Alert: Your Voice Needed on Two Indiana House Bills

ALERT # 1  
Let your State Representative Know “Equal Justice Under Law”  Matters

The Indiana Senate has passed a good bias crime law reaffirming the longstanding ability of Hoosier judges to add to a sentence for any victim of a hate crime.    Senate Bill 12 is now before the Indiana House.  Liberals are pushing to put a victim list back into the legislation because they want justice for some, but apparently not for all.

Let your State Representative know that SB 12 should be passed, as is with no victim list giving equal justice to all victims of such crimes.    (A list of victims will leave many Hoosiers off a government-favored list for sentencing enhancements.)

Please call your State Representative at 317-232-9600 and ask them to pass SB 12 with no victim list, giving justice to all hate crime victims.  You can find your legislator here:

ALERT # 2  
Bill Before the Indiana House Undermines Parental Rights

The Indiana Senate has passed a far-reaching bill that would assess all school children for mental health, social and behavioral issues and track them from birth through age 22.   Senate Bill 266 does not have adequate protections of parental and student rights.

SB 266 could result in all public-school students being screened for social, emotional, and behavioral issues, terms that are not clearly defined in the bill.

Even though most school teachers already know which students may be struggling, SB 266 could result in labeling for life  tens of thousands of children as having mental, emotional or behavioral problems.

SB 266 requires a school to develop social, emotional and behavioral health plans for students who then may be referred for comprehensive mental health services and interventions.  It is unclear what kinds of procedures, issues, beliefs, practices or treatments might be involved in this effort.

Language to protect parental rights was added to SB 266, but the meaningful penalties for violation of these rights were removed.    Senate Bill 266 should be rejected by the House.  Please ask your State Representative to vote no on this “big brother” legislation. 

You can call your State Representative at 317-232-9600.
You can find your legislator here:


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