Your AFA-IN is Censored by Big Tech !!!

Big Tech Censorship Hits Home

You’ve probably heard the news stories in the last week about the censorship efforts of big tech companies to hide information (about Hunter Biden’s shady dealings for example) from viewers with the intent of influencing the election or shaping the culture.

Well, much to our surprise, early this morning we learned that the AFA of Indiana Facebook page has been censored.   We are banned from buying ads or trying to reach more people, even though we went through all the hoops and hurdles long ago for such approval.  Moreover, in ten years on FB we’ve almost never been flagged.   Only once this year have we received notice of posting allegedly “false” information.  It was regarding a rather mild published Covid-19 story.   We have a narrow group of solid sources from which we pull stories for our page.  We are discerning about what we do and do not post and we ban all profane comments.  We have not misbehaved or pushed the boundaries.  Yet, we also are not simply posting pictures of puppies and unicorns.

Two weeks before Election Day we get a notice saying, “This page isn’t allowed to advertise because it has repeatedly posted content that has been debunked by third-party fact-checkers. This behavior means the Page hasn’t compiled with our Misinformation Advertising Policy, which is a requirement for advertising on Facebook.  Its ads have been disabled and it currently can’t create or run new ads.

         This is right out of George Orwell’s 1984!! 

We think that many things we have been publishing have been shadow banned for a while as our view numbers have mysteriously declined this year.   I suspected this on my own personal FB page when a news story I posted Monday about Joe Biden’s plan to tax certain gun owners got only one response in 10 hours, but the items above and below it had over 50 “likes” in the same or shorter timeframe.

Our Director of Communications is a pro at social media, having a great deal of political campaign and business marketing experience through social media.  This move by big tech yesterday against AFA-IN shocked him.

The reality is that those with a conservative worldview or traditional values are the target of the left under the new doublespeak of “tolerance.”  We are looking at other platforms that embrace true freedom and diversity of opinion.  Parler is one place we have gone as Twitter becomes more slanted.   We have used paid Facebook ads for growing our email list and year-end donations for years.  If you like, your support of AFA-IN will help us work around this speed bump.  You can donate through our web site here:

The Indiana Governor’s Debate

Last night the three candidates for Indiana Governor squared off in an hour debate.  Republican Governor Eric Holcomb, Democrat Dr. Woody Myers, and Libertarian Donald Rainwater went back and forth in a very civil, polite and informative debate.

I was only able to listen to the first half of the debate in my car, but I think all three camps can objectively claim a good performance by their leader.  There are distinct philosophical differences between each of the candidates that I would loosely describe as liberal, moderate and conservative.

Governor Holcomb must have felt like he was being attacked by both sides as Dr. Myers claimed he would make masks mandatory with a criminal penalty on day one if he is elected, (so much for the separation of powers and the role of the legislature) because Holcomb had not done enough on Covid-19.  At the same time, Donald Rainwater criticized the Governor for going too far with multiple emergency orders and restrictions that hurt Hoosier businesses and restricted churches and families.    (My takeaway from that section of the debate was that it was a bit too Indiana-centric, and too many presuppositions when Covid cases are rising all across the Midwest and around the globe right now, regardless of the kind of masking,  shutdown, or distancing policies in place.)

There was one slightly embarrassing item in the debate for the GOP.  Dr. Myers said on two occasions that if elected, he would appoint incumbent Dr. Jennifer McCormick as Superintendent of Public Instruction.  McCormick is allegedly a Republican, though she rarely voted that way during primary elections and many people, myself included, warned Republican leaders of her liberal views on issues like school choice and home or private education.  She is now doing TV commercials for Democrat legislative candidates.

The legislature decided to make her office an appointed, rather than elected, position starting next year.  The next governor will fill that vacancy.  Dr. Myers’ pledge to reappoint McCormick is sort of a poke in the eye to the legislature, Governor Holcomb and the state Republican Party leadership.

You can watch the debate on YouTube here (jump ahead about 30 minutes to the start

Here is a news article about the debate.

Razor Thin Margin in Indiana Congressional Race

I am hearing that the 5th District Congressional race between Christina Hale and Victoria Spartz is a tight 50/50 race.     Hale was a State Representative for four years. Spartz has been a State Senator for three years.

Both candidates are young, talented and rather equally matched.   Spartz may have a slight campaign disadvantage of a heavy Ukrainian accent.  (She has with that an advantage of a unique life story and a direct view of the dangers of socialism that few American-born Hoosiers know.)

Tons of money is flowing into this competitive race.  Campaign commercials are airing heavily. Almost all of them are negative.  Something that may be more helpful in revealing the differences between these candidates is a list of some of their endorsements from

Christina Hale
Barack Obama
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Emily’s List
Equality PAC
Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund
Feminist Majority
Giffords Courage to Fight Gun Violence
Human Rights Campaign
Indiana AFL-CIO
Latino Victory
League of Conservation Voters Action Fund
NARAL Pro-Choice America
National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
NewDem Action Fund
Planned Parenthood Action Fund
Population Connection Action Fund
Progressive Turnout Project
Serve America
United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 700
Win the Era
Women’s Political Committee

Victoria Spartz
Club for Growth
David Wolkins  (State Legislator)
Eagle Forum PAC
FreedomWorks for America
Indiana Right to Life
Maggie’s List
Mike Gaskill    (State Legislator)
National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB)
National Rifle Association (NRA) PVF
National Right To Life
Susan B. Anthony List
Winning for Women

In Their Own Words:

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” — George Washington


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