AFA-IN: Governor’s Orders, Duped Christians

Nearly 60 Emergency Orders Later

         It has been a year since Governor Eric Holcomb issued his first Emergency Order on Covid-19.

         Since that time, there have been a wide variety of orders from the chief executive involving mask mandates, business shutdowns and other efforts to curtail the virus.  Some of those more restraining items were met with controversy and angst last year.   Many legislators pledged to look into curtailing the governor’s powers when they got back into session in January, nine months after operating under repeating 30-day emergency orders.
         Now, some of those promises seem pretty fuzzy.  Questions have been raised over some constitutional concerns regarding the separation of powers between the executive and legislative branch and calling a legislative session.   Proposals to trim the Governor’s ability to issue month after month of emergency orders seem to have settled on the idea of a legislative panel reviewing orders as a means of input.  

         It is hard to predict what, if anything, will ultimately become of this issue in this second half of the session.  However, there is a resolution that would end the Governor’s Emergency Orders and fully open up Indiana.  (This is allowable under state law.)  House Concurrent Resolution 18 has 22 authors or co-authors.  

         I think the key idea behind HCR 18 is cited on page 3 of the resolution:

        “Whereas the general assembly finds that Hoosiers have been living with the realities of COVID-19 since March 2020 and have access to sufficient information to decide what actions should be taken by themselves and their family members;”

         If you support passage of this, you can call your State Representative at 317-232-9600.   

         You can find your legislator here:

That’s Spells Stoopid with Two “O’s”

        This is really hard to believe.  Last year a group of Christian faith leaders formed a group called Evangelicals for Biden.  The group got some attention and decent media coverage.  They probably gave cover to some Christians, who were uncomfortable with Donald Trump’s personality, when they voted for Joe Biden.  
        Evangelicals for Biden are now claiming that they are shocked and disappointed that President Biden has kept his promises in promoting abortion in every way he can, including in Covid relief legislation over the weekend.   They stated in an open letter they were “used and betrayed” noting that since the election they have been ignored by the Biden/Harris team.

       During the Cold War Soviet leaders had a term for US academics and celebrities who supported communists.  The term was “useful idiots.”    Evangelicals for Biden are a bunch of useful idiots.  How could they not know?  They should have read the Democratic party Platform before forming a “faith group” to support a candidate that even many Catholic Bishops, (Biden’s own denomination) were openly condemning.
       This group claims they were deceived. I don’t believe it. It is more sinister than that.  I think they knew exactly what they were doing in order to misled voters on the vital issue of life and religious freedom.  (No one forms a group and puts out press releases in support of a candidate he doesn’t know.)   They are the epitome of the Bible’s warning against wolves among the flock.

Taxpayers Getting More Bang for their Bucks?
         The University of Arkansas, along with the Reason Foundation, has completed a study of charter schools in seven cities, one of them being Indianapolis.
         They looked specifically at how much charter schools received in state funds versus the traditional public schools.  They then calculated “cost effectiveness” by measuring how much student test scores on national NAEP tests increased for every $1,000 spent per pupil.
         As a whole, charter schools in the seven cities got a third less funding than the traditional public schools but achieved the same or better student testing outcome.  According to the study, Charters seemed to do more with less.  In Indianapolis the differences were even more stark.   
         You can read the actual numbers of the study here along with speculation of why charters seemed to perform better with such things as their ability to be more flexible during Covid:  

Lack of a Mandate and Unity
         The Rasmussen Polling company has a chart of fifteen 2021 presidential approval tracking polls that they compare to the same day tracking poll results in 2017.  It finds President Biden is less popular than President Trump was in every one of their polls from Jan 20-March 8th.   Unlike Trump, who reached as high as 59% approval during this time, President Biden only touched 53% once and has trailed Trump’s approval most of this time running between 48-50% approval.
         Former Bill Clinton advisor, Dick Morris, believes that President Biden is quickly painting himself into a corner with his polarizing liberal policies that will hamper his presidency.  (Morris specifically mentions Biden’s orders on transgenderism that endangers competitive girls’ sports.)  He also thinks these numbers reflect the lack of a mandate from the election.

         In national poll last week, Rasmussen found that only 37% of Americans say the U.S. is headed in the right direction, a drop of a point from the week before.  
In Their Own Words:
         “Most of the time, a man will tell you his bad intentions if you listen and make yourself hear.”  – Charley Waite (Kevin Costner) to Boss Spearman (Robert Duvall) in the 2003 western, Open Range

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