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Week # 2 at Your Indiana Legislature

Yesterday, I was at the statehouse testifying in regard to a bill directing schools to work with outside mental health centers.  (I had some questions about the role parents play and the rights they have if their child is referred for outside counseling.)

Going into the statehouse, one of the big issues that had exploded on social media the night before involved a Democrat-authored bill to allow illegal aliens in Indiana to get drivers permits and licenses.  I do not expect House Bill 1083 to get a hearing, but I would like to know where the Governor and the legislature stand on this controversial issue.

Late last week, there seemed to be a lot of attention surrounding a sweeping gun control bill that would make Virginia Governor Ralph Northam happy.  I do not expect Senate Bill 203 to get a committee hearing either.

It is interesting that most Democrats have no problem pushing a liberal agenda, but most Republicans seem to want to hide from conservative legislation.  Several conservative bills are still waiting a committee assignment or have been assigned to committees where they will never get a favorable hearing.

On Monday, AFA-IN and our national office, sent out an alert on House Bill 1088, the Fair Play for Female Sports Act, authored by Rep. Christy Stutzman.  Some who have called the statehouse have been told this bill does not exist.  It is not on the statehouse web page yet, because it too, is being held up for a committee assignment, but it does exist.  I have seen it printed in bill format and have met with the author.

The Indiana Family Institute has set up a page on their web site with their take on HB 1088.  You can read it by clicking this link:

Advance America has produced a legislative update that can be viewed with links to legislation, or printed out, and circulated by clicking here:

Marriage and the “Success Sequence”

We hear politicians talk a lot about pathways to success, or methods to improve economic outcomes, but one factor almost never mentioned is marriage.  In fact, traditional marriage is generally looked down upon in American culture today.

A record 55% of Millennial parents (ages 28-34) have put childbearing before marriage, according to an analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics. By comparison, a majority of Baby Boomers (67%) had entered into family life at the same age by marrying first. A much smaller share of Boomers had children before marrying (20%)
Compared with the path of having a baby first, marrying before children more than doubles young adults’ odds of being in the middle or top income tier after adjusting for education, childhood family income, employment status, race/ethnicity and sex.

In fact, an incredible, 97% of Millennials who follow what has been called the “success sequence”— that is, who get at least a high school degree, work, and then marry before having any children, in that order – are not poor by the time they reach their prime young adult years.

This pattern holds true for racial and ethnic minorities, as well as young adults from lower-income families. For instance, 76% of African American and 81% of Hispanic young adults who married first are in the middle or upper third of the income distribution, as are 87% of whites. Likewise, 71% of Millennials who grew up in the bottom third of the income distribution and married before having a baby have moved up to the middle or upper third of the distribution as young adults.

In general, young people who marry first are more likely to be on track to realizing the American Dream than those who put childbearing first.    To read more about research on this click here:

No Surprise, the Media Hates Trump

Another study has found that the mainstream media is overwhelmingly slanted in its coverage of the President.   One could argue that Donald Trump is a very different kind of politician who’s off the cuff, rough and tumble, shoot from the hip, clunky speaking style makes him an easy target, compared to previous presidents.   Yet, when nearly all of the news coverage is found to be negative, objectivity and fairness are missing.

In the first 100 days since House Democrats began their impeachment push on September 24, ABC, CBS and NBC have aggressively aided the effort. A Media Research Center analysis of 1,053 comments and stories finds the three primary network evening newscasts have battered the President with 93% negative coverage and promoted impeachment at the expense of nearly all other Trump news.

At the same time, the broadcast networks donated at least 124 hours of wall-to-wall live coverage as they pre-empted regular programming in favor of House Democrat-led impeachment activities.   The analysis also found that the media has spent twice the amount of coverage on impeaching Trump through the Ukraine probe as it did the Russia probe, which was also overwhelmingly negative coverage.

It seems increasingly obvious that anything positive President Trump does in regard to the economy, foreign policy, or other areas are not going to get much interest, much less any positive coverage from the media.

In Their Own Words:

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings.  The inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”  – Winston Churchill


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