AFA-IN Quick Statehouse Update as Deadline Nears

Indiana Legislature Nearing an Important Deadline

The Indiana General Assembly is nearing its first major deadline in the legislative process.   The last day for a bill to receive a committee hearing and a vote is Tuesday the 19th or Wednesday the 20th.

Any bill that has not had a hearing and a vote by this date will be “dead” in the 2019 session.  For perspective, of the nearly 1,400 bills filed in this “long” (budget year) session, only around 300 – 350 will make it beyond this first stage.  By session end, only about 200 – 250 will make it to the Governor’s desk for his signature or veto.  These “live” bills will have to go from the committee stage, to the floor amendment stage, to a final vote.  They will then switch chambers (the bill numbers remain the same) and go through this same three-step process again.

Two issues we are watching closely this week could use your help.  First, pray for House Bill 1211. This afternoon the House Public Health Committee will take up this primary abortion bill of the session. It would follow the lead of eleven other states in banning the risky dismemberment abortion procedure in which a baby is torn apart in the womb and removed piece by piece.   There is no humane abortion procedure, but since we might be able legally to ban this method, it needs to go.  It is risky to the woman in terms of harm the tools can cause and infection that is possible in a botched abortion.

Second, with the hearing deadline one week away, it is very important that you call your legislators again and let them know that Indiana does not need a politically correct “hate crime” law.  Tell them to say “no” to a hate-crime bill.  Indiana judges already have the best possible means of addressing hate crimes because they can enhance the sentence for ANY victim of a hate crime. They do not need the legislature sending them a preferred victims list for sentencing enhancements.

I am hearing that the Senate is the most likely to try to act on a hate crime measure within the next week.  Please call your Indiana State Senator today at 317-232-9400 and ask him/her to reject these hate crimes proposals.

You can call your State Representative at 317-232-9600.

You can find your legislator at this link:

Missing Persons & Human Remains

It might surprise you to learn that in 2017 there were 651,226 missing persons in the United States according to the National Crime Information Center.  Many of these cases date back years, if not decades. Many will be found alive, some may never be found, and others will be found dead.

There are many Hoosier families who are hoping and praying for lost loved ones to be found alive.  Others may be hoping for closure after years of searching for a lost family member who may be deceased.

Along a somewhat similar line, my family has an MIA/KIA who disappeared in North Korea after his plane went down on a reconnaissance mission less than a month before the war ended.  Large parts of his plane are in a communist museum in Pyongyang called the Victorious Fatherland Liberation Museum.  He, and his crew’s remains have never been returned. Finding them, decades later, would still be helpful to our family.

I mention this because Fort Wayne Representative Bob Morris is expected to offer an amendment this morning to a bill concerning funerals. His amendment concerns the proper identification, tracing, and notification of found human remains.

Never one to shy away from an issue, Rep. Morris has not written his amendment to exclude the possibility that found human remains could include an illegal abortion, a discarded infant, or fetal human.  This could cause a political firestorm, but one has to ask why a procedure regarding missing persons should not include all persons.

In Their Own Words:

          “Knowledge is, in every country, the surest basis of public happiness….to discriminate the spirit of liberty from that of licentiousness – cherishing the first, avoiding the last.”  – President George Washington, January 8, 1790, from his First Annual Message to Congress.


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