AFA-IN: Pride in What? Job Openings, School Ideology

How About Tobacco Month?

         Millions of people across the world enjoy the pleasures of fine tobaccos.  For thousands of years, nicotine has crossed cultural racial, economic, and gender boundaries. Tobacco companies have invested untold millions in advertising and farming revenues that have given thousands of people good-paying jobs.  Maybe schools should teach children the benefits of choosing to smoke or chew tobacco for their enjoyment.  They could have smoking hours and books about the history of tobacco farming in America, and hear special speakers talk of how nicotine calms the nerves.   Why don’t we have a tobacco pride month recognizing this behavior?

         The answer is obvious. It’s dangerous!  A responsible society doesn’t promote things that are harmful to children or to adults. . . or does it?
         We pick very strange things to embrace as a culture these days.  It is one thing to live and let live, it’s another to be expected to celebrate precarious choices.  All over social media, video streaming services, newspaper stories, and television ads right now, people are flooded with the idea of celebrating June as LGBT Awareness or Gay Pride month.   

         This will surely get AFA-IN some hate mail, but here is a new factsheet we put together titled: The Dangers of Pride.  This just barely scratches the surface, but I think it makes its point.  Does a truly loving parent tell a child to go play in the street?

         Click here to read or print out this basic, one-page item.

Indiana Has Many Jobs to Fill

         The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) recently conducted a survey revealing that 48% of businesses in America have unfilled job openings.   This is a record-high number.  The head of the Indiana NFIB says our state numbers mirror this national survey. 

         With the additional federal benefit through the CARES Act, Hoosiers on unemployment make at least $555 a week (That equals $28,860 annually.)  Indiana’s unemployment compensation is one of the lowest in the nation.  

         Since March of 2020, a total of 866,557 people in Indiana have received unemployment benefits and the total that has been paid out is $8.5 billion. Just less than 20% of this was state money, and the remaining 80% was federal money.

         “They suspended all of those [unemployment] rules,” says Barbara Quandt of the Indiana NFIB, “so you could just say I’m unemployed and it was a lot easier to collect unemployment. In fact, you could have been an entrepreneur or someone else like that who said, ‘I can’t work right now. I’m going to collect unemployment,’ Under normal circumstances, they couldn’t collect.”

         As of May 1, there were 199,528 Hoosiers were still getting unemployment compensation as businesses in the state struggle to find people to work.  

         In the NFIB survey, 34% of small business owners said they’d had to raise pay, the highest level in the past 12 months, and 22% said they planned to raise employee pay in the next three months.

         In May, Governor Eric Holcomb announced that as of June 19, Indiana will no longer accept the federal portion of the unemployment money, and as of June 1st there will be job search requirements reattached to unemployment benefit.  
        Currently, Indiana has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the midwest at 3.9%.

Working for the Government
         Here is an interesting statistic.  

         Nationwide, the public sector accounts for 15.4% of all employment. Government employment is not evenly distributed across the country, however. Depending on the state, the share of all jobs in the public sector ranges from less than 13% to over 25%.

         In Indiana, 13.8% of the workforce are employed by the government — either at the state, local, or federal level — the eighth-lowest share of all states.

Are Public Schools Modern Religious Institutions?
       Former US Attorney General William Barr gave an outstanding speech
a couple of weeks ago covering some key points on education and religious freedom.   Barr raises the thought-provoking question asking if today’s public schools have become religious schools promoting the orthodoxy of secularism.  

        I would strongly encourage you to watch and consider this 23-minute speech in response to an award given to him by Alliance Defending Freedom, one of the nation’s premier religious liberty organizations.

       Barr also does a very good job of succinctly addressing Critical Race Theory, one of the hottest topics across America today. 

         In the speech, Barr quickly lays out five points about Critical Race Theory as repackaged Marxism. He states: 

       “But the progressive gender and sexuality agenda only begins to scratch the surface of what is now being taught in government-run schools.

        In recent years, public schools across the country have rushed to embrace the so-called “Critical Race Theory.” CRT is nothing more than the materialist philosophy of Marxism substituting racial antagonism for class antagonism.

         It postulates all the same things as traditional Marxism: 

1.   That there are meta-historical forces at work.

2.   That social pathologies are due to societal conventions and power structures that have to be destroyed.

3.   That conflict between the oppressed and the oppressors provides the dynamic and progressive movement of history. 

4.   And that individual morality is determined by where one fits in with the impersonal movement of these historical forces. 

5. Just as everyone, from the Catholic Church on, has observed traditional Marxism, this philosophy is fundamentally incompatible with Christianity. It posits a view of man and his relation to society and to other individuals that is antithetical to the Christian view.”

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