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Pastor Turns His Church into a Strip Club

There is a story out of California of a pastor turning his church into a strip club following a court ruling in San Diego preventing the closure of strip clubs during the Covid crisis.  However, churches in the area remain closed in a time when people are struggling in so many ways.

The pastor has announced that he will remove his tie when he opens his building and preaches at his family friendly strip club, formerly known as GodSpeak Calvary Chapel.

I take my hat off, no pun intended, to this bold pastor living under tyranny in that left-wing state.   I could say a lot about the politics of California not being limited to that state, especially with an ultra-liberal Vice President elect and HHS secretary from the Golden State in a potential new Biden Administration.  However, there is some good news to come of this absurdity.  An Indiana state legislator is looking into legislation in January that would classify churches as essential businesses in such emergencies.

In times of national crisis, shuttering spiritual help to those who want it is a very bad idea.  It is something our nation has never done until now.

I will have more details on this as the Indiana General Assembly begins on January 4th.

Covid Used as a Political Weapon

If you have felt as though the Covid-19 virus was used as a weapon against President Trump, or an instrument of fear, by the media, you now have some research to back your observation.

A paper published last week by the National Bureau of Economic Research and written by three scholars from Dartmouth College and Brown University analyzed over 20,000 news reports from the 15 top U.S. media outlets and 39 international sources. Overall, they conclude that “U.S. major media outlets are much more negative” when publishing similar Covid stories compared to “non-U.S. sources.”

The researchers found that 91% percent of Covid stories from U.S. media outlets were negative in tone versus only 54% for non-U.S. news sources and 65% among actual scientific journals.

The researchers found that the US media turned even good news into negative stories.  “The negativity of the U.S. major media is notable even in areas with positive scientific developments including school re-openings and vaccine trials. Media negativity is unresponsive to changing trends in new COVID-19 cases or the political leanings of the audience.”

“There is a similar disconnect between U.S. major media reporting on school re-openings and scientific findings on the same topic; the reporting is overwhelmingly negative, while the scientific literature tells a more optimistic story,” the researchers noted.

The paper notes studies on school re-openings and COVID-19 infections that found “infection rates among students remain low” and that “schools have not become the super-spreaders many feared.”  Nevertheless 90% of school reopening articles from U.S. media are negative versus only 56 percent of foreign media coverage.

Widespread public fear of a virus which has a very high survival rate surely had an impact upon the re-election chances of President Trump.  His administration’s efforts and accomplishments with ventilator production, unprecedented vaccine development, and research funding were almost never covered in any positive way by the US media.  Joe Biden’s basement campaign, (such as it was) with event numbers that could barely fill a school bus, played well into the media’s fearful narrative, their criticism of Trump events as reckless, and a push to vote by mail rather than in person.

You’re A Racist – End of Discussion

Imagine if you were a somewhat wealthy citizen living and working as a college teacher in a slave state in the 1850’s and a slave came to you begging you to buy them as a kitchen servant to avoid their mistreatment on a plantation? What would you do, knowing you could do nothing to end slavery as an individual?  What if an older slave was up for sale bound for a bad life, when you could legally buy them, and bring them into your home, and pay them to live out the remainder of their life?   What if buying a 4-year-old black orphan would keep them alive or off a plantation?  What if, 50 years after your death, they as free men still told newspapers that they were proud to be your slave?

I abhor slavery, past and present.  It is wicked. I know my writing this will get me called a racist.  I am NOT justifying slavery or it’s evils by any means.  Yet, by the same token I am interested in learning from history, rather than simply burning it down.

When I heard this week that the Virginia Military Institute was removing a statue of VMI Professor and General Stonewall Jackson, I understood that a statue of any confederate is probably doomed in our politically correct age. . . and perhaps that is OK.   I am not a defender of Jackson or his position in the civil war.  Yet, when I heard of this, I knew nothing of Jackson’s ownership of slaves.  I knew only of his Christian faith and his bizarre death in the war.

I read a fascinating paper on this that raised the above questions, because that seems to be the conundrums Jackson was faced with in owning a few slaves.  I do not agree with what Jackson believed or did in some cases, but it’s an interesting study of the few slaves that Jackson owned or inherited.  It is also interesting that Jackson was legally charged with violating laws about educating slaves when he set up a school where he taught over 100 blacks in his confederate state.

I have heard, though I don’t know if it is true, that generations of Germans and Japanese born after WW2 know very little about the war and their nation’s role in it because of the embarrassment of their nation’s sins.  Erasing history may not be the best way to overcome national wrongs.  Before a statue is thrown on the ash heap, is there something to be learned (both good and bad) about Stonewall Jackson?  Maybe.  After all, the saying is that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

A century from now when historians or students look at the Iraq War, 9/11, the election of Donald Trump, or the Covid shutdown, without context of the contrasting views of our times, they will only have limited answers.  The same is true when we look back.

You can be the judge by reading this paper:

In their Own Words:

“Domestic slavery is repugnant to the principles of Christianity. It prostrates every benevolent and just principle of action in the human heart. It is rebellion against the authority of a common Father. It is a practical denial of the extent and efficacy of the death of a common Savior.”  – Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence


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