crime has become such a problem in our capitol city under Hogsett’s tenure.

The Traditional Family is Far from Dead

       For the first time in many years, the number of two-parent homes has risen 70%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  One reason for this may be due to difficult financial times.

      “Americans have kind of realized at some level that having a stable family and having a marriage as an anchor for them and for their kids is particularly crucial in a day and age when there’s so much financial instability,” notes Professor Brad Wilcox, a sociologist from the University of Virginia.

      In writing today’s email, I read a report that divorces have declined in a five-state study during Covid.  The researchers speculated that the recent and ongoing economic turmoil may have made divorce less of an option.

       Another story from Tim Goeglein, a policy expert with Hoosier roots, details more the specific improvements by demographic group. He includes a jarring stat revealing just one reason why the make-up of the family is so important:

      “Four out of every five Black children raised by a single mother live at or below the poverty line.”

A Question for Our US Senators

         You may have heard a new set of radio ads from an environmental group asking people to call Indiana Senator Todd Young to vote with Democrats in support of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.  I think a better phone call would involve a question.  Is Senator Young going to personally read the 2,700-page bill before he votes for it?  (Is that even possible?)  It seems as though that should be a basic requirement for such a massive bill when certain reports claim that there is a whole lot more wasteful spending and liberal social issues in it than just infrastructure projects.

Breaking News:  And then there is this!  Late last night, an email alert from the Family Research Council found that the “infrastructure” bill has a poison pill harming religious freedom.   They warn:

   “Besides the enormous price tag, this bill advances an aggressive leftist agenda that seeks to mandate an ideology about marriage and human sexuality across the nation. It does this by elevating “sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI) to protected classes in federal law. Time and again, people of faith have found themselves targeted by so-called SOGI laws; florists, bakers, and t-shirt makers were only the start. More recently we have seen the harmful effects this agenda has on women as it seeks to mandate gender identity ideology which strips women of their rights, privacy, and safety.”

        This has nothing to do with roads or bridges!

      Send Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun an email on this by clicking here:  https://frc.quorum.us/campaign/34553/

    Call Senator Young to ask him to vote “no” on the infrastructure bill at:  (202-224-5623

    Call Senator Braun to ask him to vote “no” on the infrastructure bill at:  (202) 224-4814

Is God’s Judgement Upon America?

         In looking around at the moral decline and the utter foolishness that is upon our nation, I often shake my head at what is happening.  (Yesterday morning, a legislator sent me a news story about California considering requiring feminine products in men’s restrooms on state college campuses.)
         While we are called to be light in the darkness, and found faithful to the truth, regardless of what is happening, I see nothing wrong with wondering if God is judging this nation. Here is an excellent short article on this from editorial cartoonist Gary Varvel, for your consideration:

Prominent Pastor Gives a Compassionate Message on CRT

         Dr. Tony Evans has long been one of my favorite radio preachers and Christian authors. He recently gave a very thoughtful sermon to his mostly black congregation in response to numerous questions he is receiving on Critical Race Theory.   

         I greatly respect Dr. Evans, and while I think he could have hammered a few problems with the foundations of CRT and its revisionist history of America a little more, he did an excellent job in just 45 minutes explaining CRT facets and calling the church to an understanding of racial concerns in his unique way, as well as our higher spiritual calling that supersedes race.   This message is a well balanced view of an issue that is dividing not just America, but churches too.  You can hear Dr. Evans sermon here:  https://sermon-mp3s.s3.amazonaws.com/Wednesday+Sermons/Audio+MP3s/2021/20210714-TruthAboutCriticalRaceTheory.mp3

        Speaking of CRT and its divisiveness, a new billboard is set to appear in a few days on the 465 loop around Indianapolis, on the northwest side of the city.   Here is a picture of that board.
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