AFA-IN on Govt Watch List? Election Perspectives

What’s Wrong with America?
         I know that you may be stressed from this election, it’s outcome, or the contesting of an outcome.  If not, you likely have Covid fatigue, economic stress or a general frustration with 2020. 
         I thought I’d start off with something humorous.  I’ve finally found out what’s wrong with America.  
         A new poll of 3,500 young Americans aged 11 to 24 has a startling result that says a lot about America today.  One-in-three (33%) young people told pollsters that they have never seen a real live cow in person. 
         I guess I should have known this some time ago when my friend, State Senator Jim Tomes, during a debate over same-sex marriage, got several blank stares in a statehouse room when he famously said, “It’s a mighty poor rancher who starts his farm off with just two bulls.” 

A Proper Perspective Impacts Emotional Health
         A lot of people have asked how I am doing after the election.  To be honest when I think about what a different administration will do in light of foreign policy, economic policy, religious freedom, abortion, or gun control, I can get very discouraged. 
         I am sure some readers may share those feelings.   If so, may I mention a couple of things for perspective?  First, God has never lost an election.  He has always known who our President would be next year, and it has not thwarted His plans.  Second, I know that I and AFA of Indiana supporters did all we were supposed to do in our civic duty and in educating Hoosiers about public policies.  As John Adams said, “Duty is mine, victory is the Lord’s.”  Third, this is not over.  By this I mean, when it IS over, either when the Lord returns or our own time winds down, we are to be found faithful.  There is much to do.  Elections are not the end of the world, nor are they the salvation of it.   We still have to make our voices heard in order to defend our values and to be “salt and light” in the public arena.   The Indiana General Assembly is quickly approaching, and AFA-IN’s voice is important in that process. 
          Now, is the election over?  No, it isn’t. The media doesn’t call an election, they simply make predictions.  The election ends when the 50 Secretaries of State certify the results after any recounts or disputes are settled. This often takes weeks. In terms of the Presidency, the election ends when the electoral college electors vote after those state certifications.   
           Is Donald Trump likely to shock the world and have four more years?  Probably not.  Do I think it is suspicious that the Trump team seemed to be clearly on their way to victory when everything stopped, then overnight everything seemed to swing in an opposite direction? My answer is yes.   Do I think it is suspicious that all the shuttered slow counts in the swing states went only one direction – toward Biden? My answer is yes.  Do I think it is suspicious that all the slow questionable counts with suddenly found votes always seem to come from heavily Democrat-run cities, counties, or states? My answer is also yes. 
            It is not impossible for things to change in some states if the claims of voter fraud and miscounts are determined by courts to have an impact upon the final outcome and the courts then take action. (Here is one scenario for a Trump re-election: ) The margin in all of the swing states is very small.  Even now, with the numbers we have, less than 100,000 votes out of tens of millions cast in five states are separating Biden and Trump.
           It is important for these claims to be investigated and for the courts to take action against any and all violations of election law or the constitutional process for the sake of all Americans and the security of future elections.   Every single fraudulent or illegal vote erases someone else’s proper and legal vote.    Voter fraud is worth fighting for the sake of voter confidence and election integrity, regardless of the current election outcome. 

Making a List and Checking it Twice
         I have mentioned that AFA of Indiana was targeted by some tech giants for censorship with the shuttering of our Facebook page two weeks before the election.  Our email server also notified us that they are now monitoring the content of these weekly emails. 
         This is just the beginning of how the far-left practices the virtues of tolerance and diversity.  They sometimes talk about these values, but rarely practice them. What they really want is forced conformity of thought
         Shortly after announcing his campaign Joe Biden did a town hall on CNNin which he spoke about hate crimes during a segment.  He mentioned how the Obama/Biden administration had governmental terror watch lists.  He said he wanted to create similar watch lists of people and groups that the government would monitor based upon the lists made by the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center of those who do not embrace the LGBT agenda.     
         This is chilling since I have made the SPLC’s hate list personally numerous years as has AFA of Indiana for our belief in traditional marriage and opposition to the transgender movement involving minor children.    The idea of a Biden Administration monitoring AFA-IN or the things I say based solely upon my values and beliefs sounds like something from the old Soviet KGB. 
         Here is another story, from last week, of leftists calling for the making of lists of Trump supporters “to be held accountable” for their support of the President.  They want anyone who donated to the Trump campaign or worked for the Administration to be barred from serving on a corporate board or as the faculty of a college.   They call this Orwellian concept the Trump Accountability Project.  
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In Their Own Words: 
           “The height of intolerance is not disagreement, but rather removing from the public square an opportunity for people to disagree.” Jonathan Morrow
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