Short Note from AFAIN Regarding Legislation in Statehouse

Dear Friends,
         Thank you for reading this email. I am always hesitant to send more than one email a week, out of respect for your time.  However, this legislative session is moving very quickly. 
         I wanted to update you on a couple of developments in the Indiana General Assembly at the end of this second week of the session.
         Senate Bill 74, authored by Jim Tomes, would prohibit the Bureau of Motor Vehicles from creating a politically motivated change our driver’s license.   The BMV wants to allow drivers to choose their sex or no sex with a new “Gender X” category.   This is a major policy change that the legislature, not the bureaucracy, should make or reject.  
       Senator Tomes has worked closely with several first responders who have various concerns about how this change could impact police, firemen, and medical staff on the highways of Indiana.    People are free to live as they choose, but their license (ID) needs to be scientifically accurate, not politically correct. 
         SB 74 has been assigned to the Senate Public Policy Committee where it may not get a hearing.   The bill should have been assigned to a more favorable committee, such as Transportation, where Senator Tomes serves as the ranking member.  You can call your Senator at 317-232-9400 about this bill. 
         Two Republicans in the House, Representatives Wendy McNamara and Tony Cook, have co-authored House Bill 1322, which seeks to set up a system to give every student in Indiana a mental health exam.  This could result in labeling many children for their entire 12 years of school.   The bill does not mention the role of, or rights of, parents in this process.  Some people wonder if this is an attempt to assess or change the values, beliefs and attitudes of 1 million K12 Hoosiers.  We simply do not know where this bill might be headed.   You can call your State Representative about HB 1322 at 317-232-9600.

       House Bill 1088, the Fair Play for Females Act has now been assigned to the House Education Committee.   This bill, authored by Representative Christy Stutzman protects competition in school sponsored girls’ sports by only allowing females in girls’ sporting events. 
        You can find out who your legislator is here:
        The Statehouse is closed on Monday for Martin Luther King Day, but you can call today or Tuesday.
Thank you,
Micah Clark
Executive Director
American Family Association of Indiana 


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