AFA-IN: Silencing Speech in Indy, Exec Orders

Liberals Love Silencing Speech

         For years liberals spoke of the virtues of “tolerance” and “diversity” as if they were the sacred tenants of a national religion.  Now that our culture is dominantly liberal, the reality is that those claims were a sham.  The left doesn’t believe tolerance or diversity.  They are the first to shut down speech they don’t like.

Such is the case now with the Democrat-run Indianapolis City County Council.  At a time when homicide rates have broken records and businesses are leaving the downtown in droves, the council is passing resolutions in support of counseling gag orders filed in the Indiana legislature.

The Council passed a resolution in support of a ban on therapy in which a client voluntarily wants to hear how to leave homosexual behaviors.  Numerous published studies have found that a significant portion of people seeking help for unwanted sexual attractions can find success, including a study by Dr. Robert Spitzer.  He led the charge in the American Psychological Association in 1973 to remove homosexuality as a disorder in the diagnostic manual used by psychiatrists.  Spitzer was anything but a right-wing activist. Yet, he recognized the power counseling can have in behavioral changes, which after all, was his life’s profession.

Senate Bill 32 and House Bill 1213 are bans on counselors saying things homosexual activists and liberals do not want people to hear about sexual choices.   These kinds of laws have run into serious 1st Amendment problems in some courtrooms.   They should all be thrown out by the courts.  That has not happened yet, and no one can guarantee it will.  This raises a real problem. If the state can ban what a therapist or counselor says, then it’s very a short step before it bans what a minister says about sexual conduct.

A Downside to Remote Learning

         I suspect that as the years pass, and Covid is looked back upon with a little more rationality, we may question the wisdom of closing down schools.  However, one benefit could be that we had a massive test of distance learning and all its technological pros and cons for parents and schools to contemplate.

A downside to remote learning that some people have mentioned to me is that with the expansion of online classes and work, some students have been lured into the dark side of the internet.

Three Indiana House members (Nisly, Borders & Jacob) have authored House Bill 1538 which says that if a public or charter school gives a student digital resources there needs to be filtering software on the device to protect children from obscene or pornographic sites.

Another bill in the Senate addresses a problem with sex education becoming obscene.  There are things some children are exposed to under the guise of sex education that if an adult were to show a child on a street corner, he would be arrested for disseminating matter harmful to a minor.  Senate Bill 288 (Tomes) removes the legal exemption schools have from prosecution for exposing children to pornographic or obscene materials.   (If your children or grandchildren have been exposed to such material, you may want to let us know so we can pass that info along to key legislators.)

Indiana’s Mixed Economy

2020 was a rough year for our nation’s economy.  It went from roaring to a crawl due to the unprecedented shutdowns over the Covid virus.   Never before in American history had our economy taken such a hit from typhus, polio, the Spanish flu, H1N1 or any other health crisis.

Indiana’s unemployment rate went from a very low 3.7% to an unseen high of 17% in just a few months.   Thankfully, our unemployment rate has returned to 4.3% giving us the lowest rate in the Midwest.   Republicans would be wise to take credit for years of prudent policies from the legislature and the Governor’s office that gave Indiana an ability to weather this storm this well.

However, according to the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration there are almost 100,000 more people receiving food stamps in December 2002 than in December 2019.  There are now 300,000 more Hoosiers on Medicaid.    This equates to 26% of people in Indiana now being on Medicaid, compared to 21% a year ago.

Getting Around Social Media Censorship

Last week I mentioned the app called Telegram which is a short communication tool that doesn’t track you or censor conservative speech.  I use it on my phone.  If you have Telegram  instead of Twitter or the late, great Parler, you can follow us here:

You Can Say Anything When Campaigning

As you know, President Biden has surprised some with the number of executive orders he signed right out of the gate.  In his first week he signed 37 executive orders reversing polices by the Trump Administration protecting the right to life, making America energy independent, and keeping sexually confused males out of schoolgirls’ locker rooms. . . just to name a few.   That is 33 more orders than Trump signed his first week, 32 more than Obama signed, and 37 more than George W. Bush who signed zero his first week as President.

These significant changes were all signed under the shadow of President Biden’s claim of desiring to restore national unity.  In October, candidate Biden was part of a televised town hall with George Stephanopolus in which he seemed to oppose this kind of heavy handedness.  Here is what he said:

“I have this strange notion; we are a democracy … if you can’t get the votes … you can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.”

Who knows if President Biden even remembers what he said four months ago, but it is pretty clear that he never meant it?   The President is carrying out the orders of his far-left handlers who see a two-year window to dramatically change America according to their worldview.

In Their Own Words:

“The time has come to turn to God and reassert our trust in Him for the healing of America…our country is in need of and ready for a spiritual renewal.” – Ronald Reagan

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