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Dear Jerald,

Are you anxious?

We are.

Today feels surreal. We’ve been working for nearly 18 months with an eye toward tomorrow. So much rides on this election. We all can sense something big is afoot.

Here’s what we know on the eve of Election Day 2020:

  • We don’t believe the polls. The national polls are not helpful and designed to placate anti-Trump readers. And they’re irrelevant. As one commentator noted, it’s like counting the number of hits in the World Series. We’ve said this repeatedly for the past 6 months: what matters are the 7+ states where the election will be decided. Your CV team is on the ground in each of these states with over 3,000 staff and volunteers. Over the past 3 days alone, our teams have made over 100,000 phone calls and sent almost 1,000,000 text messages. And we’ve been at this for almost a year. No stone unturned!

  • We’re in contact with pollsters, state experts, and our own field teams studying the early data. Our view on the key states: Trump has a small advantage in FL, AZ and IA. Races in NC, PA and MI are pure tossups. Finally, WI, MN and NV all are within reach. Suffice it to say there are multiple paths to victory here…

  • Trump enthusiasm is through the roof. We’re not that old, but our political team has been at this for 20 years and we have never seen anything like this. Even CNN was astonished at the 57,000 people who showed up last Saturday for the Trump rally in Butler, Pennsylvania.
  • Early vote numbers show Democrats with underwhelming numbers in key states. While Democrats have dominated absentee and mail-in voting, Republicans have closed the deficit with in-person early voting. Projections of the percentage of voters that will vote in-person tomorrow vary by state: PA (75%), WI (70%), MI (67%), AZ (50%), FL (46%), and NC (42%). Nearly every analyst is predicting a huge day tomorrow for Trump. Will it be enough?

  • Finally…how about the Catholics? We have maintained an internal tracking poll that surveys over 2,000 swing Catholic voters in battleground states every day. Trump approval has surged and is now at 59-60% — the highest number in months. Peaking at the right time? Let’s hope so.
Our ultimate responsibility is to represent you as best as possible, in fidelity to the Church we all love.

One thing is certain: we rallied and worked together this election season. This year we estimate we will spend nearly $10,000,000 educating millions of Catholic voters on authentic Church teaching, candidate positions, and threats to life, religious liberty, schools, charities, and more. We’ve also built the largest field operation ever — tripling the size of our staff, with operations in 10 states.

Most importantly, we have prayed together. Based on your emails, text messages, and calls, we know that hundreds of thousands of you are praying fervently for our country right now.

It’s not too late to join!

At this point, here are the most important things you can do:
  1. Plan your time to vote! Then ask yourself: is there someone you know who might need a ride to the polls? Do you have friends or family members who might need help with kids to make sure they can get to the polls?
  2. Call or text your friends. Take 5 minutes now and send a quick message to your friends and family. Tell them why you are voting and why their vote is so important.
  3. Pray for our country. No matter what happens, do not despair. St. John Paul II’s rallying cry was “Be Not Afraid.” That doesn’t mean we simply dismiss the very real dangers we face in this country. After all, Pope John Paul II lived through the twin evils of Naziism and Communism. But it does mean that God calls us to joyfully preach the Gospel, in and out of season.

On behalf of all of us at CV, thank you for standing with us this election season. Whatever good we have accomplished, we hope that God will be glorified.

Watch our final pre-election video here!

Now let’s go vote.