AFA-IN: Churches in Danger, IN Leader Takes a Stand

A Pro-Family Loss?

Last week, State Representative Christy Stutzman announced that she would be resigning from the legislature on December 14th.  This move was shocking.   Rep. Stutzman rose quickly in her first term as a bold pro-life and pro-family leader.  She was a rising star in the House. I enjoyed working with her on several issues.  She will be greatly missed.

A vacancy for an elected legislator is filled by a caucus of precinct committeemen for the legislator’s party.  Her vacancy will be filled soon.  I have heard a few names, one is a former legislator who is also a conservative, but I don’t know if any of those names are official candidates.

Rep. Stutzman blamed Governor Eric Holcomb’s executive orders on Covid for her resignation.  Christy and her husband, Marlin, a former Congressman and state legislator, own a large business that is a restaurant and event venue, two of the hardest hit entities in this pandemic.

Here is part of her statement:

“Now, with the recent round of new mandatory Covid-related restrictions issued by the Governor, with no input or approval from the members of the General Assembly, our businesses and family have been set back further and I will be required to devote even more attention to helping our business survive into next year. Due to the instability and difficult circumstances that the Governor’s ongoing, unilateral decisions have created for our business and family throughout this year, the way those restrictions and decisions have affected our business as we enter 2021 and the time commitment that serving in the legislature requires, I have been forced to make an extremely difficult decision. 

It is with a heavy heart that I will be tendering my resignation from my position as State Representative in order to focus on our family and salvage our business and the jobs of those we employ. I know that I am not alone in my deep distress at being forced to make such a decision and I am thankful for the prayers of many friends as I have struggled with this decision.” 

A Unique Leader is Still Standing

I want to applaud Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill again.  It is unfortunate that the allegations against him will be what many remember about him, and the first thing some will bring up against him.   The irony of this is that there are many in the political establishment that actually do behave as Hill was accused of behaving. Some of them were among his critics.  (In my 30 years working at the statehouse I have heard dozens of things that would shock you. Politics reflects culture, and our culture is vile.)

Yet, one has to admire political courage, because it is a rare commodity.  Fighting a good fight when no one expects you to, for no personal gain, is an admirable quality in politics.  Hill has taken stands that no other Indiana AG would.

The Indiana Attorney General has but a few weeks left in his term. He could easily spend the month of December quietly packing up his office. Instead, Hill has filed an appeal to the US Supreme Court asking it to review a ruling by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.   The case involves a ruling allowing a lesbian couple to list both individuals on a child’s birth certificate, even though birth requires a male and a female biological parent.

In his petition to the court, Hill argues that upholding that decision would violate common sense and undermine parental rights based on biology. He writes in his brief: “A birth mother’s wife will never be the biological father of the child, meaning that, whenever a birth-mother’s wife gains presumptive ‘parentage’ status, a biological father’s rights and obligations to the child have necessarily been undermined without proper adjudication.”

         “The husband of a birth mother is usually the biological father, but the wife of a birth mother is never the biological father. . . And neither the Constitution nor this Court’s holdings command States to act contrary to biological facts,” Hill wrote.

Indiana law does not permit a birth mother to list her husband as the father on a birth certificate, if she knows someone else is the father.  That law still stands.

Most appeals to the Supreme Court are not taken up by the court, but this would be an interesting ruling if the court did look into the questions and conflicts raised by the lower court’s decision.

Will Christians Pay Dearly Under President Biden?

In my role at AFA of Indiana my primary focus is on family policy research and Indiana issues.  By days end, I don’t pay much attention to other political matters.  When it comes to foreign policy, for example, I may not know much more than the average American.

That doesn’t mean that other political matters outside my focus are not important.  Case in point, the following paragraph in an article I read yesterday stopped me in my tracks!   A foreign policy issue I do care greatly about is the persecuted Church.  Worldwide Christian and religious persecution is something we should all keep in our prayers, and if possible, express to our member of Congress.  It is something that the Trump Administration made a high priority in addressing.  The article “Why We Refuse to Fight” had the following startling item:

For instance, the fight over whether Joe Biden will take the White House will have big implications for Christians here at home. But it’s life or death for Christians over in Syria. The Biden team has clearly signaled that it intends to help al Qaeda jihadis (the so-called “moderate rebels” John McCain vouched for) take power in Damascus.

I remember al Qaeda for bombing my hometown, New York City. More recently, these “Syrian rebels” marched off to kill Christians in Armenia. And now they hope to ethnically cleanse a million Syrian Christians, countless Alawites, Yazidi, and other religious minorities from Syria. Biden wants to help them, for reasons unclear to me. If we let him take office fraudulently, hundreds of churches will burn.

But thousands of Servile Christians cheeks will flush with a quiet, “humble” pride, as they congratulate themselves on “taking the high road,” and “putting country over party,” and even “not embarrassing themselves” by getting “down in the mud” with Trump and his backers.”

In Their Own Words:

“The Bible is worth all other books which have ever been printed.” – Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775


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