AFA-IN: Legislature Starts, Religious Men, Biden’s Gap

Those Neanderthal Religious Men
Many segments of our culture might have you believe that religious men treat women, and their wives in particular, very poorly.  Religious men are sometimes portrayed as chauvinistic, old fashioned and controlling.

A new study may surprise those who hold to this idea.   Researchers have found that men who attended religious services weekly did significantly more housework than either the never-attenders or those in the middle who may only sporadically attend religious services.

Previous research has found that religiously active men provide a lot of childcare and are typically more engaged with their children, but the research did not look into whether this meant that they offset this by doing less domestic work in the home. Researchers Bethany Gull and Claudia Geist are the first to show that religious men also do more housework than others.

You can read about this study here:

Rules for Thee, but Not for Me

As you may have heard, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi narrowly won re-election as Speaker of the US House of Representatives.   (I guess under the new gender-neutral PC speech rules of the House, Nancy is Congressperson Pelosi.)

I am currently stuck at home this week, unable to be at the legislature or the AFA-IN office, voluntarily and out of respect for others, due to a member of my family testing Covid-positive.

Maybe that is why I noticed a Democrat member of the House who tested positive for Covid-19 just six days prior, had traveled to DC to cast her vote so Speaker Pelosi could keep her job.  She did this while thousands of business owners struggle just to keep their doors open, and millions of Americans are locked down.

It’s another example of how the rules seem to apply to all of us, but not for those in the governmental swamps.

Indiana’s Most Dangerous Cities

A technology company called MoneyGeek has analyzed the crime statistics and crime costs of 303 US cities.  They then ranked them as the safest or most dangerous.

Two of Indiana’s cities ranked near the very bottom.  Fort Wayne was ranked as Indiana’s safest city but still below average at 194th.

Indianapolis ranked at 287th worst, and South Bend ranked at 278th worst.  The annual cost of crime in Indianapolis is $3.1 billion. In South Bend, crime costs more than $3,000 per capita, compared to $1,597 in Fort Wayne.

Evansville ranked 226th with a crime cost per capita of nearly $2,000.

Biden’s Enthusiasm Gap is Still Following Him

As you can guess, Americans are greatly divided over the results of the 2020 election.  However, the enthusiasm gap Joe Biden seemed to have during his lackluster campaign may follow him into the White House.   A new poll from Rasmussen finds that only 19% of Americans say that they feel “excited” about the 2020 election results.   Others expressed feelings of relief  (33%), disappointment (27%), or anger (11%).

Competing Worldviews in the Indiana General Assembly

Legislation is starting to appear publicly now for the new session.  Interestingly, you can also see the differing worldviews emerging.  One example of this is House Bill 1067 authored by Rep. Julie Olthoff.   This bill would make it a crime for someone intentionally persuading, causing or encouraging a person to commit suicide if they know that the person, they are encouraging, has suicidal ideation and the person attempts or commits suicide.   I believe that this is a pro-life piece of legislation worthy of consideration.

On the other hand, lurking just a few numbers down the bill list, is the opposite kind of legislation in House Bill 1074 authored by Rep. Matt Pierce.  This legislation allows for assisted suicide via a doctor prescribing people medicine that will intentionally kill them.  It also prevents a life insurance company from not paying out benefits if a person commits suicide in this manner.  It also criminalizes any effort by a family member or health care personnel who attempts to intervene in the planned suicide.

The Legislature Has Begun – How to Make Your Voice Heard

The 2021 Indiana General Assembly has begun.  You can look up legislation, follow it, find and contact your legislator, and watch committee hearings and floor actions on live video through the state web site here:

Here too, are the phone numbers for the Indiana legislature:

• Indiana House:  317-232-9600
• Indiana Senate: 317-232- 9400
• Governor Eric Holcomb: 317-232-4567

In Their Own Words:

1)   “More men will be elected tonight through good counting than were elected today through voting.”  – Will Rogers

2)  “The campaign lasted only a few months, but it will take two generations to sweep up the dirt.”  – Will Rogers


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