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Religious Bigotry, Here it Comes

The Democrat media, the far left, or whatever you want to call them are so wrapped around the axles by their agenda they just can’t help themselves.  They cannot hide their religious bigotry when it comes to the idea of a devout Catholic on the Supreme Court.

They have no problem with Catholics like Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden who support abortion up to birth and oppose religious freedom. (It was the Obama/Biden administration that attempted to punish, if not close, the Little Sisters of the Poor and Hobby Lobby’s owners through abortion mandates in Obamacare.)  Yet, when it comes to one who follows the faith with any seriousness, that must be questioned and portrayed as extreme.

Now an Indiana news article that may well go national, questions Hoosier Judge Amy Coney Barrett for having lived in a house owned by a ministry called People of Praise.  The undertones of the story seem to want to make people fearful of her religious beliefs as something that makes women subservient to theological beliefs.

People of Praise is simply an Indiana based, multi-faith, charismatic religious organization that works across denominations to help the poor and needy.  For example, the Evansville chapter has taken dozens of empty lots and planted gardens for the area poor. People of Praise has also helped create private schools for low income families.

People of Praise is a Pentecostal entity which believes in the Bible’s teachings on gifts of the spirit.  Personally, I am neither Pentecostal nor Catholic, but some of my closest, most beloved, Christian friends fall into those camps. Neither are out of the religious mainstream.   I respect People of Praise and viscerally recoil at attacks against this Christian community.  Such smears, directly or subtly, are abhorrent and un-American.   There is nothing sinister about People of Praise or Judge Barret’s support of them at all.

So, this is where we are. Brace yourself.  In a nation that claims to support tolerance, we are headed toward a very intolerant confirmation debate over Judge Barrett and her faith.

Forgetting the Command to Not Be Conformed to the World

Some people have asked me what shaped my conservative worldview.  One of the things that formed it was my time in college.  I attended a Southern Baptist university in Missouri.  Before you assume that it was the school’s worldview, it wasn’t.  In some ways it was just the opposite.  I saw and heard things expressed that conflicted with the school’s principles which made me examine my own worldview.    Certainly, I benefited greatly from Biblical teachings, but I also had to stand for what I believed was right as liberal ideas crept into many classes, and to a greater degree, among students raised in the church.

So, I guess I am not surprised to hear of another Christian university that appears to have conformed to the views of the culture.  But what is shocking is the specific ministry that this school opposed.  It is a group that uniquely defends Christianity in an insightful way that our culture can hear.

Think about how Satan can desensitize people and compromise values through humor, whether it be TV sitcoms or shows that are funny, but advance lifestyles or agendas that conflict with a Christian worldview.   If you recognize this, then you probably understand what The Babylon Bee does so well by making people think, through humor and satire.

Palm Beach Atlantic University has disinvited Seth Dillon, CEO of the Bee from speaking at their chapel service even though Seth is an alumnus of the college.

Apparently, several students were upset that the Babylon Bee has exposed Black Lives Matter as a radical Marxist organization and has shown the LGBT agenda to be intolerant of Christian beliefs.

Seth, naturally, had some direct words for this.  “Cancel culture has come for me . . . I’m just too dangerous and divisive to be permitted to speak on the campus of my alma mater,” Dillon said.  “Since when do you have to support terrorist organizations that use violence and intimidation to advance their agenda to be welcome on a Christian campus?

Dillon’s appearance was meant to be a series of lighthearted questions about his experience as an alumnus and a Christian media interpreter with questions like “Who was your favorite professor?”

Well, There Ya Have It.   Now How Do I say this?

Some interesting research caught my attention in part because of a talk I plan on giving this Sunday and in part because of the headline: More Sex Less Death.

The research finds that people who are sexually active throughout the year tend to live longer than those who are not.   As you might imagine, this finding could be taken in a lot of ways or used to justify things that are not emotionally or physically healthy.   The researchers make a good point that the study does not embrace swinging singles.  It also notes that a bad marriage often has negative health implications.  It simply recognizes that those who are married are the most sexually active and typically have the most committed and highest quality of relationships which have been shown to have various health benefits and lower mortality rates.

Sexual activity may simply be a side component of marriage which in and of itself aids in boosting the health of adults.  For example, married men tend to go to the doctor for regular check-ups more than single men. Perhaps because of their wife’s encouragement.

If anything at all, this is more research showing that God’s plan for sexual activity within marriage is beneficial to his human creation.   If you’d like to read this interesting report with its caveats, it can be found here:

In Their Own Words:

“If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that, too.”  – Somerset Maugham


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