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Protecting Faith-Based Organizations 

The Trump Administration is proposing a much-needed new rule through the U.S. Department of Labor that ensures that conscience and religious freedom are protected allowing groups that contract with the government to have employment policies that are consistent with their beliefs.   Liberals have wanted to force religious colleges, businesses, and charities that work with the government to embrace the LGBT agenda.  This proposed rule nixes that effort at the federal level.

No Datable Men in Churches

My wife and I met at a Christian ministry for singles hosted by a large church in Indianapolis.  One thing that we have noticed over the years is that after 20 years of marriage we still have several friends who are single.   I have found myself sometimes suggesting that they need to be in church to find a good wife.   After, all, it worked for me.  Yet, a new study finds that my assumptions may be wrong.  (There are, of course, many better reasons to go to church! )

We have all heard that there is a dearth of men in churches when it comes to male and female ratios.  Books have been written for ministry leaders about this problem.  However, a new paper from the Institute for Family Studies finds that, while there are ratio differences, when it comes to marriage availability, the problem is different.

If you Google statistics on men in the church, the main number you will find is that 61% of the people in church on a Sunday are female. But when that number is restricted to prime-age, unmarried people, it turns out that it’s more like 52-57% of people who identify as Christian are female, which is considerably less severe than the perception.

The real problem is not so much that there is a mismatch between the numbers of men and women.  The problem is that the portion of the church population of young unmarrieds is noticeably small. Churches are only useful places to meet a spouse if there are a lot of young people there.

The paper looks at various denominational types from conservative evangelicals, to Catholics, to mainlines, to historically black churches. To show the small demographics of young people, the average Mainline church has about 80 attendees on a Sunday. Of those, about 11 are likely to be under 50, not married, and not divorced. Of those 11, six or seven are likely to be women; let’s call it seven, as we stipulated that the scenario centers around a woman. That means there are seven eligible women and 4 eligible men.

This is not a functional dating pool. So, it’s no wonder the share of Americans who meet their partner at church has plummeted from 12% in 1940 to barely 4% today.

A Sad Public Incident

You may have read that State Representative Dan Forestal was arrested for drunk driving, resisting arrest and impersonating an officer, which is a felony allegation.   This week the case was referred to a special prosecutor because the Democrat lawmaker has made campaign donations to Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry and served in his campaign.

It is unknown at this point what may happen to the legislator.  Indiana law states that a felon cannot hold public office. Forestal allegedly used his firefighter badge to claim he was a police officer while looking for cocaine with some patrons at an Indianapolis bar.  If that charge is prosecuted and sentenced, it seems highly unlikely that he could hold on to his position in the legislature.

The Indianapolis Fire Department has suspended Forestal, who serves on the department.  His resume says he is a lieutenant, but IFD says he is only a private in the department. In 2007 Forestal was arrested on DUI and promised the department that “nothing like this will ever happen again.”

Rep. Forestal has been very hostile to religious freedom as a state legislator, but he could really use a lot a prayer at this time.

ALERT:  Protecting the City of Fort Wayne

Last week, I sat through a four-hour city council meeting in Fort Wayne.  Discussion surrounded two proposals dealing with sexually oriented businesses.  The council cast a tie vote on an ordinance banning live sex acts in businesses.  That proposal died.  They did move an update of their 2001 ordinance on adult book stores and strip clubs on for a final vote.

Over the last forty years there have been numerous studies, finding that sexually oriented businesses often lead to increased crime and lower property values.   These findings are so consistent that courts across the nation, including the US Supreme Court, have allowed local governments to pass regulations and zoning guidelines as a means of reducing the harmful secondary effects of such establishments.

The ordinance would help protect dancers from being groped by customers.  It would also reduce the possibility of prostitution and sex trafficking occurring inside these clubs.  The ordinance gives the city and law enforcement agencies better guidelines should any clubs violate certain basic standards of business operation.

Dozens of cities and counties in Indiana already have an ordinance like the one being considered in Fort Wayne.

If you live in Fort Wayne, the council members need to hear from you before their final vote on Ordinance: 19-07-35.

Please email the following Council members, simply asking them to vote “yes” for the sexually oriented businesses ordinance:

Jason Arp

Michael Barranda

Dr. John Crawford

Thomas Didier

Paul Ensley

Tom Friestoffer

Glynn Hines

Russ Jehl

Geoffrey Paddock

In Their Own Words:

“Without virtue there can be no liberty.” – Dr. Benjamin Rush, Signer of the Declaration


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