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AFA-IN: Parenting Regrets? Fewer Cops . . . Dad Day?

The Decline of US Birth Rates Raises a Question
         The American birth rate has fallen for the sixth consecutive year in a row, with the lowest number of babies born since 1979.
         This raises an interesting question.  Which do people regret more, having or not having children?   There is a large divide between, for example, feminists who see children as a prison sentence, and environmentalists who see childbearing as harming the planet, and parents, who wish they would or could have had even more children.  These two views often bring about commentary on whether people should have fewer or more children, but such opinion often overlooks which choice people actually regret more.  
         While not designed to specifically look at this question, in March, a “U.S. Adult Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes Study,” of 1,518 US adults gave a glimpse at this question.
         Among the respondents, ranging in age from 18 to 74, 68% have at least one child. Another 19% have not had children nor want to have children, while the remaining 13% do not have children but still hope to. The fact that more than three-fourths of adults already have, or want to have, children, reveals a lot about the human biological desire for offspring.
         The survey did not explicitly ask whether people regretted having or not having children.  However, it did ask those with children to agree or disagree with the statement, “I wish I had had fewer children.”   Just 14% of people with children agreed with the statement.   Yet, it is not known whether they regret ever having children or just wish that they had fewer children.   Conversely, when asked if they wished for the opposite if they agree that, “I wish I had or would still like to have more children,” 24% fall into the category of already having but still wanting more children.
         Summarizing the study, to include the views of those without children, 29% of U.S. adults either do not want to have children or wish they had fewer.  A third (34%) have children and are happy with the number they have.  The largest group (37%) wish they had more, whether they are currently parents or not.  In other words, those with no apparent regret or reluctance about having children outnumber the rest by more than 2 to 1.
        To add to this, 88% of those surveyed agree that “having children is one of the most important things I have done.” This suggests the joy far outweighs any negatives in parenting.

(Note:  Many women or married couples do not have a realistic choice to parent due to infertility, divorce, singleness, or other issues.  Nothing stated above should ignore the emotional hurt many have with this issue. The research seems to focus on those who likely can have children and their choices in a culture that does not value family as it once did.)

A Parent’s Guide to Fight Critical Race Theory in Schools
         One of the controversies raging across our nation involves what many schools are teaching about racism.  Generally called Critical Race Theory, the instruction involves a Marxist concept of the oppressed and oppressors.  (White people, for example, are oppressors, whether they know it or not, by sheer virtue of their skin color.)    
         These teachings have irritated parents of all colors as their children are taught that America is thoroughly evil.  As such, it must be torn down and rebuilt.   This overlooks our unique history of correcting things like slavery and segregation, while providing more opportunity, and yes, even better justice, to all people of all backgrounds than most other nations of the world can ever hope to offer.

         Here is an extensive item for parents called, “Combating Critical Race Theory in Your Community” from Citizens for Renewing America that you can download here if interested in going deeper on this:

         Speaking of CRT, connected to this ideology is the defund the police movement.  The number of police retirements from April 2020 to April 2021 is staggering in the cities where Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots were the strongest.  

         In New York City the number of police officers who have retired has doubled over the previous year. In Seattle, Washington, resignations have quadrupled, and retirements have more than doubled. In Portland, Oregon, police retirements increased five-fold.  In Atlanta, Georgia, more than 200 officers have resigned or retired. The Atlanta force remains more than 400 officers below its authorized level.  Homicides there are up 58%.    Nationally, with the rise in anti-police rhetoric, retirements have increased by 45% and resignations have increased by 18%.  

         In April of 2020, Gallup conducted a poll before a summer of BLM and Antifa riots.   They found that 81% of African Americans wanted the same or an increased presence of police in their neighborhoods.  (I doubt that you ever heard this on the evening news.)

A Fatherless Father’s Day
         This Sunday is Father’s Day.  AFA-IN would like to wish all dads a happy Father’s Day.   

          From a public policy perspective, there may not be a more important holiday than this one.  The rise in fatherless homes and out-of-wedlock births has had a dramatic impact on America.  For example, the growth of government has a direct link to the lack of two-parent homes, with a married mother and father.  America now spends more than ten times what it did when President Johnson’s “War on Poverty” programs from his Great Society began in the mid-1960s in order to alleviate economic problems stemming from the breakdown of the traditional family.
         You can read about how a father, or the lack of an active loving father, impacts economic prosperity, crime, child abuse, educational attainment, and more in a fact sheet I put together from one of the most commented upon weekly emails I have ever written, back in June of 2011.

       Click this link to read or print “America’s Disappearing Dads”:  


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In Their Own Words:
          “Above all, I know there is a Supreme Being who rules the affairs of men and whose goodness and mercy have always followed the American people, and I know He will not turn from us now if we humbly and reverently seek His powerful aid.”  –  President Grover Cleveland,  March  4, 1893,  2nd Inaugural Address


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AFA-IN: Pride in What? Job Openings, School Ideology

How About Tobacco Month?

         Millions of people across the world enjoy the pleasures of fine tobaccos.  For thousands of years, nicotine has crossed cultural racial, economic, and gender boundaries. Tobacco companies have invested untold millions in advertising and farming revenues that have given thousands of people good-paying jobs.  Maybe schools should teach children the benefits of choosing to smoke or chew tobacco for their enjoyment.  They could have smoking hours and books about the history of tobacco farming in America, and hear special speakers talk of how nicotine calms the nerves.   Why don’t we have a tobacco pride month recognizing this behavior?

         The answer is obvious. It’s dangerous!  A responsible society doesn’t promote things that are harmful to children or to adults. . . or does it?
         We pick very strange things to embrace as a culture these days.  It is one thing to live and let live, it’s another to be expected to celebrate precarious choices.  All over social media, video streaming services, newspaper stories, and television ads right now, people are flooded with the idea of celebrating June as LGBT Awareness or Gay Pride month.   

         This will surely get AFA-IN some hate mail, but here is a new factsheet we put together titled: The Dangers of Pride.  This just barely scratches the surface, but I think it makes its point.  Does a truly loving parent tell a child to go play in the street?

         Click here to read or print out this basic, one-page item.  http://afain.net/factsheets/fs_gay_pride.pdf

Indiana Has Many Jobs to Fill

         The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) recently conducted a survey revealing that 48% of businesses in America have unfilled job openings.   This is a record-high number.  The head of the Indiana NFIB says our state numbers mirror this national survey. 

         With the additional federal benefit through the CARES Act, Hoosiers on unemployment make at least $555 a week (That equals $28,860 annually.)  Indiana’s unemployment compensation is one of the lowest in the nation.  

         Since March of 2020, a total of 866,557 people in Indiana have received unemployment benefits and the total that has been paid out is $8.5 billion. Just less than 20% of this was state money, and the remaining 80% was federal money.

         “They suspended all of those [unemployment] rules,” says Barbara Quandt of the Indiana NFIB, “so you could just say I’m unemployed and it was a lot easier to collect unemployment. In fact, you could have been an entrepreneur or someone else like that who said, ‘I can’t work right now. I’m going to collect unemployment,’ Under normal circumstances, they couldn’t collect.”

         As of May 1, there were 199,528 Hoosiers were still getting unemployment compensation as businesses in the state struggle to find people to work.  

         In the NFIB survey, 34% of small business owners said they’d had to raise pay, the highest level in the past 12 months, and 22% said they planned to raise employee pay in the next three months.

         In May, Governor Eric Holcomb announced that as of June 19, Indiana will no longer accept the federal portion of the unemployment money, and as of June 1st there will be job search requirements reattached to unemployment benefit.  
        Currently, Indiana has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the midwest at 3.9%.

Working for the Government
         Here is an interesting statistic.  

         Nationwide, the public sector accounts for 15.4% of all employment. Government employment is not evenly distributed across the country, however. Depending on the state, the share of all jobs in the public sector ranges from less than 13% to over 25%.

         In Indiana, 13.8% of the workforce are employed by the government — either at the state, local, or federal level — the eighth-lowest share of all states.

Are Public Schools Modern Religious Institutions?
       Former US Attorney General William Barr gave an outstanding speech
a couple of weeks ago covering some key points on education and religious freedom.   Barr raises the thought-provoking question asking if today’s public schools have become religious schools promoting the orthodoxy of secularism.  

        I would strongly encourage you to watch and consider this 23-minute speech in response to an award given to him by Alliance Defending Freedom, one of the nation’s premier religious liberty organizations.

       Barr also does a very good job of succinctly addressing Critical Race Theory, one of the hottest topics across America today. 

         In the speech, Barr quickly lays out five points about Critical Race Theory as repackaged Marxism. He states: 

       “But the progressive gender and sexuality agenda only begins to scratch the surface of what is now being taught in government-run schools.

        In recent years, public schools across the country have rushed to embrace the so-called “Critical Race Theory.” CRT is nothing more than the materialist philosophy of Marxism substituting racial antagonism for class antagonism.

         It postulates all the same things as traditional Marxism: 

1.   That there are meta-historical forces at work.

2.   That social pathologies are due to societal conventions and power structures that have to be destroyed.

3.   That conflict between the oppressed and the oppressors provides the dynamic and progressive movement of history. 

4.   And that individual morality is determined by where one fits in with the impersonal movement of these historical forces. 

5. Just as everyone, from the Catholic Church on, has observed traditional Marxism, this philosophy is fundamentally incompatible with Christianity. It posits a view of man and his relation to society and to other individuals that is antithetical to the Christian view.”


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AFA-IN: The Invisible Tax is Here

The Invisible Tax is Here

         Inflation is sometimes called the invisible tax because it is not directly imposed upon taxpayers by the government.  It is more a result of governmental monetary policies or reckless spending creating more dollars chasing fewer goods, which causes prices to rise.   The loss of purchasing power is seen in increases in the costs of goods and services that we all pay. 

         In April, US inflation shot up 4.2%, mostly due to consumer price increases in gasoline and food.  This was the largest monthly increase since 1992.   Many experts are predicting this to get even worse as the summer rolls along.  You may have noticed this for your Memorial Day cookout.  Ground beef prices are up 7% just since February, and hot dogs are up 11%.  Gasoline prices are at their highest level in seven years, at more than $3 a gallon in many Indiana counties.  If your car didn’t make it to grandma’s house for the cookout, used car and truck prices have jumped 10%.
         Joe Biden claimed that he would not raise taxes on those making under $400,000 when he ran for President.  That promise won’t mean much to voters if the prices of everything they need to buy keeps climbing month after month.

For the Fifteenth Time

         Last week, Governor Eric Holcomb issued his 15th monthly statewide public health Emergency Order which extends to June 30th.   The Governor noted a few reasons for doing this, but the one becoming the most obvious is to continue to receive pandemic emergency funds.  There’s federal money that comes with exercising these governmental powers.

         The Governor and the legislature, (and to a lesser extent, the Attorney General), are in a legal battle over how sweeping the governor’s powers should be in these circumstances.  Governor Holcomb has filed a lawsuit to block a modest bill passed by the legislature to give a committee of legislators a seat at the table for a possible review of certain orders.  Attorney General Todd Rokita wants no part of disputing that new legislation. He has questioned some of the Governor’s actions in challenging that law. 

         On another matter, nineteen state legislators recently sent a letter asking the Governor to intervene in Indiana University’s Covid vaccine mandate for students.  Attorney General Rokita has questioned the legality of this based upon a new law on Covid vaccine passports passed by the legislature.  (The school might be able to require the vaccine, but they cannot ask students to prove that they are vaccinated.)  On Sunday Governor Holcomb was asked about this. He said that he would not intervene in the state university’s policy.  
         I find it curious that the governor has issued dozens of limitations on private businesses over the past year through a slew of executive orders. Yet, he won’t get involved in a state-run institution that might infringe upon the religious or conscience rights of several students who are concerned about a vaccine that is approved on an emergency use status. Students have always been among the lower risk groups, and the emergency is fading, but the Governor will let the vaccine mandate stand for this coming fall. 

These People Supposedly Care About Children?

         A new report published by the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, states that preventing children from having access to pornography might be an infringement of their human rights. 

         UNICEF also claims that asking for age verification to access pornography online may deny children access to what it calls “vital sexuality education.”

         Linda Thompson, Director with the National Center on Sexual Exploitationdisagreed.  “UNICEF’s report ignores the vast body of research demonstrating the harms of pornography to children. By ignoring the real harms pornography can have, UNICEF is playing roulette with children’s health and safety. . . Mainstream pornography contains horrific sexual abuse, rape, incest, racism – all of which children should not consume.”

         UNICEF’s release of this report comes soon after the U.S. Agency for International Development announced the renewal of its longstanding partnership with UNICEF, committing an additional $300 million in US tax dollars for program funding. American tax dollars are UNICEF’s largest funding source with 2020 funding reaching almost $994 million.  UNICEF was founded after World War 2 to help displaced children after the war.

         More than 400 child safety experts from 26 countries have condemned UNICEF’s report.   

A Glimpse at Home School Numbers

         Home education of K12 students has seen a big increase during the Covid pandemic.  Specifically, parents teaching their children at home rather than sending them to a public or private school has doubled in the past year from 5% to 11%.   
         I have heard from many parents who are looking at home or private education because they have now seen what their children were being taught through remote learning during Covid, and they didn’t agree with it.

        No one knows if this increase will hold as public schools return to normal this fall.  Here is an interesting study showing who is choosing to home school and why.

The Biden Solution – Just Hide Your Faith 

         This is simply astonishing.  Think about this reaction. 

         There have been several stories about a wave of anti-Semitism sweeping through America that was exposed during the military conflict between the terrorist group Hamas and the country of Israel.  As the debate heated up last week, Aaron Kayak, the Jewish Engagement Director for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, tweeted:  “It pains me to say this, but if you fear for your life or physical safety take off your kippah and hide your Star of David.”

In Their Own Words:

       “Real love isn’t an unlimited endorsement of just any behavior a person chooses to engage in. Many of those behaviors are inherently and inevitably harmful, and to endorse, approve, and encourage them is not loving; it is cold and uncaring. If we care about another person, we won’t approve behavior that is damaging and destructive to that person’s life.” – Josh McDowell

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Why I quit my job as a news anchor

Great testimony of gal who had long time news anchor position in AZ. About 7 mins or so. Worth the watch and encouragement to ‘stand up’ and support others who are ‘standing up’. Dennis Prage and Prage U are ‘fighting a good fight’. Need support as well.


AFAIN: Pro-life bills signed, Liberals’ mental health

Governor Signs Pro-Life Bills, ACLU Threatens Suit

         Last week, Governor Eric Holcomb signed House Bill 1577 into law.  The lengthy bill contains several pro-life provisions. Some are more significant than others.    The most noteworthy, and the provision that has abortion advocates the most upset, is one that requires the abortionist to inform a woman seeking a pharmaceutical abortion that should she have second thoughts, it may be possible to reverse her decision before the 2nd pill is taken.   Six other states have this provision in their law.  Three of them, ND, OK, and TN, have had their laws challenged in court.   The ACLU of Indiana seems to be considering a lawsuit to block women from being told this.  Almost any pro-life bill anymore can expect to be challenged in court.

         The other provisions in the bill include the disposal of fetal remains, additional details involving annual clinic inspections, and allowing a woman, if she so chooses, to have the ultrasound image of her baby.   

         Another important provision that passed as an amendment to House Bill 1421states that a baby born alive either via delivery or abortion must receive life-saving care and treatment.   In other words, a child that survives a premature birth, or an induced abortion, cannot simply be set aside to die without any care or help for life.    This amendment had an Indiana family’s story behind it that gave it the name of the “Baby River Amendment.” The Governor signed this bill as well.

         In my email last week, I was a little negative over the missed opportunity to tie education funding to blocking left-wing agendas in public schools that concern so many parents.  These life provisions are definitely two positive things pro-life and pro-family Hoosiers can applaud.

Has the World Overtaken the Church?
         There was a troubling recent story in Christianity Today that reveals many churches are failing the call to be in the world, but not of the world.  It seems that most young Evangelical Christians now embrace cohabitation, living together before marriage.   Most Evangelicals under the age of 45 have cohabited, or plan to do so in the future, or are open to the possibility.

         A 2019 Pew Research survey found that 58% of white Evangelicals say they believe that cohabiting is acceptable if a couple plans to marry.   In fact, a 2012 survey found that only 41% of evangelicals ages 18 to 29 disagreed with the claim that cohabitation was morally acceptable even if the couple had no express intent to marry.In other words, like the Pew survey, this General Social Survey found that 59% of Evangelicals were OK with living together for any reason, even if marriage is not imminent or a consideration.

         While 84% of those with no religious affiliation cohabit before marriage, compared to 54% of evangelical protestants, most people who cohabit never make it to the altar.  For example, among Evangelicals, only 49% ended in marriage.  Some research shows that overall, only about 1 in 4 couples who cohabit make it to the altar.  For those that do, the news is not much better.  Far from being a “trial marriage” their rate of divorce is much higher than those who did not live together before marriage.
         There is more than a practical problem here for people of faith.    Living together before marriage is not something God approves of according to scripture.  This is not an abstract teaching, or something only mentioned in passing. Sexual purity as an expectation, and the importance of marriage, is easily found throughout the Bible and a concept widely held in Christian circles for centuries.  

         You can read articles about what the Bible says here or here and lists of verses here.

Red States Outperforming Blue States
         CEO Magazine has just released its annual ranking of the best and worst states for businesses.  The rankings are based upon each state’s business climate, quality of life, and workforce.  Included in this matrix are tax policy and regulations.
         Interestingly, there is a stark difference between traditional Republican and traditional Democrat states.  For the 17th year in a row, Texas was rated as the best state in America for business. Florida ranked 2nd, followed by Tennessee, North Carolina, then at 5th best is Indiana.
         At the bottom of the list as the five worst states for business were the following liberal states that CEO magazine called “the usual bunch” – California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and Washington.

White Liberals and Poor Mental Health?

         An analysis of a Pew Research Center survey has come to the conclusion that there may be a link between liberalism or left-wing ideology and mental illness.  The research found that young white liberals are more likely than other ideological/racial groups to have been diagnosed with a mental disorder.   

         A writer with a women’s magazine called Evie noted that 56% of white liberal women under the age of 30 have been diagnosed with a mental health condition at some point.  She wrote, “What if what was once a cheap shot or a personal insult [my comment: safe space seeking snowflakes, or Trump Derangement Syndrome”] has actually been found to bear scientific correlation between the individuals who hold progressive ideologies and an increased risk of mental illness?”

         The survey involved 11,537 U.S. adults.  It found 14.8% of those described as very conservative had ever been told by a healthcare provider that they have a mental health issue. About 12% of conservatives and 15 -20% of moderates and 16-27% of liberals had been told this by a healthcare expert.

         There are a lot of mental health labels thrown around today. Whether there is truly something to the anger many liberals seem to have and an actual mental condition may be more speculative from a survey than an actual clinical evaluation.  There may well also be something very worrisome to this.

National Day of Prayer
         Tomorrow is the annual National Day of Prayer.  Please make a point of praying for those in authority over us and our nation overall.  This is something we should do on a regular basis.

Black Lives Matter in the Midwest
         Two weeks ago, I receive a lot of responses to the video about the courageous minority business owner in Chicago who was targeted by Black Lives Matter. (His church was targeted too.)  Almost overnight he went from being applauded by the sports world and local media, to a target of extortion and rage.  If you missed this, you may want to take some time to watch “Paint the Wall Black” here:

        On a totally different topic, I know that some of our readers were longtime viewers of The Phipps Gospel Hour on WHMB TV 40 and several cable stations in central Indiana that aired his southern gospel music show.  He is back on the air on Channel 40 and he also has a new issue-based show.  His first program aired recently and can be seen here on Youtube: https://youtu.be/ur3njiaCcT4

In Their Own Words:
        “There can be tragic mistakes that have nothing to with race. The desire to label every dire outcome a product of racism, no matter the intent, is destroying our society.” —Erielle Davidson

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