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Increasing Teacher Pay Among Fewer Teachers

One of the big issues before the upcoming session of the Indiana General Assembly will be increased public school funding ostensibly, in part, for increased teacher pay.   However, teacher pay is a local bargaining issue.  Salaries are set at the local level, not by the legislature.

A new report that recommends increasing teacher pay also found that Indiana has one of lowest levels of teachers of any states.  Only 4 in 10 employees in the typical Indiana public school are teachers.  The majority of employees are support staff including social workers, teacher’s aides, special education aides, secretaries, nurses, bus drivers, lunchroom staff or janitors.

The Next Level Teacher Compensation Commission – appointed last year by Governor Eric Holcomb in response to the teachers’ union demands for higher pay – suggested looking at trimming non-teaching employees, to shift more money to teachers by eliminating any unnecessary positions.

The report found that Indiana’s 44,495 support staff give Indiana the second-highest ratio of support staff to teachers.  Only Ohio has more support staff per teacher.

The average teacher salary in Indiana in 2019-2020 was $53,463, according to the report.   Advocates want the average raised to $60,000 through more state funding to schools.

However, due to the economic slowdown from Covid, Indiana will have fewer dollars to work with in preparing a new budget.  Increased spending in any area will almost certainly have to come from cuts in other areas.

It Must be that New Common Core Math

In my lifetime, math and government have gone together about as well as oil and water.   We spend money we don’t have, and now it seems that we count votes that we shouldn’t have.

If you assume two things most will agree upon, something doesn’t add up.  First, voter turnout in the recent election has been reported at 66.2%.  (In 2016, 61.4% of registered voters voted, according to the US Census Bureau. In 2008, it was 62.2%.)

This means that out of 213.8 million registered voters, 141.5 million voted this year.

Second, it has been widely reported that President Trump won 74 million uncontested votes.

141.5 – 74 = 67.5 million remaining votes.

         Where did Joe Biden’s other 13 million votes come from?

(Joe Biden reportedly won 81 million votes.  81-67.5 = 13.5 million seemingly unregistered votes)

Interestingly, this would be 12 million more votes for Joe Biden than Barack Obama’s vote total in 2008, but with 396 fewer counties than Obama won in his huge victory.  Donald Trump won 2,497 counties in America last month, or 84% of all counties in the US.  Joe Biden won 447 counties, just 16% of all US counties.  In Indiana for example, Trump won 87 of our 92 counties last month.  In 2008, Barack Obama won 15 Indiana counties and 29% of all US counties, nearly twice as many as Joe Biden won this time.

A poll from the University of Virginia before the election found that 56% of all Americans thought that the 2020 election would be the most corrupt in US history.  The view was held almost equally among political demographics with 54% of Biden supporters, 60% of Trump supporters, and 54% of Independents feeling this way.  Overall, 57% of Democrats and 62% of Republicans believed the election would be corrupted.

Saying No to Socialism

On Monday, Fox News ran a very good story about Indiana’s newest member of Congress, Victoria Spartz, who grew up under socialism in the Ukraine under the grip of the former USSR.

In the article, Spartz warns of “coming full circle” fleeing socialism twenty years ago only to see people openly embracing it here in America today.   You can read about this here:

In Their Own Words:

“The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom, and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in the hands of people who use it to promote their own interest.”  – Milton Friedman


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