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If It’s Illegal Outside, Does It Really Belong Inside?

         One of the bills we have been watching has a hearing this afternoon.  Senate Bill 288, authored by Sen. Jim Tomes, simply removes the legal exemption schools and school libraries have for displaying or disseminating matter harmful to minors.

Many parents have become concerned about some of the materials their children have been exposed to in sex education presentations that could be considered adult restricted or pornographic in any other setting.

I plan on testifying for this legislation today.  I have sat through hearings on this subject before, and it can be quite disturbing to hear and see what some young children have been exposed to under the pretense of education.  If they are seeing things that would be illegal to view outside of their school, it should not be legal inside their school.

Union Membership in Indiana

An interesting news tidbit late last week finds that union membership in Indiana has reached a twenty-year low.  In 2000, one-in-five employed Hoosiers were members of a union.  Today, that number has dropped to one-in-ten. New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that there are about 235,000 Hoosiers who are members of a union.

Two Parents, Equal More Time for Parenting

         In an era in which truth is relative and up to one’s own feelings, sometimes research that seems to be obvious, is still important to mention.

It would seem evident that married parents can spend more time with their children than single moms can, if one thinks about the ability married parents have to share household tasks.   This is what a new paper released through the National Bureau of Economic Research found.

The author compares how married and single moms spend their time, finding that married moms do less paid work, spend more time on “household production” activities, and spend more time with their children. He also notes that the kids of married moms get a lot more time with their dads, and that married moms tend to be more satisfied with their lives.

The study doesn’t prove, or seek to prove, that children are harmed when they spend less time with their parents.  It simply shows some of the struggles single parents face when it comes to time management that are not as common when child has both a mom and dad in the home.

What Was So Super About this Bowl?

I don’t often just pass along a random personal observation in these weekly emails, but something struck me watching the Superbowl on Sunday evening.  I boycotted most of the NFL this year because of their insistence on injecting politics into entertainment, which is all sports are to me.  As such, I have many other entertainment choices that don’t preach woke liberalism.  Yet, I watched from the kickoff to half time.

It always seemed as though part of the Superbowl experience was the commercials that were humorous or inspiring.  This year’s commercials seemed weird, mostly humorless, lame humor, or annoying at times.   Yet, although I’d rather see no message commercials at all, Toyota had a fabulous adoption commercial about a swimmer who had lost part of her legs as a child.  I thought it was the best of the night in the ads I saw.  You can view it here:

One commercial from Jeep, featuring singer Bruce Springsteen, called “The Middle” caught some people’s notice for its inclusion of two crosses in a chapel. In this age of rampant secularism, that is significant and noble, but on the other hand, some have asked why corporate calls to unify seem to happen after Democrats win a national election, whereas Americans are not called to unify after a Republican win.  Springsteen has been among one of the harshest celebrity critics of Republicans out there in the last few years.

The most disturbing commercial in my opinion, was one you may not have even noticed because it was just a routine ad for an electric car.   General Motors ran an otherwise unremarkable ad for a new electric vehicle. However, it caught my attention because the main character used the D word as profanity, twice.   Profanity has become so common in sitcoms, movies, and general conversation, but to have it in a product advertisement seemed significant to me.   Twenty years ago, this might have made headlines as a major controversy or the threat of a fine from the FCC.   Today, I wonder how few who even noticed.

My kids are older teenagers, but It made me wonder what my grandkids will see and hear in the not too distant future.


Key Legislator Says This is Really Bad Timing

It seems really out of touch, but some elected leaders would like to pass a tax hike right now in the midst of the Covid pandemic and throttled economy.  Moreover, they want to tax restaurants, one of the hardest hit industries.  For example, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry has called for a 1% food and beverage tax.  That call has met with strong local opposition.

At the state level, Indiana Senate Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee Chairman Senator Travis Holdman sent a strong message last week stating that he will not hear any bills that call for increasing local food and beverage taxes in this legislative session.

In Their Own Words:

“A strange fanaticism fills our time: the fanatical hatred of morality, especially of Christian morality.”  – G.K. Chesterton

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