A Call for Parental Rights in Indiana

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     I want to pass along this alert from our national office in place of our usual AFA-IN email this week.  It is an important call to action regarding Senate Bill 65 in the Indiana General Assembly.  This is a parents’ right to know bill, which helps inform parents of what is being taught to their child in school.   With the Indiana legislature now underway, a phone call to your State Senator today about the importance of this legislation would be very helpful. 

Thank you,
Micah Clark
Executive Director
AFA of Indiana

Tell Your Indiana Senator to Support Parental Rights Bill

In schools all across America, stories are emerging of young children being exposed to graphic topics under the guise of health, sex education, diversity, or even literature.

Hoosier parents have a right to know what their child is being taught in school concerning human sexuality. Parents should also have the right to have their child excused from inappropriate instruction at school.

Indiana’s General Assembly bill, Senate Bill 65, will address this problem. This legislation is simply an informed consent bill. It stipulates that parents have a right to know what the school may teach their child under topics related to sex, sexual behaviors, or lifestyles.

The parental rights bill, S. 65, would:

  • Make available for inspection to a parent of a student instructional material used in connection with instruction on human sexuality.
  • Prohibit a school from providing a student with instruction on human sexuality unless the parent of the student or the student consents to the instruction.
  • Establish requirements regarding the consent form.
  • Require the department of education and the governing body of a school corporation to give parents and students notice of these requirements.

The Indiana General Assembly has just begun, and your senator needs to hear from you today, and that parents and grandparents want Senate Bill 65 to pass. 
Contact your State Senator at 317-232-9400, and ask them to vote “yes” on SB 65.

Click here to find out who your IN senator is by entering your zip code and your registered voting home address.

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Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association


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