Alert: Call Your Senator Today – Equal Justice for All, Not Some

Alert:  Senate Needs to Hear from You in Defense of Equal Justice for All Hoosiers

Indiana Republican leadership is rolling over to the media and liberal special interests again.

The Indiana State Senate is holding a hearing this morning on a “hate crime” proposal that creates a list of politically favored crime victims.  They are fast-tracking this, hoping that your voice isn’t heard before they can push through a bad bill.

For more than a decade Indiana Judges have had the ability to extend a sentence for ANY victim of a hate or bias crime.   Senate Bill 12 would limit this to a government-approved list of victims.

Senate Bill 12 is not necessary, and it is bad law.  Judges’ wide latitude in sentencing in a case by case basis should not be discarded by politicians as a reaction to a media-driven crisis.   There is no evidence that the few hate crimes that do occur in Indiana are not adequately prosecuted and sentenced already.  (Most states with laws like SB 12 have higher rates of such incidents than Indiana.)

I will be citing an expert in judicial opinion about the problems with this bill in my testimony this morning.  However, SB 12 may easily pass out of the Senate Public Policy Committee today.  It is a committee dominated by RINO’s and liberal Democrats. However, this battle is far from over.  Please call your State Senator today, and let them know that SB 12 is poorly crafted legislation that is not needed.   Ask them to vote “no” on SB 12.

You can call your State Senator at 317-232-9400.

You can find your Senator and email them too, from this link:


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