AFA-IN: Free Speech Win, Church Ladies? IN Road Rpt

High Level Court Affirms Critical Freedom of Speech Case

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals struck down two county laws in Florida last week that could have ramifications across the nation, even reaching the Indiana legislature.

The court struck down what many states, including Indiana, have considered or seen filed or passed at local or state levels.  The ruling looked at a law that claims to ban the misnamed “conversion therapy” involving counseling clients seeking to overcome same-sex attraction.  Over a dozen states have enacted these kinds of bans at some level.

The Liberty Counsel, representing two licensed therapists, challenged the constitutionality of laws that ban counselors from saying certain things in sessions about homosexuality or gender confusion.  The court noted, “What the governments call a ‘medical procedure’ consists entirely of words.”

The court also stated: “We hold that the challenged ordinances violate the First Amendment because they are content-based regulations of speech that cannot survive strict scrutiny.”

Under these laws, counselors could encourage a person with same-sex attraction or gender confusion to take dangerous hormones, or to receive surgical mutilation of their genitalia, but they could not speak freely to their clients, who voluntarily sought help, of how to overcome their behavior, confusion, or attractions.

Several states including Indiana, have seen these bans filed at the behest of homosexual activists seeking to censor speech that could discourage people from embracing the homosexual or transgender lifestyle.  It is possible that conflicting rulings could send this issue to the Supreme Court.   Hopefully, this new ruling will cause legislators to steer clear of these restrictions in avoidance of a costly court challenge.

Americans Want a Firewall Against Liberalism

Although it may seem to run contrary to the election of Joe Biden as President, a new national poll finds that 56% of Americans want the two Senate seats in Georgia to be won by the Republicans.   The poll is from Harvard CAPS-Harris.

A Dynamic Candidate like JFK

A few weeks ago, I wrote of some of the oddities of a Joe Biden win after the most lackluster “basement” campaign anyone can remember that defied all sorts of previous trends or bellwethers.   Here is another.   The last time a Democrat won the presidency while his party saw double-digit losses in the US House was 1960.   Many people still believe that race came down to fraud involving about 10,000 votes in Cook County Illinois.

You Won’t See this in the Movies or on the Sitcoms

Yet another study has found something that runs totally counter the messages that our culture sends about human sexuality.

Unless you have been living under a rock the last 10 years, you have probably noticed that American culture is becoming more hostile to religion, particularly Christianity, which incidentally, is now the most persecuted faith  worldwide.  (Even the far-left liberal Huffington Post, admitted this some time ago.)

Christians are one of the only groups in our nation that can be mocked without any cultural condemnation.  Our values and beliefs are regularly attacked in almost every portion of our society.

Maybe it’s not surprising that our culture would avoid something about the intersection of our national religion, which is sex, and the formerly dominant religion of Christianity.   It doesn’t fit the public narrative or the culture’s secular agenda.  (Do you ever see a sitcom or a movie anymore where characters go to church like 30% of Americans do weekly?)

Rather than swingers in bars, it is those who regularly go to church and are the most religiously devout who are the most sexually satisfied people in America.

A recent study from the Wheatley Institution found that moderately religious women were 50% more likely to report being sexually satisfied in their relationship than women with no religious practice.  However, women in highly religious relationships were twice as likely as their secular peers to say they were satisfied with their sexual relationship. And the men in these couples were fully four times as likely to report being sexually satisfied as men in relationships with no religious activity.

Are Hoosiers Getting Their Money’s Worth?

A report from the Reason Foundation released last week ranks Indiana’s state-managed roads as 32nd worst in the nation.  The 25th Annual Highway Report ranks the condition and cost-effectiveness of state highways in 13 categories.

“In safety and performance categories, Indiana ranks 19th overall in fatality rate, 21st in structurally deficient bridges, 32nd in traffic congestion, 43rd in urban interstate pavement condition and 45th in rural interstate pavement condition,” according to the report.

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