Opinion on COVID-19 (Indiana)

Fellow Hoosiers –

Link shows various data/graphs on CV19 in Indiana updated daily.


What never seems to be discussed are the death ‘rates’ – BOTTOM LINE!! In Indiana:

51.8% or 1324 of 2555 deaths to date are age 80+; over 1/2!  48% of deaths (1220) are in Long Term Care facilities.

LESS THAN 3% OF DEATHS (74) ARE UNDER AGE 50!!!  NEGLIGIBLE FOR UNDER 20!   This is the vast majority of ‘working parents’ and their school age kids!! What is the big deal about not going back to work full time and opening schools full time (at least in Indiana? I suspect these stats would hold through most of the country.)

Less that 10% of ICU beds are CV19! Only 2.6% of ventilators in use are CV19! Hospitalizations have steadily decreased with a ‘stabilization’ (flat curve) past few weeks. NO serious ‘spike’ trend per se. Why more positive cases?  Duh! Significantly more testing!!!

Yet the ‘fear mongering’ continues! Why? – BLAME TRUMP!!!